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Jun 23 - Jul 23

Water sign harmonies help settle your nerves in November, despite potential periods of pressure or high expectations Nov 11–13. Your instincts are strong and can assist you to reach your goals in November, with 16–22 particularly fertile. Relationships become juicy Dec 2–15; 17–26 is a potent family time. Challenges to peace and harmony are most likely December 15 & 21 and are best navigated using detached observation. Other people may behave oddly, yet December helps you rekindle an old ambition.

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Ordinary happiness
In today’s society we are pretty fond of peak experiences. In Dead Poet’s Society (a wonderful film) the   Read More




Walking it off
How do you change a sad or depressed mood when you get into one? Sometimes you may not want   Read More




Yoga for scoliosis
Scoliosis comes from a Greek word meaning “curved” or “bent” and today it has become the description of the   Read More




The flu flower
If ever a cliché was worth its salt it is that well worn piece of homespun, pre 21st century,   Read More




Ageing in a can
If advertising is to be believed then drinking soft drinks will variously, and apparently instantly; provide you with a   Read More





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How to consciously end, or heal, a relationship
Once a relationship has run its course, it comes down to one of two choices: divorce or renewal. For sometimes the beginning of the end is just the end of the beginning.  Read More




How to raise mindful children
Mindfulness is an increasingly popular choice in the fields of parenting, education and therapy, creating opportunities for self-discovery and, ultimately, self-knowledge.  Read More




Folate, folic acid and folinic acid
Although foods have been fortified with folic acid for some time, concerns have recently been raised about its safety and a new “natural” form is being used.  Read More




Tiger tales in India
We join a safari to discover India’s increasingly rare wild tigers in Ranthambore National Park.  Read More




How to change your habits
Changing your habits is hard work, but mastering the techniques for genuine change can be fantastically rewarding.  Read More