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Latest Health News from WellBeing

Twitter and the heart

Your eyes may well be the windows to your soul but windows can be shuttered and they are hard to view from a distance. There are no such limitations ...

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News from: Psychological Science

Weathering the stock market

Highly trained individuals aren’t susceptible to the vagaries that influence the amateur, right? Top level tennis players have a mental resolve that is impervious to the behaviour of the ...

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News from: Review of Financial Studies

Scent marketing

Are you master of your fate and captain of your soul? Do you boldly navigate the waters of life guided only by an unwavering internal compass? You might think ...

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News from: Journal of Marketing

The language of thought

There are lots of things you plan to do. You want to sail around the Whitsundays, you want to re-organise your sock drawer, and you want to write that ...

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News from: Cognition

Friends for life

Friends are important. Who else can you turn to when life throws you a surprise downturn? Who else but friends can you rely on to tell you that the ...

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News from: Psychological Science

Eyes closed recall

When do you close your eyes? Yes, there is that blessed moment at the end of a harried, emotion charged day when your head nestles into the pillow and ...

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News from: Legal and Criminological Psychology

Phone separation anxiety

Your smartphone allows you to do so many things; you can play games, answer email, surf the net, get directions, take a selfie, and even (if you are feeling ...

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News from: Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication

Coffee and melanoma

Summer holidays are over (for Southern Hemisphere readers) and you are probably back at work after a few weeks of family gatherings, overindulgence, and frolicking in the sun. As ...

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News from: Journal of the National Cancer Institute

Beeting blood pressure

Monty Python famously asked the question, “What have the Romans ever done for us, hey?” By the end of the skit the question has become, “All right, but apart ...

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News from: Hypertension

Infidelity: sexual vs. emotional

Variety, they say, is the spice of life. This is undoubtedly true when it comes to your diet and even your fashion choices but does it hold true when ...

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News from: Archives of Sexual Behaviour

Emotional distraction

The origins of word can be revealing and usually instructive. The word “heal” for instance comes from the Saxon word “helian” and the Norse word “helia” which both meant ...

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News from: Psychosomatic Bulletin and Review

To yell or not to yell

When is the last time that you really gave vent to a spleen full of anger? Maybe it was when the operator at your bank’s off-shore call centre thought ...

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News from: Psychological Science

Cold noses cause colds

Humans seem to like things when they are cool, in fact in the English speaking world we have even elevated “cool” to an adjective that indicates things are good ...

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News from: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Avocados and cholesterol

Humans have a long history of strange beliefs. The Romans believed that epilepsy could be cured by drinking gladiator blood. The Stone Age cure for a headache was to drill ...

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News from: Journal of the American Heart Association

Mind over muscle

You probably already believe in the power of your mind. If your mind wasn’t powerful how could you have interpreted that friendly remark by a co-worker as a sinister ...

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News from: Journal of Neurophysiology

Music’s emotional universe

What song makes you feel sad every time you hear it? Is there a particular song or songs that you use to get yourself pumped and energised for parties ...

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News from: Frontiers in Psychology

Loving your selfie

Have you seen a “selfie stick” yet? It is an extendable metal stick that has an attachment at the end for your smartphone and it allows you to take ...

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News from: Personality and Individual Differences

Food for kids’ thoughts

Have you ever wondered where the phrase “an apple for the teacher” came from? It actually comes from a time before publicly funded education when poorer parents would essentially ...

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News from: Clinical Paediatrics