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Oct 24 - Nov 22

Since Scorpio New Moon on Oct 24, Lover Venus has been an ally. Nov 2–12 pleases, only to meet a Saturn-Venus checkpoint Nov 13. Use your eagle eye to penetrate the secrets of the obstacles in your path. Apply what you learn for financial or strategic advantage Nov 17–26. The week before Dec 22 Full Moon is special: a positive shift occurs and your high-voltage emotions light up an inner terrain you’ve ignored for a while. Enjoy!

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Memory mangling food
Some discoveries made by humanity have been astounding, evolutionary, and incredibly positive. The invention of the anklet sock and   Read More




Bacteria clouds
Amid recent, and justified, concern over misuse of antibiotics leading to antibiotic resistance it seems apparent that part of   Read More




Tears of joy
You expect to cry when something sad happens. We correlate tears with sadness and find no anomaly in the   Read More




Face of success
Your face tells a lot about you. It can reveal if you have just been a touch overzealous in   Read More




Jazz up your putting
Golf is a bizarre form of self-torture that is usually attributed as originating in Scotland although the Romans did play   Read More





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The healing powers of a hug
We share why being hugged and reciprocating a hug has immeasurable benefits for health and wellbeing.  Read More




Changing childhood: first and third world children
Do children in rich "developed" countries really have all they need? We investigate the changing ecology of childhood.  Read More




Pau d'arco: for healing
We discover the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of the pau d'arco tree, as well as why its bark needs to be used with care.  Read More




Beauty for the busy: DIY dry shampoo
Our DIY organic, natural dry shampoos are free from nasties and can be found in your kitchen pantry.  Read More




Do drugs lead to happiness?
Depression is conventionally treated with drugs and recreational drugs also generate emotional "highs", but how do these drug-induced states relate to happiness?  Read More