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 Colonic hydrotherapy

Colonic hydrotherapy helps to cleanse accumulated faeces, balance resident microflora and increase health and wellbeing of the body.  Read more »

colon, cleanse, fast, health, body, toxin, detox, weight, therapy
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Enemy of the skin

Tame your sweet tooth to experience great skin benefits and skin health....

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Homœopathy & breast cancer

We share how homœopathy and complementary therapies helped one reader through her breast cancer jou...

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Health & appiness

Technology can be a bane or a boon — it all depends on how you use it. We roadtest six apps that h...

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Heal your face, heal your body

Learn how to use the face as a road map and heal acne, dark circles, fine lines and pigmentation....

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beauty, natural beauty, digestion, digestive system, digestive health

A beautiful gut

Cancel that appointment to the beautician and instead speed-dial your nutritionist. Improving gut health is the first and most important step to a radiant complexion.Read more »

working environment, office space, work, health, wellbeing

How to improve your workspace

If you work in an office space. you know there is very little that is natural or health-improving about it. Fortunately, there are ways to combat the dry, recycled air, uncomfortable chair and computer emissions we face every working day.Read more »

pet care, pet, puppy, dog, holistic pet care

Holistic puppy care

Holistic puppy care and steps to a better start and, hopefully, some illness prevention.Read more »

organic, health, detox, detoxification, zeolites

Chemical attraction

The deluge of synthetic compounds has been phenomenal since the end of the World War II. How to deal with these during “detox” is a very real conundrum, given many of them are persistent and harmful in nature.Read more »

health, fashion, beauty, heels, heavy bags

What are the side-effects of keeping stylish?

We wear high heels, carry large shoulder bags and cut off our circulation with clothing that’s too tight. What are the side-effects of keeping stylish?Read more »

sleep, slumber, bed, ayurveda, feng shui

Achieving golden slumber

Enjoy better-quality sleep by creating the appropriate sleeping space.Read more »

barefoot, barefoot earthing, electrons, grass, health

Barefoot earthing

Wiggle your toes with delight — it’s time to ditch the shoes and feel the energy of the earth as it helps to heal your body.Read more »

food, dieting, self confidence, women, health

No more emotional eating

Using food to self-soothe isn’t the most effective way to deal with emotions but neither is dieting to deny them. So what’s that happy in-between? Is there a way to love yourself, your body and your food?Read more »

iodine, prengnancy, breastfeeding

Iodine, the missing nutrient

Iodine plays a significant role in contributing to the healthy functioning of the body and, with a suspected 31 per cent of the global population at risk of deficiency, this is a mineral you need to know more about.Read more »

eczema, natural approach, evening primrose, calendula, magnesium

Healing eczema

6 things you can do to get rid of your child's eczema.Read more »

beauty, natural, organic, skincare, natural skincare

The benefits of natural ingredients in skin care products

Choosing the best and safest cosmetics for your skin is all about awareness. Discover the benefits of natural ingredients and let your inherent beauty radiate from the inside out.Read more »

rutin, supllement, food supplement, boyd health, skin care

What is Rutin?

Although rutin is perhaps a lesser-known nutrient, its abilities are significant and it can be used to prevent and treat a range of health conditions.Read more »

skin care, sleep, slumber, skin and sleep, night-time facial

Slumber keeps skin soft and smooth

Creams and lotions can be very helpful for keeping the skin soft and smooth, but beauty sleep is just as important — if not more so.Read more »

cravings, food, chocolate, addiction, allergies

Curb your food cravings

Food cravings are very common but finding out what drives your cravings can help you control them.Read more »

phermones, scent, natural scent, smell, perfume

Enhance your pheromones

While there is definitely a place for cosmetics in our beauty regime, our own bodies provide us with many of the substances we need for our skin, hair and nails to be healthy and attractive.Read more »

skincare, natural skincare, organic skincare, skincare products, skin

Balance your skin’s “ecosystem”

If you look at skin under a microscope, it boasts its own thriving ecosystem. It’s an environment that is similar to a rainforest: undulating surfaces, ditches, waterways, hair growths and millions of animals in the form of bacteria.Read more »

running, health, exercise, cardio, interval training

Why you should include running in your exercise program

If images of pounding the pavement and painful stitches have kept you from including running in your regular exercise program, it’s time to dust off your sneakers and tighten your laces; there is joy to be found in this moving meditation.Read more »

rosehip, organic, skincare, anti-again, facial

A new certified organic skincare range made in Australia, Synthesis 345

A new certified organic skincare range made in Australia, Synthesis 345, treats body, mind and spirit to the feeling of new love in the present moment.Read more »

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