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 Health & appiness

Technology can be a bane or a boon — it all depends on how you use it. We roadtest six apps that help you access wellbeing with a touch.  Read more »

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Heal your face, heal your body

Learn how to use the face as a road map and heal acne, dark circles, fine lines and pigmentation....

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Ease heavy-metal toxicity naturally

Chronic exposure to heavy metals is an increasing problem worldwide. With symptoms of heavy-metal to...

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health, wellbeing, breath, music, natural

An unusual breathing problem

We share a case of a young musician with an unusual breathing problem and his recovery....

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Detox from GMOs

We share why you should detox from genetically modified organisms and how to do it....

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More Body Health News

walk, exercise, meditation, mindful, mindfulness

Learn how to walk mindfully

All too often when we go for a walk, we take our worries with us. Learn the art of mindful walking and, in so doing, renew and reinvigorate your sense of self.Read more »

workout, intense, training, HIIT, gym

HIIT it!

Are high-intensity interval training programs as scary as they sound? We take one outside for a test.Read more »

health, MND, experience, wellbeing, happiness

Fighting MND with a smile

We look at a real life experience of motor neurone disease and how MND hasn't stopped this young girl living life to the fullest.Read more »

health, wellness,  happiness, young, child

The mystery of Mylene

We look at a case of severe stomach pains, tension headaches and underactive adrenals in the young Mylene.Read more »

health, wellbeing, wellness, problem, medical

Worrying health problems

We investigate the numerous metabolic malfunctions of young woman and her troubling health complaints.Read more »

protein, diet, weight, health, happy

Facing off with the anti-ageing diet

We take a close look at our go-to nutrient protein and share how our diets have evolved throughout the ages.Read more »

chemical, exposure, detox, health, happiness

10 ways to reduce your chemical load

By adopting some simple actions, you can drastically reduce your exposure to some of the most health-disrupting synthetic chemicals.Read more »

water, health, fluoride, prevention, minerals

Water and fluoride

There is a flipside to the fluoride story that speaks to the dangers of fluoride excess.Read more »

health, gut, children, wellbeing, healing

The boy & the leaky gut

We look at how food can be the best medicine when healing a leaky gut in a young boy.Read more »

exercise, health, wellbeing, addiction, cardio

Fitness for immunity

Does being fit mean your immune system is more resistant to colds and flu or are you more likely to catch a cold?Read more »

hydrotherapy, health, wellness, water, bath

Hydrotherapy for cleansing

We take a look at hydrotherapy, the therapeutic use of water to restore and maintain health and enhance internal cleansing.Read more »

sound, healing, power, health, wellness

Healing sounds

From the burbling of a brook to an electric-guitar riff, sound surrounds us, having a remarkable impact on our health and wellbeing.Read more »

autism, children, health, wellness, wellbeing

Detox & autism

We explore the alarming rise in autism spectrum disorders along with potential causes and diets that have shown to be effective in their treatment.Read more »

candida, gut, health, diet, bacteria

Yeast of burden

Do you experience bloating, flatulence, thrush, “foggy” head, bad breath, peeling skin on the feet, jock itch, headaches, irritable bowel or fatigue? These symptoms and many more can be caused by a little organism called Candida albicans.Read more »

running, exercise, health, sleep, benefits

Sleep & exercise advice

There is a two-way relationship between sleep and exercise: they help each other. The question is, how do they help and how can you make the relationship a harmonious one?Read more »

homœopathic, health, naturopathy, wellness, herbs

The case of rat-bite fever

We take a look at Tom, a hard-working farmer who was deficient in a number of important minerals and trace elements, including copper, manganese, boron, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus.Read more »

health, wellness, nutrition, jail, prison

Crimes of nutrition

Poor diet could be a contributing, and modifiable, factor in criminal behaviour.Read more »

oil, ayurveda, pulling, health, dental

Oil pulling the key to oral health

An ancient Ayurvedic therapy dating back over 2000 years, known by modern health practitioners as oil pulling, is being seen as a modern and effective treatment for diseases from bad breath to bleeding gums to asthma, diabetes and colitis.Read more »

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