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health, wellbeing, wellness, cold, flu
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 The low-down on cold and flu

We take a look at the evidence behind natural cold and flu remedies and discover what actually works.  Read more »

health, wellbeing, wellness, cold, flu, nutrition, mineral, vitamin, immune, sickness, lifestyle, natural, remedies,
health, chemical, EMF\\\\\\\'s, electromagnetic, waves

Chemical overload

We share a case of chemical overload in a young girl and look at how electromagnetic fields can caus...

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candida, diet, immune, health, wellbeing

Candida: the role of the immune system

When it comes to treating candida, the immune system requires our attention first, long before anti-...

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sugar, health, intake, consumption, less

Sugar: the sweet nightmare

Excessive sugar consumption is bad news but how do you quit? We look at different types of sugar, ho...

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healing, hug, human, touch, connect

The healing powers of a hug

We share why being hugged and reciprocating a hug has immeasurable benefits for health and wellbeing...

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More Body Health News

insulin, fat, metabolism, lower insulin, fat hormone

Fat hormones and insulin

Insulin may be the culprit of weight gain and the inability to lose fat. Discover why and how to lower insulin levels.Read more »

home made, muscle soothers, sore muscles, pain relief, sore muscles

Homemade muscle soothers

Relief from muscle soreness with homemade soothers.Read more »

Skin, sleep, beauty, save money, alternative

Sleeping Beauty

Recent studies are showing that getting sufficient rest helps keep your skin looking radiant, makes you less stressedRead more »

Beauty, skin, natural and organic, environment, balance

Balance your skin’s ecosystem

There are the elements as: minerals, water and other compounds vital for the skin’s sustainability.Read more »

sauna, heat, sauna technology, body health, sauna detox

Some Like it Hot - Saunas and detoxing

Heat and vapour have been key components in purifying rituals around the world since ancient times. Since then, the art of the sauna has been refined, modernised and technologised, bringing even greater benefitsRead more »

exercise, metabolic rate, metabolism, weight loss, fat

How to stimulate your metabolism

Say goodbye to temporary weight loss methods and boost your metabolism with stimulating foods, exercise and some well-though-out lifestyle changes.Read more »

exercise, body detox, muscles, lymph, detox

Which exercises really help your body to detox

Key detoxification processes are all enhanced by exercise. While it seems that any sort of exercise helps, there are certain types that will really jump-start a cleanse.Read more »

The Chakras, energy, energy blockage, the meridians, energetic cleansing

Detoxing the energy body

Cultures around the world have independently believed in an energy body which surrounds and supports your physical body. Just like your physical body, the energy body can become toxic and you need to know how to cleanse it.Read more »

spiritual, fasting, food, detox, detoxificationg

What is fasting?

Fasting can cleanse your physical and mental self providing access to your subtle and spiritual aspects.Read more »

relaxtation, detox, nervous system, toxins, detoxification

Relaxation detoxification

Relaxation detoxification is essential for the body as only following a rested and well nourished can we clear stored toxins.Read more »

Detox, Lungs, Fresh air, breathing practices, herbal

How to Detox your Lungs

The lungs are often overlooked during a detox but along with the liver, kidneys and skin, they function as a major elimination route for toxinsRead more »

nuclear radiation, protect, health, herbal medicines, thyroid

Nuclear radiation leaks and your health

How worried should we be about the radiation leaks from Japan's Fukushima nuclear reactors and are there ways to protect ourselves and our health?Read more »

skin, detox, detoxing, detoxification

Detox for your skin

Your body’s largest organ is its skin and it is an organ that plays a critical role in any detoxification regime.Read more »

echinacea, cough, cold, flu, immune system

What does research say about Echinacea?

Echinacea has been a popular treatment for wounds and skin conditions or centuries. In recent times it has become popular as a cold and flu treatment and research is substantiating its healing versatility.Read more »

Detox, liver, lemon, coup, shake

What you should know about detox diets

Detoxification programs are many and varied and trying to decide which one is the most suitable for you, let alone embarking on it, can be a daunting prospect. So here is the lowdown on your detoxifying options.Read more »

detox, supplements, liver, acid, alkaline

Supplements for detox

Walk into any health food store or pharmacy these days and you’re confronted with literally dozens of different detox kits, pills and potions. Just what do they all do and are how do you know which one is best for you?Read more »

detox, health, liver, cleanse, food

Love your liver with this detox

Your liver is a central organ when it comes to filtering your blood, processing nutrients and metabolising everything from drugs to pollutants to hormones. For all these reasons and more, your liver is critical to your detox.Read more »

Detox, health, physical, spiritual

Detox for digestion

Digestion is central to your body’s detoxification processes, so it’s important to consider how to keep your digestion at its best.Read more »