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Comfort food

Have you ever resorted to comfort food? Perhaps after one of these meetings where you had fantasies of pulling your own head off rather than hear one more “report” ...

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News from: Society for the Study of Ingestive Behaviour

The sex of brains

Yeah, yeah, “men are from Mars and women are from Venus”, you already know that story. Men and women are different, right, we all agree. The thing is that ...

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News from: Frontiers in Neurology

Shaking bad

We all make mistakes. Come on, admit it, there have been times or phases of your life when you’ve been less loving, caring, and generous than you would like ...

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News from: Social Cognition

Magnesium for blood pressure

In Australia around 4.5-5 million people have high blood pressure, a reading over 140/90. Of these, between 3 and 3.5 million cases are “uncontrolled” or unmanaged. The problem is ...

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News from: Hypertension

Not-so sweeteners

Sucralose is one of the popular artificial sweeteners turned to by those who want to cut down on sugar (and who clearly haven’t heard about the natural alternatives). The ...

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News from: Cell Metabolism

Comedy is a killer

The archetype of the tragic clown is well etched into our collective conscious and unconscious. You probably heard of new study from the Australian Catholic University recently that has ...

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News from: International Journal of Cardiology

Middle-aged memory

Do you have trouble recalling names? Maybe you forget where you put your keys more than you used to? Perhaps you know someone in their 40s or 50s who ...

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News from: NeuroImage

Pomegranate’s anti-ageing potential

Pomegranates are an amazing food, as delicious as they are nutritious and health promoting. In a story in this column late last year we reported a study showing that ...

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News from: Nature Medicine

Food nudging

When was the last time you were nudged? If you are thinking that you can’t remember the last time you were nudged then remember that “nudging” doesn’t have to ...

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News from: British Journal of Nutrition

Cinnamon helps learning

If I mention cinnamon to you the likelihood is that your thoughts will immediately turn towards its delightful combination with baked fruits, casseroles, mulled wine, or toast. Cinnamon is ...

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News from: Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology

Seeing red

The colour red has some traditional associations. It is used on signs, such as stop signs, to signify “go no further” and is used in marking exams and ...

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News from: Journal of Consumer Psychology

Light weights build muscle

Do you want to build your muscles? We aren’t talking Schwarzenegger here, just some healthy musculature that we all know is good for health. Maybe you want to build ...

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News from: Journal of Applied Physiology

The “yes” diet

If you were to go on a diet what would be the first thing you would do? If your answer was, “Well I’d stop having that Mars Bar for ...

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News from: Psychology & Marketing

Crime’s carbon footprint

There are lots of different ways of coming at a fundamental truth. Sir Isaac Newton told us that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. “They” say that ...

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News from: Journal of Industrial Ecology

Frying fish

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do. Do you discuss the new episode of Game of Thrones even though you know one of the group hasn’t watched it ...

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News from: Food Research International

Nose witness

If you are planning a jewellery heist (can the word “heist” be used in any other context?) or some other nefarious activity that you would rather not be linked to, ...

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News from: Frontiers in Psychology

Motivation that works

If you want to find ways to live a better life, achieve your goals, realise your dreams, and be the best you…there is no shortage of people willing to ...

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News from: Frontiers in Psychology

Aloe vera for diabetes

Diabetes is often described as being at epidemic proportions and type 2 diabetes is a heavily lifestyle-related condition. There are more than 380 million people living with diabetes worldwide and ...

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News from: The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine


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