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Latest Health News from WellBeing

Blueberries for Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s Disease is a progressive, degenerative neurological condition that affects control of body movements. It is not contagious or fatal and is thought to be genetic in only a very ...

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News from: Memorial University of Newfoundland

Healthy spirits

It’s Good Friday and for a good percentage of the world that means a turning of thoughts towards matters of the spirit. The cynics among us may immediately leap to ...

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News from: Psychology of Religion and Spirituality

The love cocktail

Have you ever been in love? We aren’t talking the calm, appreciative love you feel for a friend here; we are talking the intestine-melting, vision-singeing, and thought-frying state you find ...

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News from: Loyola University

The price of happiness

Would you rather buy a new pair of shoes or have an hour’s lesson in paddle boarding? Would you prefer to spend on a new television or invest in a ...

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News from: Journal of Positive Psychology

Dog days

If you are a dog owner no doubt part of the attraction to your canine companion is the attentiveness they show you. After all, your human partner rarely runs to ...

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News from: Frontiers in Psychology

Cereal offenders

Supermarkets are a distinctive human experience. Where else can you get to serve yourself without assistance and then get to stand in line while you wait to pay for your ...

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News from: Cornell Food and Brand Lab

The material world

Are you one of those people who queue up to make sure they have the latest version of the iWidget? Do you need to upgrade your wardrobe every few weeks? ...

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News from: Personality and Individual Differences

Sun slim

Mornings can be a challenging time. As the mists of sleep linger there is muesli to be masticated, fashion decisions made, daily diaries to be consulted, and bathrooms to ...

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News from: PLoS ONE

Health on the menu

There is a lot of emotion around food and a lot of psychology goes into food marketing as well. Fast food chains use colours and music to make you ...

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News from: International Journal of Hospitality Management

Cocoa’s healing power

Let’s be clear from the very beginning; this article is about the health benefits from cocoa and not chocolate. Most times when a study on cocoa appears the headlines ...

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News from: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

The heart of daylight savings

David Letterman said that daylight savings time is like Robert Downey Jr. getting out of bed; you spring forward and then you fall back. In Australia, where instead of ...

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News from: Open Heart

Posting happiness

Your friends can have a big influence on you. They can influence which movies you choose to see, they can impact your fashion sense and they can determine where you ...

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News from: PLoS ONE

Two hearts

As a general rule this news column reports on the natural, the sustainable, and the holistic things you can use or change in your own life to make it ...

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News from: Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Therapeutics

To pee or not to pee

Do you have a set of questions that you use as a guide to whether you want to pursue a further relationship with a person? Perhaps you might ask, ...

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News from: Environmental Science & Technology

Peachy keen

There are some unadulterated pleasures in life; dipping your body in the ocean on a warm spring morning at dawn, the overheard laughter of your children and cradling a ...

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News from: Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry

To eat or not to eat?

You make big decisions every day. Will your lunch today be the leftover wholefood stew you brought from home or will you go to the café around the corner where ...

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News from: Aston University

Music moves

There are a few universal constants; for instance, eggs and jam should not be mixed…this we hold to be a fundamental truth. It is also a recognised principle of ...

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News from: Current Biology

Thinning IQ

Human beings enjoy continuity. What do you do when get up in the morning? Is it different every day or do you tend toward the same routine? How distressed ...

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News from: NeuroImage