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Jun 23 - Jul 23

The change planet’s energy is focused on your vocational roles and much magnified mid-March. Meanwhile, the deepest transformation comes via other people and partners. You’re primed for change. This can be uncomfortable, but exciting, and you can shift old, potentially toxic attitudes. Mar 23 to Apr 3 assists and your drive gets much stronger. This spills over into sweet adventures and spontaneous fun, but Full Moon on April 4 needs emotional restraint. The best results of this inner shift show Apr 22 to May 12.

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Sober on love
If you refer to the “Encyclopaedia Pop Musika” you will find varied and often conflicting reports on the effect   Read More




Team Earth
This column tries to avoid partisan political comment, after all, there isn’t much on any side of politics to   Read More




Plant-based planet
Most people would be aware by now that plant foods form the basis of a healthy diet. The quote   Read More




Eyelash ideals
“Her deep brown eyes met mine, holding and communicating the mysteries of her continent. Her long eyelashes swept upwards   Read More




No-spill latté
Rivalries abound in human consciousness and history. The houses of York and Lancaster irritated each other so intensely that   Read More





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The magic of mushrooms
The more you learn about mushrooms, the more phenomenal and magical they become. Fungi are truly amazing and potentially earth-saving.  Read More




Stupa-fying beauty
Magnificent and mysterious, the hallowed Buddhist shrine of Borobudur lies at the heart of a spiritually charged, deeply traditional region.  Read More




Retreat to rest
In the rush and hustle of everyday life, we’ve forgotten a basic human need that’s central to our wellbeing and longevity. There’s no better time to retreat to rest  Read More




The case of rat-bite fever
We take a look at Tom, a hard-working farmer who was deficient in a number of important minerals and trace elements, including copper, manganese, boron, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus.  Read More




Beauty and the business
WellBeing chats to the founders of the organic haircare brand EverEscents about how they’re using skills learnt in the corporate world to grow a business they believe in.  Read More