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 How to de-stress for success

Do you feel like you are losing control over your life? Are you worried, stressed, tense, irritable and moody? You are not alone. Here are our powerful natural ways to de-stress.  Read more »

stress, relax, worry, tense, anxiety, anxious, breathing, meditation, action, plan, help, happy, positive, negative, work, balance, life
zinc, supplementation, red meat, meat, oyster

Why you need zinc

We discover that a body without zinc is like a motor vehicle without petrol. Read more....

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Bronnie, Ware, author, arthritis, rheumatoid

Lessons of healing from Bronnie Ware

Author Bronnie Ware has inspired millions by sharing the messages of regret-free living from people ...

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skin, tan, fake, natural, organic

Fake it, don’t bake it

While natural beauty is our ideal, a special occasion or summer holiday may call for a sun-kissed lo...

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Sjögren, syndrome, life, autoimmune, health

Life with Sjögren's syndrome

Three years after the diagnosis of Sjögren’s syndrome, one reader now views her illness as a gift...

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eye, vision, health, glaucoma, cataract

Special Report - Protect your eyes

Your eyes work hard to maintain your vision, so it’s not surprising that many things can go wrong. Find out how to protect your eyes for life.Read more »

run, weight, loss, health, fitness

Running and weight loss

What's the best form of exercise for weight loss? Here, we look at what the research tell us about running and shedding kilos.Read more »

lead, detox, poisoning, toxic, heavy metal

Lead detox

Lead has been used in fuels, paints and various industries up until relatively recently. We outline its harmful impact and detoxification treatments.Read more »

dance, health, fitness, weight, exercise

Feel the beat

Sick of sweating it out in the gym? Dancing is a fun, free and fluid way to boost your fitness.Read more »

gym, exercise, fitness, class, strength

Gym genie

The gym can be a bewildering place to begin your exercise program but, once you understand what is available, it's a great place to get fit — and stay fit.Read more »

Premature ventricular contractions, frog, PVC, heart, condition

The case of the froggy heart

A middle-aged man's radical change of diet following a diagnosis of premature ventricular contractions (PVC) yielded remarkable results.Read more »

Dr Michael Elstein, vitamin, mineral, supplement, health

Are vitamins vital?

The smart money suggests we should jettison our vitamin-taking habits, as these might only jeopardise our health. Is this the case?Read more »

Kate Mirow, nutrition, gum disease, inflammation, periodontal

Behind the smile

Unhealthy gums increase your chances of developing heart disease, diabetes, depression and even erectile problems. Here's how you can clean up your act.Read more »

kahuna, lomi lomi, massage, therapy, bodywork

Kahuna massage: Waves of delight

There is a deep, spiritual reason behind the deep relaxation that kahuna, or lomi lomi, massage therapy brings.Read more »

run, swim, walk, pilates, weights

10 steps to fitness

Getting physically fit requires motivation and it generates emotional and spiritual renewal. Here are 10 steps to follow for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fitness.Read more »

fountain, youth, beauty, cure, five

The 10-minute workout

The five Tibetan rites provide a superb energy boost for the day and bring a number of long-term benefits.Read more »

Roy Stevenson, exercise, aerobic, heart, interval

The air you breathe

Aerobic exercise is more than just a group of Lycra-clad people leaping about a mirrored room; in fact, aerobic exercise is the basis of general health.Read more »

Roy Stevenson, endurance, adventure, sport, fitness

For fitness just add-venture

Adventure sports offer many physical and mental benefits and are a marvellous way to enjoy the outdoors and stay fit.Read more »

exercise, fitness, health, supplement, strength

Fit pills

These exercise supplements will help you maintain your energy, protect your body, support your muscles and bones and lift immunity.Read more »

Veronica Joseph, walking, fitness, weight, loss

The walk of life

Walking for exercise is easy, accessible and hugely beneficial. But to get the most from it you need to have a plan.Read more »

resistance, weight, training, health, exercise

Resistance is NOT futile

Resistance training, and the muscle building it brings, has many health benefits and it can even keep you young.Read more »

sunscreen, sun safety, SPF, natural protection, skin

Here comes the sun

We take sun worshippers out of the shade and shed some light on the issue of sun cancer and sunscreen safety.Read more »

cycling, road cycling, mountain biking, biking, bike

Spin your wheels

Cycling is marvellous exercise and social, too, but you need to know how to look after your body and the right equipment that will speed you on your way.Read more »

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