Jun 23 - Jul 23

Ice, snow and ocean are all water but look different. Likewise, astrological Water forms look different on the outside. As a Cancer, your sensitivity and homing instincts are strong, but it is the spiritual flexibility of Pisces that supports you best now. From the New Moon of May 17, Lover Venus hooks with Neptune to drive self-care and home pleasures as a spiritual recharge. This will see you through the stresses of May 22–26 and deliver healing insights May 28. Deal with money matters Jun 6–29, but defer serious financial commitments until after Jun 22.

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Nuts and oils for the mind
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Changing face of happiness
Things were different back in 1938; in 1938 underwear was always worn underneath, a phone was something that you had   Read More





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“The Fountain of Life” is one of the legendary descriptions applied to the herb gotu kola by the Chinese centuries ago. This is a wonderful plant, but that description may be stretching it … just a little.  Read More




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