By Christine Broadbent

For August & September


Dec 22 - Jan 20:

Take nothing for granted: your deeper longings reveal what truly empowers you at this climax of your year. Jul 16 & 25 renew some old control urges, which can block ...

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Jan 21 - Feb 19:

Full Moon in Aquarius on Jul 31 brings further revelation: partners may have recently embraced stunning changes, someone is ready to support your long-nurtured vocational dream. Love and money planet ...

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Feb 20 - Mar 20:

Aug 11 brings expansive Jupiter to your partner sign, and Aug 23 lights up partnership issues with a new solar cycle. In some ways you’ll be unsure until the revelations ...

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Mar 21 - Apr 20:

Many aspects of your life are taking shape in unexpected ways; give up all pretence of control. Deeper wellsprings of vision and imagination inform you Jun 24 to Aug 9: ...

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Apr 21 - May 21:

Family demands escalate, but don’t let them deplete your vital spark. Once Jupiter begins to transit your love sign Aug 11, a year of surprises and expansive feelings follows. Some ...

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May 22 - Jun 22:

July emphasises your financial goals and mid-July highlights overlooked obstacles, so prioritise tasks to reduce chaos. Jul 24 brings useful insights; Jul 31’s Full Moon highlights adventure and travel, Jupiter ...

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Jun 23 - Jul 23:

Be bravely creative; Jun 29 to Jul 5 delivers great results. Once communicator Mercury enters Cancer Jul 9, joining energy-drivers Sun and Mars, you’ll have a willing audience. Jul 14 ...

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Jul 24 - Aug 23:

Magnanimous Jupiter is in Leo until Aug 11, so enjoy Jupiter’s rich abundance Jun 22 to Jul 5, plus Aug 5–7. Yet Lover Venus is “retro” in Leo from Aug ...

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Aug 24 - Sep 23:

Great “Jove” expands everything so watch the waistline and curb bad health habits before August. July offers opportunity for a joyful healing time, supported by like-minded friends. A sense of ...

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Sep 24 - Oct 23:

This has its stressors but helpful friends, allies can be found early July. Remember this Jul 13–16 & 25, when your non-reactive mediation skills are essential. Bridges can be built ...

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Oct 24 - Nov 22:

Worthy projects and enticing people are drawcards now; Jul 2–9 & 19–23 evoke your passionate best. With Mars in your adventure sign, you’ll encompass big plans and bold dreams, mostly ...

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Nov 23 - Dec 21:

Best times to hook back into the playful jollies of Jupiter in your adventure sign are Jul 3–5 & 21–24 and at Jul 31’s Full Moon. On Aug 3 you ...

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