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Latest Health News from WellBeing

Apples and obesity

For a long time now apples have been regarded as health promoting foods. Eve may not have been thinking of the fibre components of apples, or even the antioxidants, ...

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News from: Food Chemistry

Olive oils your heart

Olive oil is made up of approximately 75 per cent monounsaturated fats, with the rest consisting of mainly polyunsaturated fats. Monounsaturated fats are generally healthy and balance cholesterol levels ...

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News from: Circulation

Risky Angel business

Do you have an angel that watches over you? Guardian Angels can come in many forms of course. It might be that you have a winged-cherub who haloes you ...

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News from: SAGE Open

Happy wife, happy life

Rhyme has an uncanny power to lend credibility to a statement. Just consider this treasure trove of rhyming wisdom: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, “Red sky in ...

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News from: Journal of Marriage and Family

Exercise against depression

In some ways it is really obvious how exercise may work against depression. If you are to exercise in nature, of course then the healing powers of the natural world ...

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News from: Cell

Climate change and health

Christopher Columbus may not have been the revolutionary thinker that you imagine. If you conceive of old Chris as a voice in the wilderness claiming that the world is round ...

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News from: JAMA

Roasting peanuts over allergy

While we pride ourselves on being rational beings who can understand the way the world works, it is mysteries that really fire our imaginations and lay hands on our ...

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News from: Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Marrying career success

A “career” is a whimsical thing. Some people carefully choose a career path that leads them to the position they desire while others wake up one day and find ...

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News from: Psychological Science

Belly dance and body image

Think of belly dancing and you may think of seductive and erotic movements performed by a woman in glittering costume but this image is far removed from the origins ...

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News from: Sex Roles

The thrill of defeat

“You can’t win them all” is a popular saying and not without its portion of life insight. Losing is, like death and taxes, one of those certainties of life ...

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News from: Motivation and Emotion

Decisions, decisions

How do you make decisions? Maybe your answer is a simple “badly”, or perhaps there is more to your decision making process? Do you carefully and intellectually evaluate pros ...

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News from: PLoS Computational Biology

Migraine meditation

In the Indus Valley dating from between 5,500 and 7,000 years ago painted on rock walls are images that depict people sitting on the ground with crossed legs, hands ...

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News from: Journal of Head and Face Pain

Clothes that beat BO

There are plenty of societal taboos; wearing thongs (on any body part) to a wedding, playing your iPad during the opera, and taking home un-consumed wine that brought to ...

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News from: Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Secret psychopaths

When you think of a psychopath your thoughts probably tend towards images of an arch villain who often have the word “nemesis” associated with them. You probably see them ...

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News from: The Journal of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology


In April 2014 the World Health Organisation (WHO) published its first report on the issue of antibiotic resistance. The report revealed that resistance to common bacteria has reached “alarming” ...

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News from: International Wound Journal

TV dinners

There are film and television critics who argue that “genres” are just conventions made up by other critics. The idea of a genre is that the film or show ...

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News from: JAMA Internal Medicine

Mango lowers blood sugar

In the Southern Hemisphere the first inklings of spring are bringing with them promises of summer. As those spring zephyrs wind their way through the corridors of memory so ...

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News from: Nutrition and Metabolic Insight

“Thanks, friend”

How do you make new friends? Do you rely on your charm and charisma? Maybe it is your new perfume or cologne that wins people to your olfactory wiles? ...

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News from: Emotion