Oct 24 - Nov 22

Planet Saturn departs Scorpio on Sept 18. This is propitious: that extra Saturn realism and discipline ensure you get good returns on the energy you’ve invested over the past two years. Waxing Moon energy helps you gather ideas, but it’s October’s planetary shifts that move things along. Ideas coalesce around Oct 13’s New Moon; your ruling planet Mars is the star Oct 16–18, when you can rapidly mobilise a team. Jupiter blesses a shared enterprise that can only get stronger with Sun-in-Scorpio help Oct 24–31.

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Beauty and the Beholder
Some morsels of wisdom just pass unexamined into the cultural knowledge-bank and “beauty is in the eye of the   Read More




Work, money, and happiness
Money can get you lots of things. It can get you friends although perhaps not the sort of friends   Read More




Tweeting your ego
Where is your phone right now? You knew the answer to that immediately, didn’t you! Phones (we don’t even   Read More




The walk of a long life
You know that walking is good for you, but just how good is it for you? The answer to that   Read More




Wash dishes, wash stress
At its most fundamental mindfulness means maintaining a moment by moment awareness of your thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and   Read More





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Colonic hydrotherapy
Colonic hydrotherapy helps to cleanse accumulated faeces, balance resident microflora and increase health and wellbeing of the body.  Read More




How to live generously
The hunt for health and happiness consumes much of our time but research shows you can attain both through changing your mindset and helping others.  Read More




9 steps to transformation
Do you really, truly wish to create change in your life? Transformation can only come through taking action, but you can kickstart it by asking the right questions.  Read More




Yoga for conscious living
Learn how to use yoga to tend to your thoughts and consciously live an empowering existence.  Read More




Sustainability & city chooks
We chat to Brisbane-based Ingrid Dimock about her two successful online businesses —selling chooks and bees to urbanites.  Read More





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