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shiatsu, massage, body, health, wellness
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 Healing with support

How Megan Blandford learnt how to get past her pessimism and embrace an ancient healing treatment.  Read more »

shiatsu, massage, body, health, wellness, ancient, healing, therapy, pregnant, pregnancy, treatment, energy, relax, Japanese, acupuncture, Chinese, me
surgery, natural, therapy, healing, care

Natural aids to surgery recovery

Surgery is a scary prospect but with the right natural supplements and mind-based techniques you can...

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sore, knees, vitamin E, selenium, deficiency

A case of gammy knees

How do you help a teenage boy who's prone to sore knees get back on the soccer field? Naturopath Kar...

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dance, dancing, 5rhythms, zumba, exercise

Dancing and its benefits for mindy, body and soul

Practised regularly, dance delivers benefits to the body, brain and soul as well as strengthening th...

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ageing, exercise, performance, physical, health

Exercise for ageing

Your body will slow down with age but how much it slows down and how soon is up to you....

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More Body Health News

Detox, health, physical, spiritual

Detox for digestion

Digestion is central to your body’s detoxification processes, so it’s important to consider how to keep your digestion at its best.Read more »

Detox, health, physical, spiritual, house

Ten Steps to Total Detox

Detoxifying is a lifelong process and the steps outlined here can be a constant reference point for you as you undertake a holistic approach to achieving a clean and vital you for a rewarding and sustainable life.Read more »

fungal infection, natural skincare, coconut oil, essential oils, probiotics

Fighting fungal infections

Recurrent fungal infections may be an indication that you need to make some positive changes to your lifestyle and skincare routine. Read on to find out which natural solutions can help solve this issue.Read more »

homeopathy,herbal remedies,allergies,hayfever,alternative therapies

Homeopathy for allergies

As rates of allergic conditions increase, the answers may lie in traditional and cutting-edge forms of homeopathy.Read more »

prostate,cancer,prevention,natural health,men

Protect your prostate

After a man turns 50, he has a 50-60 percent chance of having a problem with his prostate. Here are some simple ways to protect your prostate and live a long and healthy life!Read more »


Post surgery rehabilitation

Holistic rejuvenation including post-surgery rehabilitation technique is a new, highly specialised field of highly effective therapy in the beauty industry.Read more »

detox,eyes,sight,herbal remedies,alternative

Keep your eyes healthy

Our eyes are hard workers, often contorted throughout the day as we express myriad emotions and exposed to environmental stressors. Here's how to minimise damage and protect your eyes, naturally.Read more »

natural skincare,massage,alternative,therapy,beauty

Hand Therapy

When it comes to external beauty it’s not only our face and body that need attention, but also extremities where the sun hits first, especially our beloved hands.Read more »

spa,natural skincare,beauty,organic,products

DIY Home Spa

Regular DIY at-home spa treatments can work a world of wonders for your health and wellbeing, without putting a dent in the budget!Read more »


Natural Beauty and Skincare with Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil has many alternative uses, and is also one of the natural world's best-kept beauty and natural skincare secrets!Read more »

feet, foot, rituals, tension, stress

Foot Rituals

The treatment of your feet brings you down to earth as well as feeling incredibly soothed in mind and body.Read more »

teeth, tooth decay, flourine, drinking water, tatar

Clean teeth

With tooth decay on the rise, find out what you should be doing to protect your teeth from damage.Read more »

breasts, appearance, tissue, glands, massage

Breast care

Like any part of the human body, breasts need to be looked after to ensure their good health and appearance.Read more »

nanoparticle, skin care, pathogens, germs, zinc

Essential oils vs nanoparticle technology

Skin problems can be a thing of the past with nanoparticle technology being the latest buzz in skincare.Read more »

Remedy, beauty, kitchen, puffy eyes, hangover

Natural Beauty

Need to get rid of unwanted blemishes, tired and puffy eyes or a hangover? Simple remedies are available and they can be found in your kitchen.Read more »

skin, digestive, bacteria, probiotics, food

Beautiful Skin from Within

The digestive system is the key to healthy and radiant looking skin.Read more »

CoQ10, enzyme, energy, heart, antioxidant

Fuel’s gold: Co-enzyme Q10

Co-enzyme Q10 has been touted, with good reason, as the next big thing in antioxidant nutrients but it’s much more than just an antioxidant.Read more »

Detoxification, sauna, sweat, winter, toxic

Sweat it out this winter

Detoxification is often difficult and unpleasant during the winter months. However, a visit to a sauna could solve this problem during the colder months of the year.Read more »