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Loneliness at Christmas

Reach out and end the loneliness
On December 23rd, 2014

These people are all real. They are people you and I know. They are overlooked, ill, tired, sick, labeled perhaps in our O too busy world. They could be your friend, your neighbour. No-one knows the loneliness in another’s soul.

Are we empowered? Do you have the tools to move on? Everyone says to let go, get over whatever it is that hurts you. Let go of the past, move on. Do you have the tools to do that – this Christmas, this New Year? Continue reading » »


On December 20th, 2014

CROUP/COUGH The three remedies given in the order shown have proven to be very effective in most cases of croup. 1. Aconite 200 – First stage only. Dry cough. Sudden onset. Hot head, cold extremities. Worse from exposure to (cold) … Continue reading » »

Starvation as a Clinical Condition

Starvation as a Clinical Condition
On December 18th, 2014

Starvation is normally associated with undernutrition in third world countries or economically deprived conditions. However, there are many situations in the more affluent word which are essentially starvation conditions. The most obvious are the eating disorders anorexia nervosa, bulaemia, and … Continue reading » »

Slow Down And Go Within

Slow Down And Go Within
On December 17th, 2014

Chances are that you are running faster and faster right now. Your to do list is a mile long and the more you do, the more there seems to be left to do. The holiday season is coming closer and … Continue reading » »

Ask: what are your goals?

On December 15th, 2014

When I first learnt about the Law of Attraction, I completely misunderstood the teachings. What I understood was that if you want to be rich, just act rich. So I started spending money that I really didn’t have. I went … Continue reading » »

Leadership Courses are Crucial

It is important for leaders to be properly trained
On December 13th, 2014

A self-motivated leader is the key to better employee productivity. A trained leader helps the employees to overcome their shortcomings and work upon their weak points. This also serves to monitor the employee’s capabilities. To achieve best results however it is important to ensure staff do not become stressed. Continue reading » »

Leaky Gut and your Health

Leaky gut can lead to a number of illnesses
On December 9th, 2014

Leaky gut is having a digestive system that has no protection against things that will harm you. Things like bacteria, gluten and toxins and the fact that these pass through your system can affect your immunity. Also the mal-absorption of foods leaves you deficient in vitamins and minerals. Continue reading » »

The Problem with the Mouthbreather

Mouth Breather
On December 5th, 2014

Have you been told that you are a “mouthbreather”? Do you really understand what this means, and the harm it could be doing to your health?  There are many reasons for this including nasal obstructions, restricted rib movements or anxiety … Continue reading » »

Ask, believe, receive!

On December 1st, 2014

On the outside I had it all: a beautiful family, my own home, a well-paying job and a great circle of friends. On the inside I was numb. There were no emotions, no feelings, just emptiness. Day after day I … Continue reading » »

Moroccan pistachio and pomegranate bliss balls

Moroccan Pistachio and Pomegranate Bliss Balls
On November 23rd, 2014

It seems nowadays that there are an infinite amount of bliss balls recipes all over the internet and magazines. I personally am a bit bored of seeing the 101st recipe for chocolate bliss balls – how many different chocolate bliss … Continue reading » »