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May 22 - Jun 22

April is promising but March may test your patience. Mar 5, 12 & 16–18, consider friendship or workplace challenges as learning experiences; take nothing personally, make no important investment decisions. Your head clears by Mar 26; Apr 2–6 shows you what really matters, prompting friendly gatherings and good business. Be cautious in your communications Apr 8 & 15, take notice of an inspiration Apr 10 and the month will help you feel inwardly radiant, with money in your pocket.

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Food for thoughts
As we increasingly gain the capacity to dissect matter and reduce things to their elemental components it is tempting   Read More




Do you love social media? Are you a Facebooker, or do you love a good Tweet, or is it   Read More




Night light
We all have a largely negative view of the dark, in fact some of us even fear it. When   Read More




We all have different tastes when it comes to being attracted to people, right? Well, yes and no, but   Read More




Nail biting perfection
We all have little habits that, if we are honest, can border on the pathologically insane. Yes, that tendency   Read More





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True to you
To some extent we all put up a mask to the world, but the more you are able to be true to yourself, the healthier and happier you will be. Here are six aspects of your life you can look at to be truer to yourself.  Read More




Time for tradition
Chicken soup may be the most-used “food as medicine” meal. Make it even more nourishing and economical by revisiting traditional cooking methods and combining slow-roasted meat and homemade soups.  Read More




Detox & autism
We explore the alarming rise in autism spectrum disorders along with potential causes and that diets that have shown to be effective in their treatment.  Read More




Food of the goddesses
Five divine chocolate recipes featuring nutrient-packed raw cacao and other superfoods, ideal for a health-conscious treat.  Read More




Yeast of burden
Do you experience bloating, flatulence, thrush, “foggy” head, bad breath, peeling skin on the feet, jock itch, headaches, irritable bowel or fatigue? These symptoms and many more can be caused by a little organism called Candida albicans.  Read More