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 A case of non-Parkinson’s tremor

We discover the nutritional benefits of organ meats and why they're important in this clinical case.  Read more »

health, nutrient, tremor, organ, meat, detox, naturopath, healthy, life, live
supplement, vitamin, mineral, physiology, whole food

Get savvy about supplements

Getting the most from your supplements involves attention to timing, labels and lifestyle....

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watsu, massage, therapy, water, aquatic

Watsu's therapeutic wonders

Watsu massage is an amazing aquatic therapy with healing effects deeper than the sea....

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thyroid, hormone, underactive, fatigue, hashimoto

What's causing the low thyroid epidemic?

Underactive thyroid glands may explain why more and more people are seeking solutions for fatigue, w...

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bacteria, gut, health, microbiome, foods

How to balance your belly bacteria

We take an in-depth look at why your belly bacteria may be even more important than your DNA in dete...

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More Body Health News

clove, history, effect, digestion, diabetes

Cloves and their clever effects

Cloves are a flavoursome spice but they also have powerful and well-recognised medicinal effects.Read more »

yoga, heartbreak, love, loss, grief

Yoga for a broken heart

Move beyond the pain of a broken heart and tap into the limitless love within by working with yoga poses that stimulate your heart chakra.Read more »

love, relationship, sex, emotion, spirit

Want to have spirited sex?

Healthy sexuality connects us to energy, life and love. Discover how you can protect your reproductive system and ensure sexual satisfaction.Read more »

beauty, body, health, wellness, oil

9 natural oils you should be using

Naturally derived oils can balance your skin, soften your hair, reduce inflammation and even help protect you from disease.Read more »

kidney, liver, health, toxic, pest

A bruised case

We look at a case of increased pesticide and insecticide exposure in one lovely lady.Read more »

anxiety, mental, health, happiness, weight

How anxiety can make you dehydrate

Did you know that anxiety can make you dehydrate? Karin Cutter shares a case that demonstrates how this can happen.Read more »

Scoliosis, back, pain, yoga, health

Dealing with scoliosis

Read a young woman's journey with scoliosis and how a regular yoga practice provided her much-needed relief.Read more »

Arnica, herb, medicine, body, bruises

Use Arnica for bumps & bruises

The mountain-loving herb arnica is a terrific counter-irritant, and it also has antimicrobial and immune-stimulating effects.Read more »

satiety, appetite, food, nutrition, weight

Feel full, look fabulous

Preparing, eating and sharing food is one of the great pleasures in life but sometimes we can overdo it. Find out how you can tip the scales back in your favour.Read more »

diet, lifestyle, age, health, fat

All you need to know about diets and fats

Michael Elstein discuss diets and fats that may help fight aging, build muscle and improve your overall health and wellbeing.Read more »

rosemary, herb, healing, health, happiness

10 ways to heal with rosemary

The fragrant kitchen-pantry staple rosemary has long been favoured for its medicinal properties, which are just as attractive as its taste.Read more »

dosha, air, heat, vata, pitta

Do you know your Ayurvedic type?

Awareness of your individual makeup empowers you to accept yourself and adjust your lifestyle for health and happiness. Find out how to bring out your best.Read more »

Cardiovascular, heart, health, happy, wellness

Healing a toxic heart

We discover the insidious cumulative effect of long-term exposure to poisons and learn it should never be overlooked.Read more »

skin, beauty, health, wellbeing, acne

How to manage adult acne

We look at how to address adult acne from the inside out and share tips for treating those unwanted spots.Read more »

weight, loss, gain, health, high blood pressure

Is your medicine giving you a muffin top?

If you take medication for a chronic health condition, these drugs could be causing you to gain weight or making it more difficult to lose excess kilos.Read more »

herb, mullein, chest, cough, cold

Mullein: for coughs, colds & flu

Mullein is a wonderful all-purpose respiratory herb thanks to its soothing, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and diuretic properties.Read more »

bugs, bacteria, health, wellness, wellbeing

Doing battle with the “superbugs”

In the battle between the unwelcome micro-organisms that like to invade our bodies, it pays to know your enemy, what it wants from you and how you can give yourself the best chance of winning the fight.Read more »

lavender, health, wellbeing, happiness, aches

Lavender: queen of herbs

Lavender has a multitude of impressive benefits to soothe and nurture both body and mind. We share this beautiful healing herb.Read more »

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