What’s your emotional vibration – lessen anxiety & depression

I spent this last weekend as Team Leader at my colleague and mentor Robert Kirby’s amazing workshop The Four Pillars – Spiritual Intelligence Pillar.  I was lucky enough to receive my Body Psychotherapy training with Robert and now being a leader at his events gives me the opportunity to continue to pass on the gifts I’ve learnt to others starting or continuing their journey through life.

One thing he talked about a lot is emotional vibration.  Your emotional vibration is the level that you live your life at.  There are 10 levels:

10           Passionately fulfilled

9              Enthusiastic/Dynamic

8              Inspired

7              Winning

6              Strong effort

5              Good effort

4              Hopeful

3              Hanging in (losing)

2              Giving up

1              Dying/exhausted

0              Dead

What he’s discovered from working with thousands of people is that a lot of people live under a 5 and that people living under a 5 are usually anxious all or a lot of the time and people under a 3 are depressed.  It was also apparent from the workshop that people tend to think they are better off than what they are, a way the ego tries to keep us thinking we don’t need any help.

When your emotional vibration is 7 or higher everything in life flows.  Things come your way, you feel grounded and connected with others and life and you feel passionate about where your life is going and how you feel each day, you have a successful and fulfilling career, freely flowing emotions and a healthy relationship or you are happily single.  Does that sound like you?

When I found the work I do with people myself, I was a 2 or 3 on the scale.  I was 22, not happy and I had no goals in life, I felt anxious about a lot of things and sometimes felt depressed.  I was totally lost and had no idea that I could feel so much better.  Now I live at 8-9 and on my worst day I’m a 7.  That’s what Robert and I aim for in working with people, to get their vibration high enough so they are not constantly anxious or depressed and they can start to connect to the flow in life and start to feel fulfilled and satisfied just by living.

Most people wake up feeling tired or flat, anxious or depressed, they have a few cups of coffee to get started and then just push themselves into their day, not feeling particularly happy, some feeling nothing at all, some feeling depressed, some feeling anxious and overwhelmed.  Sometimes it’s so ingrained and such a habit that they don’t even realize that they feel anxious or mildly depressed as it just feels normal.  Wouldn’t you rather wake up feeling happy and enthused about life wondering what the day will bring?

It takes work to get your life to this level.  You have to work on yourself with a therapist, through workshops that promote quality healing, ground and open your energy every day, eat well, exercise and look at all the beliefs and behaviours that are holding you back. You have to look at why you are anxious, why you are depressed, why you are not excited and fulfilled.  It’s not easy, it takes discipline and dedication but who else deserves that dedication but you?  Why should you not be able to really enjoy life and feel passionate and content?

The first step is to honestly evaluate yourself on the scale. Where are you living each day and then where do you want to be in 3 months, 6 months, 12 months?  Being truly honest about where you are at is the first necessary step in taking your life back and moving up the scale.  If you know you are anxious but still think you are above a 5 then you are doing yourself a real disservice.  If you are not content to stay where you are then you have to do something about it as it will not improve on its own.  It doesn’t matter if you are a 2, 4 or 5 whatever your number is it is only your starting place, not your end place.

Start giving yourself the hard work, support and love that you probably give to many others around you.  You deserve at least that.


About Shelley Viskovich - Life Skills Specialist & Mind Coach

Shelley Viskovich works with clients across Australia helping them achieve a happier and more fulfilling life on all levels. Her expertise is in the area of change, breakthrough and transformation meaning she has the ability to pinpoint exactly what needs to change in your life and then gives you the tools you need to breakthrough old patterns, transform your life and be who you want to be. For more information please visit www.shelleyviskovich.com.au
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2 Responses to What’s your emotional vibration – lessen anxiety & depression

  1. Peter says:

    Good advice Shelly. Robert Kirby used to do Core Energetics seminars here in Sydney – do you know where he teaches now?

    • Shelley Viskovich says:

      I sure do I work with Robert! Go to http://www.robertkirby.com and you’ll see what he does now. There’s a workshop coming up in a few weeks 27-28 March which I’d highly recommend attending. His work is even more powerful than ever!