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May 22 - Jun 22

While clever, versatile and mentally tuned in, the Gemini nervous system easily overloads. November’s placid, earthy energies help you relax, enjoy home times, complete small tasks and order your finances. Once Mercury enters your partner sign Nov 28, everything accelerates, reaching your lunar climax of Gemini Full Moon Dec 6. This coincides with an aspect of reinvention, a time to ask: what facts am I willing to embrace and what needs rethinking? Dec 9–15 clarifies many things. Choose carefully how you focus this magic month.

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New Earths
It’s the time of year to let your mind your mind expand and wander across new territory before the   Read More




Seas of plastic
Lots happened in the year 1860. For a start it was a leap year, so it had an extra   Read More




Salty headaches
There are probably things that you do even when you know they are bad for you. It might be   Read More




Mediterranean ageing
What could be nicer than a meal of freshly cooked garden vegetables, a salad drizzled in olive oil, some   Read More




Face of masculinity
“You can’t judge a book by its cover” we all wisely acknowledge, yet we do it all the time.   Read More





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Happiness research
We explore what happiness is and how it impacts on the human experience.  Read More




Child wise
Why devoting time, money and resources to developing children’s emotional intelligence is just as important as investing in their academic intelligence.  Read More




Beat the buying binge
With more ways to shop than ever, for many, binge buying is a temptation that is getting harder to beat.  Read More




Nature cleansing
Effective cleansing and detoxification require the elements of relaxation, ease, love and reassurance.  Read More




Aquaponics and hydroponics: the future of food?
Aquaponics and hydroponics are systems for growing healthy produce in poor soil or small spaces, or through a need to garden at some height off the ground.  Read More