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Suzie Weber Naturopath

Suzie is a qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist (Bachelor of Health Science, Naturopathy) and has worked alongside numerous Naturopaths and health practitioners, where she has gained a thorough understanding of the body, health and wellness. Suzie’s mission is to cultivate knowledge and inspiration in her clients, supporting them in achieving their healthiest, most radiant, energized self. Through tailored treatment plans, practical resources, and ongoing guidance, she will help you find your way through the maze towards your best health. Level 1, 101-103 Queen Street
Woollahra NSW

Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic

Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic is Helping their Clients with Ayurvedic Treatments for Infertility

ShenChi-Feng Shui

Master Janene Laird is the principle consultant and founder of Shen Chi-Feng Shui. She comes from a background in education and combines a Bachelor of Arts and Diploma of Teaching with over 15 years of study, practice and experience in the Feng Shui industry.

Empowering Motherhood

Yoga, Meditation, Education, Mentor Programs for Pregnancy, Parenting and Women's Wellbeing.

Naturopath Clinic - Integrated Wellness Clinic

Naturopath Sunshine Coast - Health Care on sunshine coast North Brisbane.Evidence based Naturopath practitioner specializing helping you find the cause.

Aspire Holistic Counselling

Fiona Stevenson of Aspire Holistic Counselling is located in Bundall on the Gold Coast. I am a experienced therapist and offers holistic counselling, psychotherapy and reiki.

Everything's Connected

Everything's Connected practices enhanced osteopathy by combining it with a science based functional method. During treatment you perform natural movements rather than lying unnaturally on a treatment table. This allows a more accurate identification of the source of the problem, reduces pain and ensures results translate directly into your life. You will be provided with practical lifestyle and nutrition advice that fits with the demands of your life to further enhance the speed of your recovery. Located in Camberwell VIC Everything's Connected is known for the resolution of even the most difficult of problems and is suitable for everybody.

BO Wha Oriental Clinic

Acupuncturist Brisbane offers you the ancient Chinese herbal treatment that can cure various kinds of diseases. With the treatment, you can cure gynecological disorders and can find remedy from infertility. We also provide meditation and relaxation classes that helps you to keep proper mental balance. 14 Ilya st Macgregor
Sunnybank QLD


SELF offers Meditation and Mindfulness courses, sessions, workshops and retreats. Rachael Millsom, founder of SELF, also offers Counselling from a mindfulness and body centered approach. "Stripped bare and deeply connect to my core I listen to the inner stirrings of my soul and of life itself. Come and share the journey" Rachael Millsom 13 Meadow Street
Coburg VIC

Rien Dental

Quality dental care with gentle hands 30 Balcombe Rd
Mentone VIC

Mind and Body Health Reset

The Mind and Body Health Reset uses the latest techniques in Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques and Neuro Linguistic Programming to remove negative emotion from past trauma and set the focus on a vision for the future. My work is based on two principles: 1.) We should not look back to any memory and feel emotional pain. If there is, the emotional trauma can be removed 2.) Our bodies are amazing healing machines. We should not endure any Chronic Illness beyond three months without improvement. If we do, there is some emotional trauma that must be resolved. By removing emotion from past trauma and treating emotional stress - healing begins and pain is often removed instantly. Specialising in Weight Loss, Anxiety Removal, Chronic Pain and Chronic Illness control. 69 Manningham Street
Parkville VIC

K The Intuitive Specialist

K the Intuitive Specialist, Co-founder of Connect with Spirit™ and K the Messenger is a world renowned clairvoyant, life coach, author, speaker and spiritual teacher from Brisbane, Australia. Her remarkable relationship with Spirit and her enthusiasm to inspire and assist others, is what makes K so loved and admired by all. Her innate ability to bring through incredible details and accurate information from Spirit has captivated clients and students from all over the world.

Lockyer Valley Colonics

Colonic Irrigation assists with many health conditions, we have happy clients and love to help people.

Teeth whitening Melbourne

The clinic dentists carry out the laser teeth whitening Smartbleach 3LT procedure which gives an incredible long-lasting result and doesn’t cause teeth sensitivity.

Safe Space Art Therapy & Counselling

Individual and group transpersonal art therapy and counselling sessions for adults and children
Queenscliff NSW

Luciferous Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Clinic and Herbal Medicine Dispensary

Siu-Kwan Andy WONG (CMD) trained in family lineages of Chinese medicine and the University of Western Sydney graduate in Chinese medicine and acupuncture. 20 Dalmor Avenue, Ormond, Vctoria 3204
Bentleigh VIC

Nutrition & Weight Loss Company

”Choose now, choose well” Claim your 30 minute Consultation Body Analysis Composition valued at $75 for FREE. 3/7 Price Street
Nerang QLD

iYogaprops - Yoga Equipment Australia

L1, 36 Ballarat Street
Yarraville VIC

Paul Reid - Counselling & Psychotherapy

Paul Reid - Counselling & Psychotherapy offers individual and couples counselling & psychotherapy in Carlton, Melbourne 96 Elgin Street
Carlton VIC

Nurture Acupuncture

Servicing the Bundaberg region, I offer acupuncture treatments for pregnancy related conditions, natural fertility, women's health, cosmetic acupuncture and general health. I am passionate about providing a natural approach to your individual health and wellbeing using the ancient wisdom and techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine such as Acupuncture, Moxa, Cupping, Herbs and Chinese Medicine based Dietary advice that addresses your individual present health and related conditions. Shop 4, 56 Bourbong St
Bundaberg QLD
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