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Melissa Rimac on 16 December 2009. Posted by WellBeing Natural Health & Living News


Crossed lines

Another unseen factor believed to be capable of sending things pear-shaped occurs when geopathic energy, or natural radiation emanating from the earth, goes haywire by being distorted by subterranean running water, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines and underground cavities. The result is geopathic stress areas, which are distorted fields of radiation that are harmful to living organisms. Telltale signs of geopathic stress include stunted vegetation, animals avoiding the area, uncooperative electronic devices and people feeling rather weird and “wired”.

Anywhere along ley lines (lines of heightened natural energy, or “dragon lines”, according to feng shui) is a worry, notes O’Donnell. However, the intersection points of ley lines (geopathic stress areas) and vortexes (where underground streams intersect or where several combined obstructions impede the flow of geopathic energy) are flashpoints that have been linked with illness, sleep disturbance, headaches, relationship problems and general discomfort. This discomfort can range from generally not feeling right to being extremely uncomfortable and wanting to move away from a place.

Brief encounters shouldn’t send you into too much of a spin, but linger too long (the big no-no being sleeping or working on geopathic stress points) and you’ll feel zapped by the energy overload. “Traditionally, sacred sites and buildings are located on energy points, as it can heighten spiritual awareness, but you can get too much of a good thing -- you don’t want to live there,” suggests O’Donnell. That’s why some homebuyers will, along with the standard pest inspection and building reports, seek a geopathic profile of the site.


Unwelcome guests

A somewhat unnerving scenario involves “entities” latching onto your house and your life. These, being the devious roaming souls that they are, can apparently do so without your knowledge, choosing, says George, “someone or some place they resonate with”.

Should what George terms “lost people” hook in, you’re likely to become withdrawn, negative, angry and frustrated, to feel uncomfortable and cold in certain spots in your house and to suffer head and chest aches, a knotted stomach, colds, flu and other immune system problems. According to George, these lost souls revel in disruption: “Adults in the house are more likely to feel angry and fight, children tend to muck up, and friends may not want to visit or may leave very quickly. The residents typically dread going home.”

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