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May 22 - Jun 22

So close to your goals but still unsure how the details will unfold is the feeling of June; mid-July makes everything so much clearer. Now the odd restraints and uncertainties start to fade away as six months of retrograde cycles end Jul 1. With Love planet Venus in Gemini, only the turbulence of Jul 8–9 and the power plays of Jul 22 & 25 could spoil an otherwise dynamic and satisfying month. More fun and recreation is likely throughout August; an “aha” moment on Aug 9 can stimulate an important collaboration.

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The organic difference
Organic food makes sense. There are lots of logical reasons why food grown without synthetic fertilisers in a non-monoculture system   Read More




Seeing red
Men are straight-forward but impressionable creatures. Show them an ad for a smartphone being held by a beautiful woman   Read More




Close friends
If you think about your group of friends for a moment you will realise that you share lots of   Read More





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Yarra Valley: finding inner bliss
WellBeing attends a three-day Set Your Compass retreat to discover ways to connect with the inner self to find balance and, ultimately, inner bliss.  Read More