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Beauty and the Beholder

Some morsels of wisdom just pass unexamined into the cultural knowledge-bank and “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is certainly one of those. We would all agree ...

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News from: Current Biology

Work, money, and happiness

Money can get you lots of things. It can get you friends although perhaps not the sort of friends that you really want. Money can buy you all the ...

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News from: American Economic Journal: Microeconomics

Tweeting your ego

Where is your phone right now? You knew the answer to that immediately, didn’t you! Phones (we don’t even need to add the “mobile” prefix these days because it ...

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News from: Journal of Communication

The walk of a long life

You know that walking is good for you, but just how good is it for you? The answer to that is hard to quantify but a large new study from ...

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News from: Journal of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity

Wash dishes, wash stress

At its most fundamental mindfulness means maintaining a moment by moment awareness of your thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment. The notion of mindfulness, born explicitly in Hinduism ...

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News from: Mindfulness

Beating anxiety with optimism

You’ve either had it said to you or you’ve said it to someone else: “Don’t be anxious about it.” It might well be sound advice but it’s not really all ...

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News from: Social, Cognitive, and Affective Neuroscience

Art class

Recite after me, “We are all individuals.” OK, having got that Pythonist wisdom out of the way it is true that we are all unique yet there are things ...

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News from: Sociology

Tai Chi improves physical capacity

Tai Chi is a form of martial arts that has become popular in the West in recent decades, especially among older people. It may be that the gentle controlled ...

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News from: British Journal of Sports Medicine

Beet strengthens muscles

In July we reported in this column that beet juice builds endurance and this is something that has been supported by lots of other studies as well. It all comes ...

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News from: Circulation

Wine tasting

Aside from providing an opportunity for unbearable posturing when it comes to wine tasting, the concept of “terroir” has a real meaning for the wine that you drink. Literally ...

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News from: Scientific Reports

Twitter politics

A person’s Twitter account can reveal a lot about them. On one level of course it reveals what the person wants the rest of the world to know about them; ...

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News from: PLoS ONE

Self psychotherapy

They say you will see it when you believe it but how transformative is the power of the mind really? Could you, for instance, transcend your everyday level of understanding ...

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News from: Scientific Reports

Is love for the birds?

The whole basis of evolutionary theory is that nothing survives without a beneficial purpose, so where does love fit into that theory? When we fall in love we become dewy-eyed, ...

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News from: PLoS Biology

Yoga for arthritis

Arthritis is not just a condition of the elderly. In Australia there are currently 3.85 million people with some form of arthritis and at least 1.9 million (around 50 per ...

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News from: Rheumatology

Caffeine delays bio-clock

The phrase “psychoactive drug” probably brings to mind things like marijuana, LSD, and a host of alarmingly prevalent and disastrous chemical nasties. As concerning as these substances may be there ...

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News from: Science Translational Medicine

Creating sarcasm

You only have to watch the Twitter feed on an episode of “Q&A” to realise that sarcasm is the flesh on which Twittervores, and denizens of other social media lairs, ...

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News from: Harvard Business School

Touching news

You only have to look at our use of language to see how highly we value being touched. “Oh, that was really touching” communicates something profound that connected with you ...

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News from: Current Biology

Better breaks

Even in the days when slaves built the pyramids it was recognised that everyone needs a break if they are to work at their best. The question is when ...

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News from: Journal of Applied Psychology


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