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Latest Health News from WellBeing

Clothes that beat BO

There are plenty of societal taboos; wearing thongs (on any body part) to a wedding, playing your iPad during the opera, and taking home un-consumed wine that brought to ...

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News from: Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Secret psychopaths

When you think of a psychopath your thoughts probably tend towards images of an arch villain who often have the word “nemesis” associated with them. You probably see them ...

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News from: The Journal of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology


In April 2014 the World Health Organisation (WHO) published its first report on the issue of antibiotic resistance. The report revealed that resistance to common bacteria has reached “alarming” ...

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News from: International Wound Journal

TV dinners

There are film and television critics who argue that “genres” are just conventions made up by other critics. The idea of a genre is that the film or show ...

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News from: JAMA Internal Medicine

Mango lowers blood sugar

In the Southern Hemisphere the first inklings of spring are bringing with them promises of summer. As those spring zephyrs wind their way through the corridors of memory so ...

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News from: Nutrition and Metabolic Insight

“Thanks, friend”

How do you make new friends? Do you rely on your charm and charisma? Maybe it is your new perfume or cologne that wins people to your olfactory wiles? ...

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News from: Emotion

Standing for life

In these times there are no end of “activities” you can undertake while remaining seated. You can interact with friends via social media, you can play any amount of ...

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News from: British Journal of Sports Medicine

Uplifting bra news

Bras are actually more closely linked with wellbeing than you may imagine. Although the word “brassiere” did not first appear until around 1907, for the few decades prior to ...

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News from: Cancer, Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention

Planting office happiness

Employers can go to extraordinary lengths to make employees happy. They might for instance install a chocolate and chip dispensing machine, which is really only going to make their employees ...

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News from: Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied

Slowing the midnight pee-express

Words can sometimes fail to do justice to the things they represent. For instance, “mango” hardly prepares you for the silky, buttery, sweet sensation that takes place in your mouth ...

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News from: Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise

Angry face

There are lots of things that can make you angry. Whether it be the inadequacy of government bureaucracy, your co-worker’s tendency to leave festering Thai meals in the communal fridge, ...

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News from: Evolution and Human Behaviour

In synch

What makes you feel more powerful? Maybe it is a good workout at the gym that raises your sense of personal power? Perhaps when you wear that fab new jumper, ...

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News from: Biology Letters

Ears to your heart

I hope you don’t mind me asking, but how big is your glabella? What do you mean, “You don’t know”? Oh, so you don’t know what your glabella is! I ...

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News from: Brain Stimulation

Attractive as an apricot

Everyone wants to be attractive and since Coco Chanel popularised tanning in the 1920s there has been an idea that tanned skin is beautiful skin. Of course, we now know ...

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News from: Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology

Wolf empathy

Wolves have a bad reputation; what other creature automatically carries the prefix “big, bad” in our consciousness? In our fables, wolves harass small, scarlet-hooded girls and their grandmothers and demolish ...

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News from: PLoS ONE

Love in mind

When life gets hard what do you do? Do you indulge yourself in a good old bout of sloppy, wallowing, “woe-is-me” blues? Do you seek the distraction of a ...

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News from: Psychophysiology

My big, happy marriage

Life is uncertain. Any given person stands at the centre and flux point of many disparate forces and the net product of those forces could push people and circumstances in ...

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News from: University of Denver

Heart of the neighbourhood

What do you think of when you hear the word “neighbour”? Perhaps you think of persistently, and unedifyingly, open curtains on a bathroom window facing your breakfast nook? Possibly ...

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News from: Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health