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Oct 24 - Nov 22

With Saturn prompting you to build financial and professional strength, Mar 1–7 has tests plus much opportunity. Yet March is far more effective as a transitional shift to the dynamic days of Mar 30 to Apr 3, when moves are made with ease. Hunker down for some madness Apr 4–8 then enjoy the powerful vocational rush as Jupiter’s cycle takes off Apr 9 to mid-July. Avoid important meetings Apr 15, 18 & 21; let strategic instincts emerge Apr 22–30.

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We all have different tastes when it comes to being attracted to people, right? Well, yes and no, but   Read More




Nail biting perfection
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The when of eating
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Movie calories
We seek ways to differentiate ourselves from each other. Things like astrology and religion are wonderful avenues for delineation   Read More




Sucking away the common cold
The first tickles of cool zephyrs are making their amid the early autumn air in the southern hemisphere. With   Read More





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Yeast of burden
Do you experience bloating, flatulence, thrush, “foggy” head, bad breath, peeling skin on the feet, jock itch, headaches, irritable bowel or fatigue? These symptoms and many more can be caused by a little organism called Candida albicans.  Read More




The spirituality of politics
Mohandas Gandhi was arguably the most important Indian political and spiritual leader of the 20th century. His influence extends well beyond India to other countries and leaders, including Dr Martin Luther King and the Dalai Lama.  Read More




Tick-bite trauma
Where do you turn when your toddler starts to display disturbing symptoms that no one can adequately explain?  Read More




Sleep & exercise advice
There is a two-way relationship between sleep and exercise: they help each other. The question is, how do they help and how can you make the relationship a harmonious one?  Read More




Being a switched-off parent
How do you connect with your children and ensure you are setting an example of quality family time in which everyone is present, not just physically, but emotionally and mentally, too?  Read More