By Christine Broadbent

For September & October


Dec 22 - Jan 20:

While the trials of late September, early October could dent your serenity, the underlying motif of these months is one of acceptance. The understanding that you have within your reach ...

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Jan 21 - Feb 19:

August made those limits clear and, after Sept 6, you more easily ask caring questions of loved ones. Receptivity to others opens doors; Sept 23–28 shows you the potential that ...

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Feb 20 - Mar 20:

Aug 30–Sept 1 clarifies the nature of a dilemma you’ve considered for some time, but it will be late October before your true course of action is illuminated. With the ...

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Mar 21 - Apr 20:

Early September affirms your love of life and your Fire rises. Yet Aries has been tested on many fronts, and Sept 28’s Full Moon and total lunar eclipse in Aries ...

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Apr 21 - May 21:

When Saturn finally leaves your relationship sign on Sept 18, it’s time to consider what lessons you’ve learnt about partnership and commitment in the past two years. Since your ruling ...

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May 22 - Jun 22:

Jupiter expands all things home and family for you from mid-August 2015 and Sep 13’s New Moon points you in the right direction. Keep words simple and non-theatrical to get ...

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Jun 23 - Jul 23:

September begins with a polarising perspective that questions old beliefs about teaching, learning, travel; by Oct 31 a different view will shed new light on those areas, making correct action ...

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Jul 24 - Aug 23:

Lover Venus weaves a special story for Leo in 2015 and, aligned with your mid-August Leo New Moon, sets her seal on you. Sept 1–6 gathers up that new-start energy ...

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Aug 24 - Sep 23:

This solar eclipse begins a fateful time, when you may think the goal of a lifetime can no longer wait. Beware: patience and careful preparation are essential; delay big spends ...

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Sep 24 - Oct 23:

Sept 9–10 & 23–24 are the best days for success. However, a go-slow communication cycle suggests you review plans, rethink schemes and delay key new initiatives from Sept 18 to ...

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Oct 24 - Nov 22:

Planet Saturn departs Scorpio on Sept 18. This is propitious: that extra Saturn realism and discipline ensure you get good returns on the energy you’ve invested over the past two ...

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Nov 23 - Dec 21:

It warns against exhausting physical and emotional resources by clinging to something that’s irreparably broken. The blessing is you can begin to clarify how to build new foundations. This follows ...

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