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dental, health, teeth, happy, gums
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 Poor dental hygiene

Michael Elstein looks at the hype around resveratrol, the “anti-ageing” molecule.  Read more »

dental, health, teeth, happy, gums, sugar, hygiene
health, healing, naturopath, happy, adrenal

A case of hungry adrenals

Karin Cutter shares how royal jelly can help with a case of adrenal fatigue....

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health, nutrient, tremor, organ, meat

A case of non-Parkinson’s tremor

We discover the nutritional benefits of organ meats and why they're important in this clinical case....

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supplement, vitamin, mineral, physiology, whole food

Get savvy about supplements

Getting the most from your supplements involves attention to timing, labels and lifestyle....

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watsu, massage, therapy, water, aquatic

Watsu's therapeutic wonders

Watsu massage is an amazing aquatic therapy with healing effects deeper than the sea....

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Roy Stevenson, endurance, adventure, sport, fitness

For fitness just add-venture

Adventure sports offer many physical and mental benefits and are a marvellous way to enjoy the outdoors and stay fit.Read more »

exercise, fitness, health, supplement, strength

Fit pills

These exercise supplements will help you maintain your energy, protect your body, support your muscles and bones and lift immunity.Read more »

Veronica Joseph, walking, fitness, weight, loss

The walk of life

Walking for exercise is easy, accessible and hugely beneficial. But to get the most from it you need to have a plan.Read more »

resistance, weight, training, health, exercise

Resistance is NOT futile

Resistance training, and the muscle building it brings, has many health benefits and it can even keep you young.Read more »

sunscreen, sun safety, SPF, natural protection, skin

Here comes the sun

We take sun worshippers out of the shade and shed some light on the issue of sun cancer and sunscreen safety.Read more »

cycling, road cycling, mountain biking, biking, bike

Spin your wheels

Cycling is marvellous exercise and social, too, but you need to know how to look after your body and the right equipment that will speed you on your way.Read more »

iron, deficiency, dementia, autoimmune, health

Iron and ageing

As much as iron is essential to our pranayama, having too much of it can be harmful.Read more »

Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, snoring, stop snoring, obstructive sleep apnoea, sleep apnoea

Snore no more

Snoring doesn’t just affect the way a person sleeps. Having a disturbed and interrupted night’s rest can have far-reaching effects on energy levels, stress, long-term health and relationships.Read more »

boot camp, workout program, high-intensity exercise, muscular endurance, aerobic fitness

Boot camp basics

Boot camp is a high-intensity, military-style workout program that combines muscular endurance, strength and aerobic fitness.Read more »

irritable bowel syndrome, IBS, digestive problem, abdominal pain, exercise program

Eat to beat IBS

For many people with irritable bowel syndrome, it can feel like a life sentence. However, the right diet can banish the condition for good.Read more »

holistic dentistry, healthy teeth, dental care, dental problems, oral health

Protect your pearly whites

It’s easy to camouflage dental problems with modern technology, but the health of your mouth is paramount to the wellbeing of your whole body.Read more »

Karen Fischer, skin detox, liver detox, blood detox

7 day skin detox

a detox can boost your energy levels, clear your eyes and skin and bring back the rose on your cheeks.Read more »

healing injuries, sports, exercise, muscles, massage

A touch of healing

Injuries are an ever-present possibility for someone undertaking a serious fitness program. Managing and preventing injuries are just as important as the exercise itself and, if you do it naturally, it can even be pleasant.Read more »

cycling, fitness, health, tour de france, equipment

The beginner's guide to cycling

Cycling is marvellous all-round exercise and it is social, too, but you need to know not only how to look after your body as you get started but the right equipment that will get you on your way.Read more »

martial arts, fitness, kung fu, akido, jujitsu

Getting started in martial arts

The study of martial arts holistically embraces mind, body and soul. Once students begin practising a martial-art discipline, it often becomes a way of life.Read more »

swimming, fitness, exercise, health benefits, asthma

Just add water

Whether freestyle, backstroke or butterfly, swimming for fitness can boost heart health, relieve stress and create a lean, toned physique. Laura Greaves explains how to get in the swim.Read more »

food, fitness, running, marathon, recipes

Fit to eat

When it comes to choosing the right foods to support your fitness routine, you really are what you eat.Read more »

Pilates, fitness, exercise

Core values

Corrective exercise, such as that offered by Pilates, is one of the best ways to build a strong, healthy body. Find out if Pilates is right for you and try a few exercises at home.Read more »

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