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The runner’s high

A good run can be exhilarating. Sure, there are public sensibilities to be considered when contemplating whether to clad yourself in lycra or skimpy short-shorts and heft your body ...

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News from: Cell Metabolism

Protein for your heart

High blood pressure is something you want to avoid. It increases your risk of heart disease but also kidney damage and stroke. Last week we looked in this column ...

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News from: Journal of Nutrition

A good cry

We have a bit of a prohibition around crying. There is a hint of the negative in the question, “Are you crying?” and also in our quick, “No! I’ve ...

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News from: Motivation and Emotion

Hangover avoidance

The search for a hangover cure has been around ever since someone first noticed that fermented grains, fruits and honey produced some pretty interesting stuff. All sorts of curative ...

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News from: European College of Neuropsychopharmacology

Naps lower blood pressure

You need adequate blood pressure but high blood pressure is a major health concern as it increases your risk of heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure. In Australia the ...

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News from: European Society for Cardiology

Water for weight loss

It seems that life is getting increasingly complex. As technology expands options there are more and more choices to be made. Although you know that in simplicity lies happiness, ...

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News from: Obesity

What day is it?

How are you doing today? Are you suffering a little Monday-it is? Don’t worry, by Friday you are sure to be feeling a lot better. It is undeniable that ...

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News from: PLoS ONE

The science of sexy

How do you break “sexiness” down into its component parts? What made Sean Connery so widely regarded as the “sexiest man alive” for years when he was well into ...

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News from: Evolution and Human Behaviour

Happiness is catching

Without your friends where would you be? Who would be there to tell you when that new haircut just doesn’t suit you? Who would point out that questionable eating ...

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News from: Proceeding of the Royal Society

Singing the blues-birds

Deep ecology is a philosophical point of view that encourages us to move beyond seeing ourselves as humans as masters of the planet with an obligation to look after ...

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News from: Integrative and Comparative Biology

“Walk and eat” adds kilos

We are all so busy and fitting so much into our days now that we often combine tasks that were once performed independently. Technology has made much of that ...

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News from: Journal of Health Psychology

Tasty tomatoes

Bring up the taste of the tomatoes you buy from a supermarket in polite society and the response is universal; a wrinkle of the nose, a sad shake of ...

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News from: American Chemical Society

Alcohol and attractiveness

Have you ever wondered why alcohol is such a popular social lubricant? Despite the after-effects and the known long-term effects of alcohol, as a society we still embrace it ...

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News from: Alcohol and Alcoholism

The way to a woman’s heart

Tabloid magazines are full of cheap and dubious wisdom that tells you how to win a partner. If you don’t feel lured by the promise of the “top tricks ...

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News from: Appetite

Is ice nice?

Sports people, especially professional sports people, do all sorts of outlandish things to maximise their performance. Sometimes the things they do are none too savoury and even less healthy, ...

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News from: The Journal of Physiology

Fit for maths

The school playground is full of stark divisions; there are the popular kids and the members of the pack, the fashionistas and the lacklustre dressers, and the sports-people and ...

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News from: PLoS ONE

Coffee for your thoughts

There are plenty of research articles that come out on coffee in the medical and science journals. Equally we report quite regularly on those articles in this column and ...

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News from: Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease

Does kissing cross cultures?

Just for a moment put yourself in the position of an alien life form viewing life on this planet. Of course, the first thing that you would conclude is ...

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News from: American Anthropologist

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