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 True brew

For Turkish people, and in the lives of Turkish expats the world over, coffee is more than just a beverage — it’s a social and cultural connector and facilitator.  Read more »

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Yoga, meditation, AcuEnergetics. health, wellness, CFS

Life after exhaustion

One reader beat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by embracing her true essence....

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telomeres, telomere, gene, chromosome, ageing

Telomeres: the Peter Pan molecule

Telomeres, vulnerable parts of your genes that perch atop your chromosomes, may be the keys to unloc...

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weight, loss, diet, fad, emotion

Weight loss, the holistic way

Trying to lose weight can be a fruitless and frustrating task for many people. If you're one of them...

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health, wellbeing, wellness, cold, flu

The low-down on cold and flu

We take a look at the evidence behind natural cold and flu remedies and discover what actually works...

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More Body Health News

mother nature, natural skincare, skincare, skin, body

Natural Skincare - Mother knows best

Learn what benefits Mother Nature can give to your skin.Read more »

toxic, environments, green environments, sick building syndrome, sick workplace

Living in a toxic world

A survival guide to the toxic environment we live in.Read more »

Recipes, eat, body, natural, calm

Mood food

If you wish to feel calm what you choose not to eat is as important as what you choose to eat.Read more »

Eyes, sun, common symptoms, risk, electronics

Protecting your eyes

Computers, wide-screen televisions, fun in the sun and high pollution levels all tire out your eyes and make it imperative that you find natural ways to rejuvenate them. One study found that eye symptoms were significantly reduced if you look down at your computer screen at an angle of 14 degrees or moreRead more »

insulin, fat, metabolism, lower insulin, fat hormone

Fat hormones and insulin

Insulin may be the culprit of weight gain and the inability to lose fat. Discover why and how to lower insulin levels.Read more »

home made, muscle soothers, sore muscles, pain relief, sore muscles

Homemade muscle soothers

Relief from muscle soreness with homemade soothers.Read more »

Skin, sleep, beauty, save money, alternative

Sleeping Beauty

Recent studies are showing that getting sufficient rest helps keep your skin looking radiant, makes you less stressedRead more »

Beauty, skin, natural and organic, environment, balance

Balance your skin’s ecosystem

There are the elements as: minerals, water and other compounds vital for the skin’s sustainability.Read more »

sauna, heat, sauna technology, body health, sauna detox

Some Like it Hot - Saunas and detoxing

Heat and vapour have been key components in purifying rituals around the world since ancient times. Since then, the art of the sauna has been refined, modernised and technologised, bringing even greater benefitsRead more »

exercise, metabolic rate, metabolism, weight loss, fat

How to stimulate your metabolism

Say goodbye to temporary weight loss methods and boost your metabolism with stimulating foods, exercise and some well-though-out lifestyle changes.Read more »

exercise, body detox, muscles, lymph, detox

Which exercises really help your body to detox

Key detoxification processes are all enhanced by exercise. While it seems that any sort of exercise helps, there are certain types that will really jump-start a cleanse.Read more »

The Chakras, energy, energy blockage, the meridians, energetic cleansing

Detoxing the energy body

Cultures around the world have independently believed in an energy body which surrounds and supports your physical body. Just like your physical body, the energy body can become toxic and you need to know how to cleanse it.Read more »

spiritual, fasting, food, detox, detoxificationg

What is fasting?

Fasting can cleanse your physical and mental self providing access to your subtle and spiritual aspects.Read more »

relaxtation, detox, nervous system, toxins, detoxification

Relaxation detoxification

Relaxation detoxification is essential for the body as only following a rested and well nourished can we clear stored toxins.Read more »

Detox, Lungs, Fresh air, breathing practices, herbal

How to Detox your Lungs

The lungs are often overlooked during a detox but along with the liver, kidneys and skin, they function as a major elimination route for toxinsRead more »

nuclear radiation, protect, health, herbal medicines, thyroid

Nuclear radiation leaks and your health

How worried should we be about the radiation leaks from Japan's Fukushima nuclear reactors and are there ways to protect ourselves and our health?Read more »

skin, detox, detoxing, detoxification

Detox for your skin

Your body’s largest organ is its skin and it is an organ that plays a critical role in any detoxification regime.Read more »

echinacea, cough, cold, flu, immune system

What does research say about Echinacea?

Echinacea has been a popular treatment for wounds and skin conditions or centuries. In recent times it has become popular as a cold and flu treatment and research is substantiating its healing versatility.Read more »