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Jun 23 - Jul 23

Once the Moon’s own sign has an illuminating insight, a plan of action follows, and Sep 1–9 offers such insights. In fact, Sep 9’s Full Moon supports the final shaping of a plan developing since mid-July. Your aim to stabilise and expand your financial base has been subject to realistic reappraisal and now you’re ready. Maximise realism and attention to detail and don’t lose focus if Sep 24’s New Moon promises more than it can deliver on the home front. Oct 5–26 is your time to rethink and review that domain and you benefit greatly from this.

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Life is uncertain. Any given person stands at the centre and flux point of many disparate forces and the   Read More




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Sunblock blocks sea ecology
A day at the beach can be wonderful and cleansing to the body and soul, provided you are at   Read More




D is for dementia
There are currently 332,000 Australians living with dementia and this number is expected to increase as the population ages.   Read More




Lucid dreaming
Picture this: you are afloat on a river when a purple flamingo offers you a gin-sling but before you   Read More





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Children get angry, just like adults, but they too can learn strategies to work through their emotions rather than simply be made to suppress them to “be good”.  Read More




Yoga asanas
Asana practice offers you the space to step back from the "race of life" and creates the opportunity for you to come home to your self.  Read More




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If you are tired of browsing the cleaning product aisle, searching for environmentally friendly options, why not mix up your own potions?  Read More




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