Oct 24 - Nov 22

Planet Saturn departs Scorpio on Sept 18. This is propitious: that extra Saturn realism and discipline ensure you get good returns on the energy you’ve invested over the past two years. Waxing Moon energy helps you gather ideas, but it’s October’s planetary shifts that move things along. Ideas coalesce around Oct 13’s New Moon; your ruling planet Mars is the star Oct 16–18, when you can rapidly mobilise a team. Jupiter blesses a shared enterprise that can only get stronger with Sun-in-Scorpio help Oct 24–31.

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The science of sexy
How do you break “sexiness” down into its component parts? What made Sean Connery so widely regarded as the   Read More




Happiness is catching
Without your friends where would you be? Who would be there to tell you when that new haircut just   Read More




Singing the blues-birds
Deep ecology is a philosophical point of view that encourages us to move beyond seeing ourselves as humans as   Read More




“Walk and eat” adds kilos
We are all so busy and fitting so much into our days now that we often combine tasks that   Read More




Tasty tomatoes
Bring up the taste of the tomatoes you buy from a supermarket in polite society and the response is   Read More





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Southern Great Barrier Reef
We explore the southern end of the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and share tips on what to see, where to stay and how to get there.  Read More




Where the wild things are
As human activity threatens extinction for many animal species, “rewilding” is a movement aimed at establishing biodiversity to save these creatures.  Read More




Eco evolution
We chat to Malcolm Rands, the founder of ecostore, about his chemical-free home and beauty products.  Read More




Heal your face, heal your body
Learn how to use the face as a road map and heal acne, dark circles, fine lines and pigmentation.  Read More




Grow delicious grapes
Discover how to plant, harvest and care for your own grapes - plus, make your own wine!  Read More





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