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 A bruised case

We look at a case of increased pesticide and insecticide exposure in one young lady.  Read more »

kidney, liver, health, toxic, pest, pesticides, insecticides, exposure, herbs, natural, healthy, heal
anxiety, mental, health, happiness, weight

How anxiety can make you dehydrate

Did you know that anxiety can make you dehydrate? Karin Cutter shares a case that demonstrates how t...

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Scoliosis, back, pain, yoga, health

Dealing with scoliosis

Read a young woman's journey with scoliosis and how a regular yoga practice provided her much-needed...

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Arnica, herb, medicine, body, bruises

Use Arnica for bumps & bruises

The mountain-loving herb arnica is a terrific counter-irritant, and it also has antimicrobial and im...

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satiety, appetite, food, nutrition, weight

Feel full, look fabulous

Preparing, eating and sharing food is one of the great pleasures in life but sometimes we can overdo...

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Karen Fischer, skin detox, liver detox, blood detox

7 day skin detox

a detox can boost your energy levels, clear your eyes and skin and bring back the rose on your cheeks.Read more »

healing injuries, sports, exercise, muscles, massage

A touch of healing

Injuries are an ever-present possibility for someone undertaking a serious fitness program. Managing and preventing injuries are just as important as the exercise itself and, if you do it naturally, it can even be pleasant.Read more »

cycling, fitness, health, tour de france, equipment

The beginner's guide to cycling

Cycling is marvellous all-round exercise and it is social, too, but you need to know not only how to look after your body as you get started but the right equipment that will get you on your way.Read more »

martial arts, fitness, kung fu, akido, jujitsu

Getting started in martial arts

The study of martial arts holistically embraces mind, body and soul. Once students begin practising a martial-art discipline, it often becomes a way of life.Read more »

swimming, fitness, exercise, health benefits, asthma

Just add water

Whether freestyle, backstroke or butterfly, swimming for fitness can boost heart health, relieve stress and create a lean, toned physique. Laura Greaves explains how to get in the swim.Read more »

food, fitness, running, marathon, recipes

Fit to eat

When it comes to choosing the right foods to support your fitness routine, you really are what you eat.Read more »

Pilates, fitness, exercise

Core values

Corrective exercise, such as that offered by Pilates, is one of the best ways to build a strong, healthy body. Find out if Pilates is right for you and try a few exercises at home.Read more »

fitness, motivation, health

5 steps to motivation

Find your motivation to get fit and read case studies of how others, just like you, tried and succeeded!Read more »

running, fitness, routine, motivation, health benefits

6 reasons to run

You may think running isn't for you - but with so many health benefits, how could it not be? Here's how to get a running routine started and where to find the motivation to maintain it.Read more »

fitness, health, benefits, brain, body

6 reasons to increase your fitness

Why bother getting fit? Because fitness impacts on everything, from your body to your hormones to your brain. Read on for more reasons to get moving.Read more »

weight loss, healthy food, healthy diet, boost metabolism, fat

The ideal weight (for you)

Stress, hormone imbalance, poor gut health ... Here we look at some of the physical obstacles that may prevent you from achieving the ideal weight for you.Read more »

fitness, cardio, strength, tone, goals setting

Fit for life

Know you need to exercise, but don't know where to start? It's OK, we've got you covered. All you need to know about creating your own exercise program (and how to stick to it).Read more »

eye health, UV exposure, nutrition, TCM

Eye bright

If the windows to your soul are looking a little cloudy, it may be time to gain some clarity.Read more »

allergy, aluminium, filtered water, naturopath, food sensitivity

Allergic to everything

What do you do when you're allergic to everything - even fruit? Read how a visit to a naturopath helped one woman back on the path to wellness.Read more »

beauty, natural beauty, digestion, digestive system, digestive health

A beautiful gut

Cancel that appointment to the beautician and instead speed-dial your nutritionist. Improving gut health is the first and most important step to a radiant complexion.Read more »

working environment, office space, work, health, wellbeing

How to improve your workspace

If you work in an office space. you know there is very little that is natural or health-improving about it. Fortunately, there are ways to combat the dry, recycled air, uncomfortable chair and computer emissions we face every working day.Read more »

pet care, pet, puppy, dog, holistic pet care

Holistic puppy care

Holistic puppy care and steps to a better start and, hopefully, some illness prevention.Read more »

organic, health, detox, detoxification, zeolites

Chemical attraction

The deluge of synthetic compounds has been phenomenal since the end of the World War II. How to deal with these during “detox” is a very real conundrum, given many of them are persistent and harmful in nature.Read more »

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