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Changing face of happiness

Things were different back in 1938; in 1938 underwear was always worn underneath, a phone was something that you had to run to instead of it running you, and ...

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News from: British Psychological Society

Bragging backfires

Bragging has been around as long as communication: as soon as one of our ancestors realised he could let others know how brave he had been when hunting that ...

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News from: Psychological Science

The gap year

Spiritual philosophies advise trying to dwell in the “gap”; the space between thoughts. The theory of this is that since each thought is a separate entity emanating from the ...

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News from: Developmental Psychology

Drink to down diabetes

Diabetes is a growing problem and one of the simple reasons behind the diabetes surge is the enormous amount of sweetened food and drink that we consume. A little ...

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News from: Diabetologia

Food flight

“Airline food” is hardly a phrase that has conjured thoughts of haute cuisine, or even digestible cuisine for that matter. No one really expects to dine elegantly or joyously ...

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News from: Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance

Sex and happiness

“Less is more” is a phrase that originated in the Robert Browning poem “Andrea del Sarto” of the mid 19th century, it was adopted by the minimalist architectural movement ...

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News from: Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organisation

Bosses who serve

We don’t get too political in this column but (leaving aside the policy content) one of the things that hurt Treasurer Joe Hockey’s attempts to sell his 2014 budget ...

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News from: Academy of Management Journal

Antarctic melt

You probably wouldn’t mind losing a few kilos to fit into that favourite pair of pants more easily, but when the ice sheets that sit at the southern pole ...

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News from: Earth and Planetary Science Letters

Attention cacao

How does your work day flow? Are you a creative dynamo fizzing with ideas, inspiration and the joy of living in the morning only to become a lethargic lump ...

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News from: NeuroRegulation

The big picture on coffee

We drink so much coffee that it is a major, and justified, subject of much research. There is a factoid around that coffee is the second most traded commodity ...

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News from: Food Science and Technology

Chewing on earworms

There are various ways to mentally torture your friends. You can make the comment that you like their new haircut when you know full well that they haven’t had ...

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News from: The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology

Time to achieve goals

Do you want to achieve your goals? Do you want to be happy? If you answered yes to these bleedingly obviously “yes-oriented” questions, then you might be ready for the ...

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News from: Psychological Science

Painkilling texting

There are many ways in which text messaging can be painful. When the autocorrect function corrects your mis-typing of “lust” to an unintended “lush”…that’s painful. When you are making ...

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News from: Pain Medicine

Short walks, long life

Sitting is not what we, human beings, were meant to do as a way of life. We evolved to be moving and mostly upright but changes in technology and ...

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News from: Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology

Influencing food choices

You want to make healthy choices when you shop but in supermarkets and even smaller retailers there are bright lights and promises of peak palate experiences wooing you away ...

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News from: Psychology & Marketing

Think on your feet

What do you stand for? Maybe there are things or people that you just can’t stand! We become pretty passionate when we start talking about standing but, as soon as ...

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News from: International Journal of Health Promotion and Education

Mindfulness vs antidepressants

Earlier this month we reported in this column on the plant/herb “Golden Root” (Rhodiola) as an effective treatment for depression. As was pointed out then, with one in six ...

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News from: The Lancet

Knuckle cracking lowdown

Some mysteries remain impermeable to the light of human inquiry; what is the Loch Ness Monster, who was Jack the Ripper, what happens in the Bermuda Triangle, and what ...

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News from: PLoS ONE