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Synthesis 345

Synthesis 345 is a holistic lifestyle brand targeted towards highly conscientious and educated consumers. All our products are Certified Organic, Vegan, Aroma therapeutic and ‘Alchymeically’ imbued with a vibratory current of light and nature’s life-force. Our specialized and unique treatments have been designed to complement our products and the synthesis of the two creates an exalted level of rejuvenation and revitalisation.

Our home base and concept day spa is situated in the pristine town of Tyalgum, an idyllic little village tucked away in the Byron Hinterland in Northern New South Wales. As an Australian owned and made company we happily draw upon our inspiring and tranquil surroundings to bring you our highly evolved skincare collection and many other beauty and wellness products and services to delight your heart and provide much restoration and renewal to your being.

Theme Rains, the creator is immensely passionate about creating products that are pure, effective and of the highest quality ingredients.

A note from the founder

“Synthesis 345 products are the expression, the synthesis, of all that I have come to understand about existence and the sacred responsibility we have to care for the gift of life. As I grew aware and sensitive to the consequences of my lifestyle choices. I also began to consider the effect on my body and spirit of the multitude of artificial chemicals contained (and most often tested on animals) within skincare products. It very quickly became obvious to me that something as intimate as skincare, something so regularly applied and absorbed into our body, had to be as pure as possible and full of positive energy. Thus began Synthesis 345. ”

Theme Rains

Synthesis 345 uses bio-active phyto-nutrients from super fruits, flowers, marine extracts and herbs, as well as essential oils, minerals and essential fatty acids from cold pressed seeds, nuts and vegetables to replenish and nourish your skin.

The ‘First Love’ collection is the ‘jewel in the crown’ of all the Synthesis 345 products. The formulas have been refined many times to incorporate the latest advancements and are now so potent that they delivers the kind of cosmetic results beauty therapists seek. We believe Synthesis 345 to be one of the most effective organic skincare ranges in the world.

Synthesis 345 is based on the cosmology of the Ancient Egyptian mystics who observed the wonder of the natural world and the spiritual essence of all life. 345 are the sides of the triangle they called the ‘secret of all measure’, which they used to build their great temples.

The Ancient Egyptians believed the body was a temple, to be loved and cared for with the purest, most precious offerings. Caring for the body in this way maintained its balance and harmony with the natural kingdom, thus supporting radiant wellbeing. By aligning ourselves to this ancient wisdom, we can incorporate the gifts from the past with those from the present to offer truly ‘holistic’ products and treatments.

Our holistic approach takes beauty care to a whole new level. We believe it’s the way of the future and are happy to bring it to you in the present.



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Posted on Thursday January 01, 1970


Posted on Thursday January 01, 1970