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Clean workplaces, clear thoughts

Like it or not, you are a product of your environment and to some extent it you reflect it. This might be unpalatable news if you live in a ...

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News from: Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Exercise boosts memory..later

Timing is everything; just ask the early bird or even the worm. People ascend to greatness, people fall to obscurity, businesses boom, businesses bust; and it’s all about timing. ...

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News from: Current Biology

Mature memory

It is a well recognised phenomenon that as you age the likelihood increases of having moments where memory fails you. We even have a name for it in common ...

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News from: Neuropsychologia

Chill coffee beans for flavour

Coffee consumption is truly an art these days. Yes there is the little motif of a dog running past a windmill that your barista has lovingly etched into your ...

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News from: Scientific Reports

Whole grains, long life

Do you consider yourself a refined individual? In that context, “refined” has a positive connotation suggesting a lack of impurity and an evolved, civilised sensibility. Context, however, is everything. ...

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News from: PLoS Medicine

Staying faithful

You only have to look at divorce statistics to see how difficult it is to stay committed to a romantic relationship. Yet 67 per cent of marriages don’t end ...

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News from: Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin

Phubbing psychology

It’s always exciting when a new word enters the language. For a start it reminds us that language is alive and evolving just like life itself. Then it also ...

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News from: Computers in Human Behaviour

Meaningful work

We all search for meaning in life. No-one wants to experience a desolate lack of connection and we all seek meaning, albeit in different ways, whether we be atheists, Taoists, ...

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News from: MIT Sloan Management Review

Fitness beats stroke

Exercise is fun…that’s enough reason to do it but we all know that it is also good for you. When you are younger exercise is almost an unavoidable part ...

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News from: Stroke

Maximising muscle

Muscle is not just something you want for posing on the beach it is actually a very healthy thing to have. You need muscle for stability, posture, to maintain ...

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News from: Journal of Applied Physiology

For love and money

Romantic love is a pure emotion unsullied by worldly concerns…right? Well, maybe not if you talk to evolutionary psychologists who see the forces of mate selection driving what we ...

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News from: Frontiers in Psychology

Stand up for productivity

How militant are you? Are you the sort who quietly accepts a substandard latte with inadequate microfoam or do you push the coffee back at the waiter and loudly ...

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News from: IIE Transactions on Occupational Ergonomics and Human Factors

Avoiding vocal fry

Your voice says a lot about you and people make assumptions based on everything from your tone, to how breathy you are, to your accent. An increasingly popular form ...

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News from: Acoustical Society of America

Legumes for a farming future

Knowing that something is good for the environment isn’t necessarily enough to make people do it. The realities of living often mean that people will make decisions based on ...

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News from: Frontiers in Plant Science

Babies’ brains love fruit

Pregnancy is a time when advice is something you won’t be short on. For some reason people regard a reproductive bulge in a woman’s abdomen as a license to ...

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News from: EBioMedicine

Relationships, hearts and backs

The course of true love never does run smoothly. Even the most loving of relationships will inevitably encounter conflict; that is the nature of two people living together. However, how ...

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News from: Emotion

Words of women vs men

Women and men are different. OK, that’s not revolutionary but it hasn’t stopped publishing empires being built on explaining how that is so. There is no end of evidence to ...

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News from: PLoS ONE

Suspense in the air

What sort of movie do you like? Do you prefer rom-coms where the feisty heroine is annoyed at first by the egotistical hero but after a journey where their facades ...

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News from: Scientific Reports


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