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May 22 - Jun 22

Home and family are, or need to be, on your radar in September. By Sep 9’s Full Moon it’s easy to see what matters. If you’ve been stopped in your tracks by mindless bureaucracy or financial concerns recently, September is the time to attend to small details with good humour. A Mars with big ideas enters your partner sign mid-September and it’s wise to respect other people’s ideas. Do not inaugurate, but do inspect, any business ideas Oct 5–26, a time of special opportunity to research and develop a new creative direction, ready for takeoff.

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How to manage a challenging boss
Working for a “bad boss” can be highly stressful but you can take steps yourself to turn that bad boss into a good one.  Read More




How to manage a challenging boss
Working for a “bad boss” can be highly stressful but you can take steps yourself to turn that bad boss into a good one.  Read More