By Christine Broadbent

For November & December


Dec 22 - Jan 20:

Now that Solstice and your star month approach, this call becomes urgent. Scorpio energy in November is perfectly designed for that voyage within, with Nov 6 & 11 standout days ...

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Jan 21 - Feb 19:

Teamwork is an Aquarian forte but much more responsibility is likely to arrive. Your groups need your fair-mindedness: any factions or favourites will bring you unstuck late November, even while ...

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Feb 20 - Mar 20:

Then comes a shake-up Full Moon Nov 26–30; plus Sun and Saturn team up, while Neptune in Pisces squares off to them. Does this mean you could implode while plans ...

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Mar 21 - Apr 20:

Nov 6–14 is a blueprint for making peace: Venus in your partner sign adds a loving emphasis, Nov 9–Dec 5, yet late November’s climactic energy tests your inner peace. Since ...

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Apr 21 - May 21:

Significantly, Nov 6–18 raises your profile and sweetens daily life. When Lover Venus, your ruler, enters your partner sign on Dec 5, things get intense and personal, particularly Dec 7, ...

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May 22 - Jun 22:

Any tedious details and accountability regarding home and finance from October are best completed in early November: the timing’s so right. Then, Venus in your love sign Nov 9–Dec 5 ...

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Jun 23 - Jul 23:

Inspiration flows Nov 3–13, and practical planning comes easily. Nov 21, 24 & 26 highlight home and family issues; a maverick Full Moon may turn expectations inside out. These three ...

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Jul 24 - Aug 23:

Lover Venus stirs many friendly gatherings, also boosting presentation skills, helping you shine. Don’t let money issues or hurt pride spoil harmonious bonds Nov 21–30. Someone dear to you may ...

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Aug 24 - Sep 23:

However, Jupiter expands everything — including debts or confused agendas. Act now to use Nov 6–14’s practical earth and water harmonies to create a good management plan. Then, the challenges ...

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Sep 24 - Oct 23:

You may have to prove your worth in a new relationship, fight for an old one, step up to a new role: nothing will be easy. Nov 21, 24–26, then ...

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Oct 24 - Nov 22:

This is especially propitious with the Scorpio solar cycle now upon us! Scorpio New Moon new start on Nov 12 follows after a hectic fortnight. This is the lunar opportunity, ...

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Nov 23 - Dec 21:

Detailed research and careful preparation bring you success these days. Such is the way of Jupiter in your vocational sign. Earthy, practical ideas forge ahead Nov 6–14. Yet Nov 26’s ...

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