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3 easy ways mindfulness can help your kids cope with stress

mindfulness can help your kids cope with stress
On April 27th, 2015

Mindfulness can help your kids cope with stress. What do you do when your seven year old consistently complains that he can’t get to sleep because there’s too much ‘stuff’ in his head? Or when your four year old daughter … Continue reading » »

The Magic of Meditation

On April 27th, 2015

Despite being aware of all the health benefits of meditating, I struggled with it for many years. After many failed attempts I realised that I needed some help. I bought CD’s, went to workshops and signed up to meditation courses. … Continue reading » »

Spit the Dummy!

baby with dummy, looks funny
On April 27th, 2015

The dummy, or the “pacifier” as it known in other countries, is considered by many as an essential shopping list item to welcome your newborn into the world. A cursory search online as to whether we should, or should not, … Continue reading » »

Yoga teacher training – part 3

New beginnings on my yoga journey
On April 26th, 2015

The final week of my yoga teacher training course starts in a flurry of activity! Meal times are spent quizzing each other on Sanskrit names of the asanas and cramming sessions for self-study.  Every free moment is spent helping each … Continue reading » »

Giving: Pay it Forward Day

Tree planting Ave Maria voc, Lira
On April 25th, 2015

One good turn deserves another! Global Pay It Forward Day is Sunday April 26. It is an annual event. If someone pays you an act of kindness, then someone deserves an act of kindness from you without asking for anything … Continue reading » »

Winter Nutrition Idea

On April 23rd, 2015

Now, I know I’m an osteopath, but I’m also a foodie. I find the term “foodie” endearing rather than arrogant, (despite many others feeling otherwise), as it sounds a bit like “chewy”, “gooey” or “nudie” – all things I like … Continue reading » »

Giving locally or internationally?

20Nov2014ch 019
On April 22nd, 2015

What is a priority in terms of charity – giving locally or internationally? First, the act of giving, to anybody anywhere is a matter of personal opinion and ideologies, but it also depends on situations, needs, circumstances, and opportunities. Internationally, … Continue reading » »

Why mindfulness underpins your sense of self-worth

mindfulness brings clarity to your self-worth
On April 20th, 2015

Mindfulness meditation can help to bring clarity to your sense of self-worth. A few weeks ago I published a post on this blog and a few minutes later, checked to see how it was doing. A few minutes after that, … Continue reading » »

Yoga teacher training – part 2

My Yoga Teacher Training journey continues in beautiful Goa, India
On April 19th, 2015

Two weeks into my yoga teacher training and I’ve hit a wall of sorts. As much as I try to work deeper into the asanas, some of them seem practically impossible. To top of my despair we are starting vinyasa … Continue reading » »

Arsenic contamination

On April 19th, 2015

Arsenic is ubiquitous in the environment. It naturally occurs in the earth’s crust and is present in rock, soil, water and the atmosphere. Arsenic contaminates our drinking water, washing water  and food cultivation.   It is the major source of groundwater contamination; … Continue reading » »