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shopping, sale, binge, online, compulsive
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 Beat the buying binge

With more ways to shop than ever, for many, binge buying is a temptation that is getting harder to beat.  Read more »

shopping, sale, binge, online, compulsive, buying, buy, clothes, support, motivation, inspiration
ecology, activist, hope, spirituality, despair

Joanna Macy's acts of hope

Joanna Macy is living proof that active spiritual engagement with life in our world can transform de...

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disappointment, self-help, deal, coping, motivation

How to deal with life's disappointments

While by its nature disappointment is not a pleasure, if you approach it in the right way your happi...

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Cheryl Richardson, extreme, self-care, Louise L Hay, life

Cheryl Richardson: extreme self-care

From tax advisor to best-selling author and sought-after speaker, Cheryl Richardson is now a leading...

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rumi, sufi, mystic, islam, spirituality

Rumi: poetry’s healing powers

Today Rumi is widely known as a poet and mystic but, in his time, Rumi was a teacher, scholar, theol...

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More Wisdom News

tarot, cards, future, creativity, wisdom

Tarot and creativity

The visual nature of tarot makes it an insightful tool to prompt creativity. Find out ways to use the tarot to spark your creative fire.Read more »

feng shui, vastu shastra, bagua, declutter, home

Feng shui and maximising energy at home

Need your house to work for you? Follow these basic feng shui principles and start to notice the difference a tidy, uncluttered and well-thought-out layout can make to your life.Read more »

Sufism, master, asceticism, Morocco, wisdom

Abu Madyan: mediaeval wisdom for the modern world

Sufi, poet and teacher Abu Madyan’s teachings are particularly relevant in the midst of the dire effects of consumerism and excess.Read more »

Matthieu Ricard, Mind and Life, Dalai Lama, happiness, humanitarian

Matthieu Ricard: a happy balance

Matthieu Ricard is a scientist, author, photographer and the Dalai Lama’s right-hand man. Above all, though, he’s a devoted Buddhist monk who seeks to promote compassion.Read more »

Buddhism, Thich Nhat Hanh, spirituality, master, Martin Luther King Jr

The peaceful way of Thich Nhat Hanh

The Vietnamese monk Thich Nhat Hanh has been credited with bringing Buddhism to the West.Read more »

Moon, intuition, sign, stars, astrology

The intuitive moon

The placement of the Moon in your chart indicates how you experience intuition and can best develop your skills of interpretation.Read more »

economy, GDP, growth, economics, monetary

GDP and new economics

Gross domestic product, GDP, is how countries measure their wealth and governments make decisions, yet GDP does not factor in the value of the things we hold dear.Read more »

creative, creativity, astrology, sun sign, inspiration

Your Sun sign and creativity

For a little guidance on how to access your creative spirit, look to your own Sun sign to bring some play back into your life.Read more »

Regulus, fixed, royal, star, astrology

Regulus and a time for change

When the Royal Star Regulus moves through a sign the effect can be felt in grand ways. What will happen now it has moved into Virgo?Read more »

BK Jayanti, Jayanti, Brahma Kumaris, spiritual, meditation

BK Jayanti shares some meditation advice

Our readers asked spiritual leader, teacher and emissary for peace BK Jayanti for advice on meditation. Here's what she said.Read more »

Nora Gedgaudas, paleo, neurofeedback, Weston A. Price, diet

Paleo rockstar Nora Gedgaudas

Nora Gedgaudas' willingness to share all she discovered from her own lifelong battle with depression has led to rockstar-style fame.Read more »

Lord, Geniture, astrology, chart, planet

Astrology and the Lord of the Geniture

Each of us has a planet to offer us a guiding light: the Lord of the Geniture. Learn which one is yours and how to read the message.Read more »

astrology, star, mercury, communication, relationships

Astrology and communication

When it comes to clear communication it helps to find out where Mercury sits in your chart, so you know your strong points and your weak areas.Read more »

astrology, family, dynamics, compatibility, element

Astrology and the family

Navigate the various personalities and dynamics within a family by looking at each family member's Sun and Moon sign.Read more »

simple, life, simplicity, living, simply

The joy of living simply

While realising complex goals can be fulfilling, simplicity is what lies at the root of true happiness.Read more »

astrology, psychology, theory, planet, history

Astrology and the psyche

Explore the connections between the work of psychologists Ficino, Jung, Leo and Rudhyar and astrological theory.Read more »

Jupiter, Uranus, alignment, planetary, technological

Jupiter and Uranus: Planets of advancement

What can we expect when Jupiter and Uranus find themselves in synch in mid-2013?Read more »

spring, equinox, cleaning, ritual, festival

Spring clean your life

The annual seasonal spruce-up presents a chance to reinvigorate and freshen old habits and bring a new energy into your life.Read more »

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