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Barefoot to the core

Everyone knows that a strong core is vital for health in many ways. I haven’t even had to explain what I mean by “core” in that sentence because you immediately ...

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News from: Ithaca College

Coffee for longevity

There are lots of “good vs bad” dualities that inhabit our consciousness; light versus darkness, God versus The Devil, Superman versus The Joker, thongs versus sandals, and even tea versus ...

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News from: Circulation

Art for your sake

For some reason humans have always had a tendency to dabble in art. Even 34,000 years ago after a hard day’s sprinting after deer and away from the local ...

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News from: Human Neuroscience

The brain basis of apathy

In a revolutionary discovery researchers have announced that they have found a definite and lasting cure for apathy but, unfortunately, no-one seems to care. OK, so that’s a joke ...

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News from: Cerebral Cortex

Is “sorry” enough?

Sorry might well be “the hardest word” but it’s also a powerful one. As adults we all know how saying sorry lubricates the social wheels, even for minor incidents ...

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News from: Social Development

Magical thinking

Are you superstitious? If you’ve said “yes” then you are one of the approximately 25 per cent of people who answer that way when surveyed. If you said “no” ...

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News from: Psychological Review

Clean kitchens

Let’s face it, this is a bacterial planet; Earth belongs to bacteria. Bacteria have been on the planet for between 2.3 and 2.7 billion years and can be found ...

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News from: Food Microbiology

The fair sex

“Life isn’t fair,” they say. You only have to look at what a banker or stock market analyst can earn compared to a nurse or teacher or social worker to ...

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News from: Journal of Family Psychology

The age of envy

Admit it, you turned a tad green when your friend turned up in that new Porsche Boxster purchased with the proceeds of a stockmarket windfall. There was also that ...

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News from: Basic and Applied Social Psychology

Curious about curiosity

There is a well-researched substance that is so dense that just one sugar-cube sized lump of it would weigh equivalent to one billion (1,000,000,000) elephants. Are you curious to ...

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News from: Neuron

Mindfulness for IBD

Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are both types of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). They are long-term conditions that cause patches of inflammation in the digestive tract leading to symptoms ...

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News from: Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Soy for bones

Osteoporosis affects more than one million Australians, both men and women, and makes bones become brittle leading to a higher risk of breaks than in normal bone. Essentially, osteoporosis occurs ...

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News from: University of Hull

Sing a song of bonding

No self-respecting university student will complete their degree without at some point sitting around a campfire and singing “Cheap Wine” with a group of friends while consuming the same. It ...

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News from: Royal Society Open Science

Green offices boost thinking

There is no action that does not have implications elsewhere, and those actions are often unpredicted. Take for instance the move to make office buildings more energy efficient. This is ...

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News from: Environmental Health Perspectives

Correcting mistakes

Outside of antiques fairs we live in a society obsessed with newness. Despite the fact that you’ve only had your mephone 8 for ten months you still have to “upgrade” ...

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News from: Psychological Science

Toxic clothes

As you purchase that new pair of pants, skirt, or cool jumper you are probably thinking of how wonderful you will look in them, how people will see you in ...

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News from: Stockholm University

Ballet building

If you want to build muscle you probably envisage hours spent in a gym in a singlet shouting some sort of inane logo like, “The only time is now!”, or ...

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News from: Journal of Neurophysiology

The romance of gratitude

Relationships are complex things and in the hurly burly of life it is easy to sublimate what you really feel for your significant other just to get by on ...

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News from: Personal Relationships


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