Oct 24 - Nov 22

Worthy projects and enticing people are drawcards now; Jul 2–9 & 19–23 evoke your passionate best. With Mars in your adventure sign, you’ll encompass big plans and bold dreams, mostly to your credit. However, Venus is retro in your career sign from Aug 1 and will demand patience to get you through to mid-October’s big breakthrough. Aug 16 & 27 will show you the way.

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Thinking style and musical taste
Even the best of friends can disagree heatedly over music. What one person finds wonderful and engaging is ear-excrement   Read More




Build a better chocolate
Some things just feel as though there is no improvement left in them. It is difficult for instance, to   Read More




Beet juice boosts workouts
Some 2000 years ago the Romans recognised the value of beet and started to cultivate it. While it is   Read More




The fat that seeks fat
Given the health problems that arise from obesity it is no surprise that fat has a bad reputation. Like   Read More




Beautiful couples
Beautiful people, according to the marvellously unintelligible vocals of Australian Crawl’s James Reyne, “have Robert Palmer t-shirts in their   Read More





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Discover timeless Turkey
The beautiful Turkish Riviera and mysterious city of Istanbul combine to offer a relaxing holiday in an exotic location.  Read More




HIIT it!
Are high-intensity interval training programs as scary as they sound? We take one outside for a test.  Read More




Get to know the macadamia nut
Not only richly delicious in flavour, the macadamia nut is a powerful source of healthy fats and its oil is versatile in the kitchen.  Read More




Tummy problems in pets
Discover how a calm diet, supplements like probiotics and natural herbs like chamomile can help ease your pets tummy problems.  Read More




Reading for wellness
A good book isn’t just a way to escape from the real world. Scientific research is confirming what booklovers have always sensed: that reading offers a host of therapeutic benefits.  Read More