May 22 - Jun 22

Jupiter expands all things home and family for you from mid-August 2015 and Sep 13’s New Moon points you in the right direction. Keep words simple and non-theatrical to get a willing audience in September. Late September’s joyful Full Moon energy rekindles key friendships, maybe heralding a new collaboration. Jupiter’s year-long cycle gains focus now and Sept 18–Oct 10 helps you to sideline unnecessary diversions. October 12–31, a capacity to create order from disorder and do small, practical tasks empowers you and paves your way.

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A good cry
We have a bit of a prohibition around crying. There is a hint of the negative in the question,   Read More




Hangover avoidance
The search for a hangover cure has been around ever since someone first noticed that fermented grains, fruits and   Read More




Naps lower blood pressure
You need adequate blood pressure but high blood pressure is a major health concern as it increases your risk   Read More




Water for weight loss
It seems that life is getting increasingly complex. As technology expands options there are more and more choices to   Read More




What day is it?
How are you doing today? Are you suffering a little Monday-it is? Don’t worry, by Friday you are sure   Read More





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Instant energy boosters
When you don’t have time for a break to recharge your batteries, you need some quick-fix energy boosters.  Read More




12 golden rules of parenting
At times you can feel isolated and alone on the parenting path. Here are some golden rules to light your passage along the way.  Read More




Health & appiness
Technology can be a bane or a boon — it all depends on how you use it. We roadtest six apps that help you access wellbeing with a touch.  Read More




Lemon balm: for calm
Lemon balm could be considered a food, but it’s calming qualities are so widely known that it is used extensively in supplements.  Read More




Southern Great Barrier Reef
We explore the southern end of the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and share tips on what to see, where to stay and how to get there.  Read More





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