Oct 24 - Nov 22

Worthy projects and enticing people are drawcards now; Jul 2–9 & 19–23 evoke your passionate best. With Mars in your adventure sign, you’ll encompass big plans and bold dreams, mostly to your credit. However, Venus is retro in your career sign from Aug 1 and will demand patience to get you through to mid-October’s big breakthrough. Aug 16 & 27 will show you the way.

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Disgust is a turn-off
If you plug the words “sexual turn-ons” into your search engine you will find yourself presented with all sorts   Read More




Of men and maths
There is a large gender gap in the amount of people pursuing what are called the STEM (science, technology,   Read More




No more tests
Educational practices have changed over the decades. Gone are the Latin classes, rote learning of times tables, grammar lessons,   Read More




Fat, sugar, and thinking
Most of the world’s wisdom can be found in Beatles songs. You can begin and end with all you   Read More




Blackcurrants for your brain
Blackcurrants (Ribes nigrum) have been a domesticated crop for around 400-500 years in Europe. The modern-day blackcurrant varieties are   Read More





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Fight of the Borneo sun bear
A double threat of poaching and habitat loss has left the sun bears of Borneo struggling for survival. Is there hope for this rare species in its battle against man?  Read More




What is deep ecology?
Extinction rates, deforestation, desertification and rapid climate change is putting our environment under great stress. Does deep ecology provide a pathway for us to help planet Earth?  Read More




Worrying health problems
We investigate the numerous metabolic malfunctions of young woman and her troubling health complaints.  Read More




The life of Paramahansa Yogananda
Paramahansa Yogananda was an Indian mystic whose teachings transcended religious boundaries and offered personal connection with God.  Read More




All about palmistry
Here, we offer a window into the ancient science of palmistry and help you to see what your own hands reveal.  Read More