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Latest Health News from WellBeing

Educated eyes

Education offers many things. It is perhaps the singular pillar on which an enlightened society rests. For the individual higher education levels are linked to reduced risks of many ...

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News from: Opthalmology

Broccoli beats air pollution

The industrial revolution has brought some positives to human life but a raft of negatives as well. For instance there has been a massive increase in availability and diversity ...

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News from: Cancer Prevention Research

Standing for teamwork

We’ve all been in workplace meetings. Everyone piles in at the allotted time, some carrying a coffee to sustain them, others with chocolate secreted about their person. Usually there ...

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News from: Social, Psychological, and Personality Science

Get a grip on ageing

How well are you ageing and how do you measure that ageing process? Do you count wrinkles? Perhaps you monitor your ability to ride a skateboard? It could be ...

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News from: PLoS ONE

Intense exercise

There are always new theories around exercise and how you should do it. In most cases the new theory is driven by someone’s need to convince you that only ...

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News from: EMBO Journal

You are feeling sleepy

It is estimated that one in three Australians is significantly sleep deprived. This has real implications for health because sleep is a powerful and necessary regenerative force. It is ...

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News from: Sleep

Green tea disturbs cancer cells

It’s nice to know how things work. If you know how a car engine works then you can get in there and fix it without spending fruitless hours searching ...

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News from: Metabolomics

Conflict resolution 101

Conflict is an inevitable consequence of being alive. The question is not whether you will experience conflict in your life but how you will experience in your life. It ...

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News from: Psychological Science

Phones and fertility

Pockets can tell you a lot about a person. Someone who carries their wallet in their back trouser pocket cares neither for fashion or security. Those who carry a ...

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News from: Environment International

Exercise belly bacteria

For a long while bacteria have had a bad name. They can cause damaging diseases to humans but they are also incredibly successful. Numerically and by biomass, bacteria are ...

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News from: Gut

Hearty tomatoes

Tomatoes serve no end of purposes: they are essential for a bruschetta, add something wonderful to a gaspacho, bring a dash of colour to your kitchen decor, can be ...

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News from: PLoS ONE

6000 steps to improving arthritis

Signposts are ignored at your peril. If you want to get to Inverness then ignoring the signs pointing to Inverness and following those that direct you to Slovenly-on-Mould will ...

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News from: Arthritis Care and Research

The smell of beauty

It is one thing to see a person in a film or a picture and think she or he is attractive but there is nothing like the physical presence ...

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News from: PLoS ONE

Pollyanna brain

It is easy to be cynical. You could easily look at the news and think the world consists only of liars, corrupt politicians, war, murderers, and thieves. Unfortunately, newsroom “wisdom” ...

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News from: Neurology

The dirt on allergies

Allergies are on the increase in the developed world. In the US data released by the Centres for Disease Control showed the prevalence of food allergies increased in children under ...

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News from: Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Fasting for immunity

It wasn’t so long ago that fasting was the domain of the devout or of lean individuals sitting in the lotus position at high altitude. In today’s app-riven, blue-lit, ...

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News from: Cell Stem Cell

Preserving your daily bread

All that glitters is not gold and all that’s bread can turn to mould. That is the full version of this quote is attributed to English 14th century poet ...

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News from: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Love cures neurosis

Love is many things; a quick scan of pop lyrics tells you that it is all at once “higher than a mountain”, “an open door”, “in the air”, “a battlefield”, ...

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News from: Journal of Personality