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May 22 - Jun 22

Home and family are, or need to be, on your radar in September. By Sep 9’s Full Moon it’s easy to see what matters. If you’ve been stopped in your tracks by mindless bureaucracy or financial concerns recently, September is the time to attend to small details with good humour. A Mars with big ideas enters your partner sign mid-September and it’s wise to respect other people’s ideas. Do not inaugurate, but do inspect, any business ideas Oct 5–26, a time of special opportunity to research and develop a new creative direction, ready for takeoff.

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Happy wife, happy life
Rhyme has an uncanny power to lend credibility to a statement. Just consider this treasure trove of rhyming wisdom;   Read More




Exercise against depression
In some ways it is really obvious how exercise may work against depression. If you are to exercise in nature,   Read More




Climate change and health
Christopher Columbus may not have been the revolutionary thinker that you imagine. If you conceive of old Chris as a   Read More




Roasting peanuts over allergy
While we pride ourselves on being rational beings who can understand the way the world works, it is mysteries   Read More




Marrying career success
A “career” is a whimsical thing. Some people carefully choose a career path that leads them to the position   Read More





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Maximise your morning routine
It’s easy to get caught in a thoughtless, rushed pattern of starting your day. Yet if you can begin your day with a deliberate routine designed to nurture you, the rest of your day will benefit.  Read More




Origins and health benefits of the elder tree
From homemade cordials to Italian sambuca liqueur, from Gaelic myth to Harry Potter, the elder tree has deep roots in folklore and folk medicine.  Read More




How to learn from animal messengers
Learn how to interpret the symbolic messages animals of all kinds bring into your life, especially those you are drawn to and those that cross your path.  Read More




Writing therapy for depression
It can be scary to talk about suffering from depression, as you risk being judged by others. Expressing your feelings on paper, however, may have multiple benefits.  Read More




5 gourmet herbs and how to cook with them
We look at how to grow and cook with five gourmet herbs that are just as indispensable and delicious as the more common staples.  Read More