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Green Living - Featured News

Orange thyme, winter savory, tarragon, Egyptian mint, Greek oregano

5 gourmet herbs and how to cook with them

We look at how to grow and cook with five gourmet herbs that are just as indispensable and delicious as the more common staples....

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cleaners, cleaning, product, bicarb, vinegar

14 homemade cleaning products

If you are tired of browsing the cleaning product aisle, searching for environmentally friendly options, why not mix up your own potions?...

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pets, acupuncture, Chinese, traditional, medicine

Acupuncture for pets

We take a look at using acupuncture to treat sore joints, back pain and sports injuries in dogs, cats, horses and cattle....

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goldenseal, mucous, membrane, Hydrastis canadensis, research

Goldenseal: king of the mucous membranes

This herbal remedy favoured by Native Americans is an antibiotic that has healing effects on digestion and mucous membranes throughout your body....

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More Green Living News

antibiotics, antimicrobial, resistance, infection, veterinary

Natural ways to counter antibiotic resistance in pets

Antimicrobial resistance to antibiotics is on the rise in veterinary medicine. Discover natural alternatives for your pets.Read more »


Eco-friendly fashion

Silky-smooth natural fibres made from plant materials are gaining a firm foothold in the clothing industry and, according to those in the know, it’s a green change for the better.Read more »


The future of food

Aquaponics and hydroponics are sustainable systems for growing healthy produce easily in small spaces or where there is poor soil or a need to garden at some height off the ground. Could they be the future?Read more »


Reducing waste for sustainable living

Australians currently produce incredible amounts of waste. Learning how to reduce this amount is the key to sustainable living.Read more »


Where does your food come from?

It’s possible to be an ethical omnivore if you care enough to find out where your food came from, how it lived and died and what it ate — and are willing to pay a bit more to benefit the farmers, the animals, the planet and yourself.Read more »


What is biodynamic farming?

Biodynamics is a method of growing crops that uses only natural substances and means to promote growth and discourage pests, working in harmony with the forces of nature and the cosmos, to constantly rejuvenate the soil and produce healthy plants.Read more »

Kimberley,save,Western Australia,National Park,conservation

Saving the Kimberley

The vast north of Western Australia holds many environmental treasures. However, as the world economy continues to grow, previously untouched areas are finding themselves at the frontline of an accelerating grab for mineral and fuel resources.Read more »


What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsets claim to make flying a more environmentally friendly way of travelling, but is it all a load of hot air?Read more »


The benefits of roof gardening

Get your green thumb happening — there’s a gardening revolution afoot.Read more »


What is Slow Travel?

Slow it down a little and take the tedium and stress out of your regular holiday for the ultimately rewarding and uplifting travel experience.Read more »

energy consumption, greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide, fossil fuels, solar power

Easy steps for living a greener life

Tips on how you can reduce your energy consumption – from building or renovating, through to what you can do inside your home.Read more »

Chemical-free cleaning, home, cleaning, clean home, disinfectant

DIY chemical-free cleaning

Remove germs in your home without harming your healthRead more »