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May 22 - Jun 22

While clever, versatile and mentally tuned in, the Gemini nervous system easily overloads. November’s placid, earthy energies help you relax, enjoy home times, complete small tasks and order your finances. Once Mercury enters your partner sign Nov 28, everything accelerates, reaching your lunar climax of Gemini Full Moon Dec 6. This coincides with an aspect of reinvention, a time to ask: what facts am I willing to embrace and what needs rethinking? Dec 9–15 clarifies many things. Choose carefully how you focus this magic month.

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Mate mapping
Let’s state right at the outset that women and men are equal. Having got that sine qua non out   Read More




Run for your life
If the phrase “run for your life” did not originate in Hollywood adventure films, that was certainly where it   Read More




Working memory
You don’t have to look too far in our everyday lexicon to see how highly we value memory. You   Read More




Memory mangling food
Some discoveries made by humanity have been astounding, evolutionary, and incredibly positive. The invention of the anklet sock and   Read More




Bacteria clouds
Amid recent, and justified, concern over misuse of antibiotics leading to antibiotic resistance it seems apparent that part of   Read More





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Chicory not only offers a caffeine-free coffee alternative but it boasts healthy benefits as well.  Read More




The low-down on cold and flu
We take a look at the evidence behind natural cold and flu remedies and discover what actually works.  Read More




Gorgeous and green
We take a look at green spas and salons and share ways to tell if they're really in tune with nature or if it's a case of greenwashing.  Read More




Chemical overload
We share a case of chemical overload in a young girl and look at how electromagnetic fields can cause tearing and leaking of cell membranes.  Read More




Candida: the role of the immune system
When it comes to treating candida, the immune system requires our attention first, long before anti-yeast diets and remedies can be prescribed.  Read More