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Positive thinking and depression

Positive thinking gets a good run in most pop songs and a majority of self-help, make-your-life-amazing books. Having a positive disposition is certainly a productive way to live both ...

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News from: Psychological Science

Mindfulness changes brains

Mindfulness is the buzz word of the times and we all want to be “mindful”. It makes sense that living in an engaged, thoughtful way is a better way ...

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News from: Biological Psychiatry

Green shopping

On the face of it you might think that online shopping over the internet is better for the environment than traditional shopping methods. After all, individuals hopping into their ...

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News from: International Journal of Sustainable Development & World Ecology

Exercise and weight loss

Exercise is an absolutely vital part of a healthy life. Exercise keeps your heart healthy, your muscles strong, your body stable and your mind vital. Most people would also think ...

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News from: Current Biology

Zinc supplements

Zinc has a reputation as an immune booster and certainly the mineral zinc does have a range of functions in the immune system. Previous research has shown for instance ...

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News from: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Face to Facebook

The “social brain hypothesis” is a theoretical model which states that animals in large social groups have bigger brains. For animals in smaller social groups, the cost of having ...

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News from: Royal Society Open Science

Transitions of opportunity

We all know that big changes in life can be stressful. Events like moving house, changing jobs or changing relationship status can all threaten to damage your health. However, a ...

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News from: Journal of Environmental Psychology

Seeing green boosts grades

Everyone loves to cast their eye on a green, grassy, tree-filled view. True, the aesthetics of a beautifully designed building can gratify the soul but there are precious few ...

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News from: Landscape and Urban Planning

Teen night-texting

Teenagers are perhaps more susceptible to the new technology than anybody. We know for instance that children aged 8-18 use electronic devices around 7.5 hours per day. Of course, ...

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News from: Journal of Child Neurology

Fibre opens lungs

Fibre has a deserved reputation as a healthy component of food. We know that fibre helps keep bowel movements regular, promotes healthy colon cells, promotes a healthy bacterial flora ...

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News from: Annals of the American Thoracic Society

Time for happiness

Would you rather have more time to yourself or more money? It is a question that many adults are faced with at various points in their life and, according to ...

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News from: Social Psychological and Personality Science

Your ageing mind

There is no lack of research showing that challenging activities help maintain your mental function as you age. Now, however, a new study has shown what sort of activities keep ...

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News from: Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience

Facebook photo files

Are you looking for a new job? Have you sent your application off knowing that you have put your best foot forward and are now awaiting your reply? While ...

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News from: Ghent University

Plate-size facts

Over the years there have been conflicting findings on how plate size impacts how much you eat. Some studies say that if you use a smaller plate you will ...

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News from: Journal of the Association for Consumer Research

Sweet drinks build visceral fat

“Visceral fat” is fat that wraps itself around your internal organs like the liver, pancreas, and intestines. High levels of visceral fat are thought to impact how your hormones ...

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News from: Circulation

The genetics of happy nations

“Happiness” is such a buzz word these days that it is being studied in all manners and forms. There are regular global happiness surveys and in a new study ...

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News from: Journal of Happiness Studies

The “how” of healthy eating

There is no shortage of information out there as to what foods are good for you and conversely, those which are not so good. You don’t have to put ...

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News from: Self and Identity

The sleep diet

We have known for a long while that foods like crackers and milk before bed are sleep-promoting foods because they boost levels of sleep-inducing chemicals like serotonin. That’s all well ...

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News from: Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine


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