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May 22 - Jun 22

April is promising but March may test your patience. Mar 5, 12 & 16–18, consider friendship or workplace challenges as learning experiences; take nothing personally, make no important investment decisions. Your head clears by Mar 26; Apr 2–6 shows you what really matters, prompting friendly gatherings and good business. Be cautious in your communications Apr 8 & 15, take notice of an inspiration Apr 10 and the month will help you feel inwardly radiant, with money in your pocket.

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Plant-based planet
Most people would be aware by now that plant foods form the basis of a healthy diet. The quote   Read More




Eyelash ideals
“Her deep brown eyes met mine, holding and communicating the mysteries of her continent. Her long eyelashes swept upwards   Read More




No-spill latté
Rivalries abound in human consciousness and history. The houses of York and Lancaster irritated each other so intensely that   Read More




Love and pain
They say you always hurt the one you love, but as usual “they” are talking cobblers. Yes, of course   Read More




Beautiful me, me, me
Khalil Gibran said that we live only to discover beauty and that all else is a form of waiting. Gibran   Read More





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Beauty and the business
WellBeing chats to the founders of the organic haircare brand EverEscents about how they’re using skills learnt in the corporate world to grow a business they believe in.  Read More




Crimes of nutrition
Poor diet could be a contributing, and modifiable, factor in criminal behaviour.  Read More




Oil pulling the key to oral health
An ancient Ayurvedic therapy dating back over 2000 years, known by modern health practitioners as oil pulling, is being seen as a modern and effective treatment for diseases from bad breath to bleeding gums to asthma, diabetes and colitis.  Read More




Albizia lebbeck: nothing to be sneezed at
This tree of Indian origin now grows widely in Australia but has traditionally been used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat a range of conditions, including allergies.  Read More




Michael Franti’s soul is shining
WellBeing chats to inspiring musician Michael Franti about his up-and-coming Soulshine tour, his yoga practice and his take on the world.  Read More