Jun 23 - Jul 23

Inspiration flows Nov 3–13, and practical planning comes easily. Nov 21, 24 & 26 highlight home and family issues; a maverick Full Moon may turn expectations inside out. These three days, plus Dec 7 & 11, could block your easy flow if you let yourself be bullied or simply overreact. However, the earth and water harmonies of these months are golden for you, sweetest from Dec 15 through to a lavishly loving Cancer Full Moon Dec 25.

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Eating a-gender
At our heart humans are strange beasts and we do strange things. Why do we bow when meeting royalty? Is   Read More




Finding happiness
It’s nice to know where things live. You begin to understand the feisty attitude of a beaver when you see   Read More




The raisin test
Before you get too excited based on the heading and introduction to this article, unfortunately this story is not about   Read More




Barefoot to the core
Everyone knows that a strong core is vital for health in many ways. I haven’t even had to explain what   Read More




Coffee for longevity
There are lots of “good vs bad” dualities that inhabit our consciousness; light versus darkness, God versus The Devil, Superman   Read More





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Do you know your Ayurvedic type?
Awareness of your individual makeup empowers you to accept yourself and adjust your lifestyle for health and happiness. Find out how to bring out your best.  Read More




How to protect your ageing brain
The human brain is an incredibly complex subject and science has a long way to go in understanding its workings. Happily, lifestyle strategies to protect our brains from the effects of ageing are not so mysterious.  Read More




Could you spend a year in the bush?
Spending four seasons in the wilderness can teach you things about nature you barely knew existed and reveal things about yourself you’ll never forget.  Read More




Healing a toxic heart
We discover the insidious cumulative effect of long-term exposure to poisons and learn it should never be overlooked.  Read More




Does your child feel safe?
The role of a parent or caregiver is to offer constant support, love and encouragement to children as they explore life.  Read More





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Why choose sustainable and organic clothing?

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One bowl wonder with coriander & cashew pesto

By Bell Harding

Posted on Wednesday November 25, 2015

Want to get better more quickly? Here are your responsibilities.

By Claire Richardson

Posted on Tuesday November 24, 2015

Psychiatry and you

By Jenetta Haim

Posted on Sunday November 22, 2015