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Parenting - Featured News

Health, parent, children, parenting, food

Optimum nutrition for your kids

The nutritional needs of your children change as they age. If you know what each stage requires, you...

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child, health, children, education, physical

How to balance your child's body

Chemical and physical stressors can unbalance your child, but you can take steps to rectify this....

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happiness, school, education, wellbeing, children

Creating happy schools

A happy school provides a positive academic and social environment for your child but happy schools ...

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parenting, parent, learning, development, children

Learning to parent

Parenting is a complex task. Why not take the approach that you are learning to become a parent, as ...

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birth, giving birth, mother, infertility, idiopathic infertility

Having difficulty getting pregnant?

Complementary therapies can assist with unexplained infertility. These techniques can assist in regulating the menstrual cycle, invigorating sperm and enhancing your entire body.Read more »

baby, birth, mother, pregnancy, pregnant

Nurture your baby through your own touch

The first form of communication for a baby is through the skin. Babies that receive extra touch therapy, on average, have a hospital day shorter by six days.Read more »

childbirth, yoga, meditation, caesarean, natural body

Empowerment through childbirth

Childbirth is a right of passage and allows women to experience the body and mind’s awe-inspiring abilities. Although medical advancements have given us choices in the way we bring our babies into the world, these options have stripped away our belief in the power of the human body.Read more »

hypnobirthing, childbirth, pregnancy, reduce pain, relaxed pregnancy

Reduce pain during childbirth. Yes please!

The philosophy behind hypnobirthing helps parents-to-be with the uncertainty and anxiety surrounding the birth of their child. Gain an understanding of how birthing muscles work in harmony when your body is relaxed.Read more »

birth, pregnancy, childbirth, homeopathy, remedy

Replace stress with a feeling of wellbeing!

Treatment during pregnancy is intended to alleviate emotional and physical stress. Learn how homeopathy can restore the mind, body and soul to a feeling of wellbeing.Read more »

immunisation, vaccination, homeopathic immunisation, homeopathy, vitalism

Is conventional vaccination safe?

Vaccination reactions can be fatal or seriously disabling. Coupled with the fact that the safety standards for vaccines are unacceptably low, this makes it even more questionable.Read more »

homebirth, birth, pregnancy, mother, hospital birth

Have you considered the benefits of a homebirth?

The soaring epidural rates are distressing to say the least. Homebirths result in 70-80 per cent of births being procedure free - compared to 10 per cent of hospital births.Read more »

alternative therapies, birth, pregnancy, mother, osteopathy

Get a helping hand during your pregnancy

Therapies such as massage, kinesiology, osteopathy and acupuncture play an important role in treating a problem pregnancy.Read more »

birth, mother, children, expectations, counseling for parents

Give your child space to develop his own identity

Become realistic about what you want from your children. Unrealistic expectations can have a damaging effect and stifle their growth prospects.Read more »

birth, child birth, back pain, back pain during birth, Feldenkrais

No more back pain!

Carrying a baby is hard work and can often lead to back problems. The Feldenkrais method of body education has devised a series of movements that can re-educate your body to deal with this stress.Read more »

birth, birth plan, doula, personal care, pregnancy

Do you want an easier pregnancy?

The ongoing care of a female support person such as a doula can radically reduce the chance of caesarean. A doula is for your exclusive use, offering guidance, support and reassurance.Read more »

birth. pregnancy, pregnant mother, mother, child, Ayurveda

Have a blissful birth

Ayurveda's art of obstetrics can reduce the chance of disturbance during your pregnancy. When the expectant mother is showered with love, this will filter through to the baby.Read more »

circumcision, baby, foreskin, protect baby, healthy baby

To circumcise or not?

The complications associated with circumision are not as rare as parents are led to believe. One in every 200 cases end in side effects with one in 500 leading to serious complications.Read more »

breech baby, breech presentation, difficult pregnancy, difficult birth, osteopath

Be prepared for any type of birth

Alternative practitioners view a breech presentation differently from obstetricians. Their first instinct is to try different non-invasive ways to get the baby to turn.Read more »

breastfeeding, breastmilk, mother's milk, mother, baby

Breastmilk is a baby's best friend

The difference between breastmilk and infant formula is significant. Breastmilk is the most important food for your baby over the first year.Read more »

birth, giving birth, stages of pregnancy, pregnancy, delivery of baby

Pregnancy 101

A tour through the stages of pregnancy. Following your baby's development as it grows in your womb can be an exhilarating experience.Read more »

birth control, active birth, managing birth, giving birth, labour

Assume control of the delivery of your baby

Active birth principles will allow you to assume control of the birthing process. You can move and change positions freely.Read more »

Delivery of baby, delivery of babies, giving birth, birth, birth plan

Be prepared for the arrival of your baby

Come on this journey through one of the most magical experiences of life. A personal account of one baby's arrival into the world.Read more »