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Jun 23 - Jul 23

Water sign harmonies help settle your nerves in November, despite potential periods of pressure or high expectations Nov 11–13. Your instincts are strong and can assist you to reach your goals in November, with 16–22 particularly fertile. Relationships become juicy Dec 2–15; 17–26 is a potent family time. Challenges to peace and harmony are most likely December 15 & 21 and are best navigated using detached observation. Other people may behave oddly, yet December helps you rekindle an old ambition.

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The value of wandering
In yesterday’s column we talked about the current vogue for being always “on” yet how being “off” also has   Read More




Rest on your laurels
In our 24/7, instagrammed, tweet-ridden, hyper-linked, immediate world of NOW…the virtues of rest and quietude have been somewhat sublimated.   Read More




Tai Chi chills
Wushu sounds like the name of a character from an animated Disney film, possibly voiced by Jack Black or   Read More




A toast to better memory
Alcohol is hardly ever associated with enhancement of brain function. At best alcohol would be thought of as lowering   Read More




Cooking with olive oil
Heat has the power to transform. Just look at how a smug, self-assured public servant liquefies to a hesitant   Read More





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Break the cycle of stress addiction
If you can't say no and overfill your schedule because being busy is a point of honour, you could be addicted to stress. Here's how to manage your addiction.  Read More




Joanna Macy's acts of hope
Joanna Macy is living proof that active spiritual engagement with life in our world can transform despair and apathy into constructive, collaborative action.  Read More




How to shift the shame
The emotional elephant in the room, shame can hold you back from taking risks and feeling confident and whole.  Read More




A case of puffy eyes
We look at the case of a woman in her late 50s who was suffering from fluid retention associated with a number of nutritional deficiencies and allergies.  Read More




How to consciously end, or heal, a relationship
Once a relationship has run its course, it comes down to one of two choices: divorce or renewal. For sometimes the beginning of the end is just the end of the beginning.  Read More