Detox Your Mind

Rebecca Fitzgibbon on WB 11228 July 2009. Posted by WellBeing Natural Health & Living News

    10 simple ways to detox your mind


  1. Turn off the TV.
  2. Leave your mobile phone at home when you go for a walk or out with friends.
  3. Only check your email three times a day — don’t hit refresh every time you’re stumped for ideas.
  4. Go outside with your family — get away from electricity.
  5. Get out of the city for a weekend more often to be free of billboards, traffic jams and noise pollution.
  6. Designate one day a week as electricity-free in your house, with no distraction from radio, TV, phone, internet or electrical devices.
  7. Choose independent media instead of media conglomerates.
  8. Don’t rely on outside entertainment for relaxation — meditate, do yoga or cook instead of watching TV, DVDs or internet.
  9. Write letters to distant loved ones instead of calling them.
  10. As often as you can, turn off all appliances, listen to the silence and let go. Then let go some more.

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