Oct 24 - Nov 22

Once Scorpio decides to act, there is rarely a turn-back. So take your time deciding and let Jul 4 & 5 clarify things. With Venus in your adventure zone, spontaneity is natural, but beware raining on someone else’s parade early July. Your natural urge with Mars now in Scorpio — its place of maximum strength — is to follow your passion, whether that’s a project or person. This continues until Aug 3, after which you are challenged to reconsider vocational goals. Aug 18–22 brings clarity, order.

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Clean workplaces, clear thoughts
Like it or not, you are a product of your environment and to some extent it you reflect it.   Read More




Exercise boosts memory..later
Timing is everything; just ask the early bird or even the worm. People ascend to greatness, people fall to   Read More




Mature memory
It is a well recognised phenomenon that as you age the likelihood increases of having moments where memory fails   Read More




Chill coffee beans for flavour
Coffee consumption is truly an art these days. Yes there is the little motif of a dog running past   Read More




Whole grains, long life
Do you consider yourself a refined individual? In that context, “refined” has a positive connotation suggesting a lack of   Read More





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The significance of St Patrick’s Day
You’ve heard of St Patrick’s Day but what is its significance? We trace the path of Ireland’s national apostle and discover how his legacy lives on.  Read More




Lessons of healing from Bronnie Ware
Author Bronnie Ware has inspired millions by sharing the messages of regret-free living from people who are dying, and the way she handles challenges in her own life is equally uplifting.  Read More




Honour your ancestors, heal yourself
Connecting to your forebears can help you heal any invisible fault lines that run through your life as well as tap into a deep intergenerational wisdom.  Read More




Yoga for difficult times
Life isn’t always smooth sailing but, when challenging winds disturb the waters below you, your yoga practice can help you better ride the waves and chart a calmer route.  Read More




A positive to poisoning the planet
Each of us can consciously choose ways of living that are healthy and life-affirming, and get rid of what’s not working. Here, we discuss our planet and its toxic burden.  Read More





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Why choose sustainable and organic clothing?

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Thought control and emotions

By Jenetta Haim

Posted on Thursday June 23, 2016

Protein & its importance for your health

By Jenetta Haim

Posted on Thursday June 16, 2016

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