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 Worrying health problems

We investigate the numerous metabolic malfunctions of young woman and her troubling health complaints.  Read more »

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Facing off with the anti-ageing diet

We take a close look at our go-to nutrient protein and share how our diets have evolved throughout t...

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10 ways to reduce your chemical load

By adopting some simple actions, you can drastically reduce your exposure to some of the most health...

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Water and fluoride

There is a flipside to the fluoride story that speaks to the dangers of fluoride excess....

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health, gut, children, wellbeing, healing

The boy & the leaky gut

We look at how food can be the best medicine when healing a leaky gut in a young boy....

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skin care, sleep, slumber, skin and sleep, night-time facial

Slumber keeps skin soft and smooth

Creams and lotions can be very helpful for keeping the skin soft and smooth, but beauty sleep is just as important — if not more so.Read more »

cravings, food, chocolate, addiction, allergies

Curb your food cravings

Food cravings are very common but finding out what drives your cravings can help you control them.Read more »

phermones, scent, natural scent, smell, perfume

Enhance your pheromones

While there is definitely a place for cosmetics in our beauty regime, our own bodies provide us with many of the substances we need for our skin, hair and nails to be healthy and attractive.Read more »

skincare, natural skincare, organic skincare, skincare products, skin

Balance your skin’s “ecosystem”

If you look at skin under a microscope, it boasts its own thriving ecosystem. It’s an environment that is similar to a rainforest: undulating surfaces, ditches, waterways, hair growths and millions of animals in the form of bacteria.Read more »

running, health, exercise, cardio, interval training

Why you should include running in your exercise program

If images of pounding the pavement and painful stitches have kept you from including running in your regular exercise program, it’s time to dust off your sneakers and tighten your laces; there is joy to be found in this moving meditation.Read more »

rosehip, organic, skincare, anti-again, facial

A new certified organic skincare range made in Australia, Synthesis 345

A new certified organic skincare range made in Australia, Synthesis 345, treats body, mind and spirit to the feeling of new love in the present moment.Read more »

dog, pet, health, pet care, animal

Seven steps to improved wellbeing for your dog

It’s easy to blame the weather or old age if your dog lacks vitality. But there are always things you can do to improve your dog’s wellness.Read more »

holistic therapy, holistic dentist, dentist, holistic dentistry, healthy teeth

Holistic care for your teeth

Ulcers, arthritis, headaches and heart disease have all been linked to unnatural dental procedures. Your teeth are as much a part of your body as any other organ or limb and they need holistic care.Read more »

pet therapy, tap touching, tap, massage, tapping touch

Tapping Touch holistic care

Tapping Touch is a holistic care technique that uses gentle touch and rhythm to relieve tension and to create a sense of wellbeing. Its beauty is that it can be performed anywhere and is suitable for everyone — even the dogRead more »

heart disease, heart health, heart age, healthy eating, healthy lifestyle

What is your heart age?

Although you can’t change your genetic predisposition or age-related factors that can lead to heart disease, you can take steps to control the other factors that can contribute.Read more »

detox, herbs, herbalism, naturopath, detoxifying

Healing herbs

Herbs have a wide array of actions that can help you in all aspects of your detoxification processRead more »

FastFeb, alcohol, alcohol abstinence, charity, drug and alcohol rehabilitation

Alcohol abstinence to raise money for worthy causes.

It’s time for FebFast! FebFast is a charity initiative that raises money for drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres and requires abstinence from alcohol for the month of February.Read more »

acid, alkaline, pH, Balance, forming food

The truth about your body's pH balance

You might have made the choice to eat in a healthier way but are your food choices making your body more acidic or more alkaline and which is the healthier option?Read more »

health, alcohol, ocsober, mocktail, recipes

10 reasons to sign up for OcSober

Alcohol-free months are almost becoming a rite of passage for many adult Aussies but are they worth it? We've found ten reasons to sign up for OcSober next month, plus some mocktail recipes to get you through!Read more »

health, lifestyle, pets, tape worms, worms

Ascariasis and hygiene around pets

Vanessa's chronic worm infestation and how it was removed.Read more »

dogs, cats, pets, wellness, health

Is your pet stressed?

The health of our pets may also be affected by stress and emotions. Learn the causes of stress in your pet and how it affects their behaviour and do your part to keep them healthy.Read more »

mother nature, natural skincare, skincare, skin, body

Natural Skincare - Mother knows best

Learn what benefits Mother Nature can give to your skin.Read more »

toxic, environments, green environments, sick building syndrome, sick workplace

Living in a toxic world

A survival guide to the toxic environment we live in.Read more »