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Texting while walking

Alexander Graham Bell is regarded as the “inventor” of the telephone however, as usual, the actual story is a little more complex than that schoolroom view. Bell filed his ...

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News from: PLoS ONE

Spinach reduces appetite

There has been confusion in Australia between silver beet (Beta vulgaris) and English spinach (Spinacea oleracea) but, as their species names tell you, they are two quite distinct plants ...

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News from: Journal of the American College of Nutrition

Sugar in your cup

Are you one of those people who like to know why and how things work or are mostly content to be an end user? Does it matter to you ...

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News from: Food and Function

Maintaining positive feelings

They say that into every life a little rain must fall but equally “they” acknowledge that every dog has its day. Life is full of downs and ups and ...

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News from: Journal of Neuroscience

Thinking style and musical taste

Even the best of friends can disagree heatedly over music. What one person finds wonderful and engaging is ear-excrement to another. Lots of research has gone on into how ...

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News from: PLoS ONE

Build a better chocolate

Some things just feel as though there is no improvement left in them. It is difficult for instance, to muster a cogent argument against the job that the sun ...

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News from: Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Beet juice boosts workouts

Some 2000 years ago the Romans recognised the value of beet and started to cultivate it. While it is a sweet vegetable it is also a source of antioxidants, ...

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News from: American Journal of Physiology

The fat that seeks fat

Given the health problems that arise from obesity it is no surprise that fat has a bad reputation. Like many a bad rep however, there are nuances that are ...

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News from: Neuropsychopharmacology

Beautiful couples

Beautiful people, according to the marvellously unintelligible vocals of Australian Crawl’s James Reyne, “have Robert Palmer t-shirts in their travel bag” (or was that “juggle armadillos as they eat ...

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News from: Psychological Science

Phones reveal depression

Are you able to mask your mood? When you are feeling low can you put on a brave face and appear as if all is well and light in ...

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News from: Journal of Medical Internet Research

IQ and birth order

If you are a sibling or a parent to a sibling then you will know that siblings need no encouragement to disagree. You might at first think that this ...

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News from: Journal of Research in Personality

Exercise your ageing brain

If you were told to exercise your brain you would likely think of crosswords, Sudoku, Kurosawa films, and Hemingway novels. All of these things will certainly get your grey ...

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News from: PLoS ONE

Protein alternatives

Protein is an essential nutrient for so many body processes from building muscles to immune function. In this column we have previously looked at the need for alternative protein ...

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News from: Institute of Food Technologists

The taste of victory

There is no doubt if you look at the face of a winner as opposed to that of a loser after a game then there is real difference in ...

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News from: Appetite

Being notified to distraction

Mobile phones are indispensable to those of us who have them these days. Where would you be without your digital friend to catch up on Instagram and Facebook, receive ...

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News from: Journal of Experimental Psychology

The buzz on bees

Humans are good at a great many things. They are good at creating; they can create drama where there is only serenity and they can make things never before ...

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News from: Science

Take the stairs

It is well documented that the sedentary lifestyles we lead today are linked to illnesses like obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. We also know that even small ...

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News from: Environment and Behaviour

Garlic for UTI

More than 50 per cent of all women will experience a urinary tract infection (UTI) in their lifetime. Every year around the world 150 million people are officially diagnosed ...

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News from: Journal of Tropical Agricultural Science

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