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surf, beach, coast, spirit, happiness

Spiritual surfer

We take a surfing road trip down south, along a coastline famous for its beaches.

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India, Nepal, massage, relaxation, rest

A quest for rest

Is it possible to find rest and relaxation in frenetic India and Nepal?

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Jave, wisdom, hindu, text, Buddhism

Stupa-fying beauty

Magnificent and mysterious, the hallowed Buddhist shrine of Borobudur lies at the heart of a spiritually charged, deeply traditional region.

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health, retreat, wellness, happiness, rest

Retreat to rest

In the rush and hustle of everyday life, we’ve forgotten a basic human need that’s central to our wellbeing and longevity. There’s no better time to retreat to rest

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health, sugar, dairy, free, healthy

Sugar- & dairy-free desserts

Pete Evans shares four delicious sugar- and dairy-free dessert....

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heal, herb, lemon, balm, mint

Lemon balm: for calm

Lemon balm could be considered a food, but it’s calming qualities are so widely known that it is u...

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grapes, grow, plant, garden, environment

Grow delicious grapes

Discover how to plant, harvest and care for your own grapes - plus, make your own wine!...

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food, health, mood, brain, chemicals

Foods to improve your mood

We share three delicious mood boosting dishes that release natural feel-good chemicals in your brain...

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supplements, skin, health, sugar, wellbeing
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 Enemy of the skin

Tame your sweet tooth to experience great skin benefits and skin health.  Read more »

supplements, skin, health, sugar, wellbeing, wellness, natural, oil
supplements, skin, health, sugar, wellbeing

Enemy of the skin

Tame your sweet tooth to experience great skin benefits and skin health....

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breast, cancer, health, wellness, happiness

Homœopathy & breast cancer

We share how homœopathy and complementary therapies helped one reader through her breast cancer jou...

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apps, phone, iphone, mac, ipad

Health & appiness

Technology can be a bane or a boon — it all depends on how you use it. We roadtest six apps that h...

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skin, complexions, health, beauty, food

Heal your face, heal your body

Learn how to use the face as a road map and heal acne, dark circles, fine lines and pigmentation....

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Japan, skiing, ski, holiday, health
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 Wellness as a way of life

Japan, the birthplace of the bullet train and minute noodles, has a rich history of wellness traditions and remains a nation where wellbeing is front and centre.  Read more »

Japan, skiing, ski, holiday, health, wellness, happiness, adventure, joy, escape, healing, wellbeing, hot, springs
Japan, skiing, ski, holiday, health

Wellness as a way of life

Japan, the birthplace of the bullet train and minute noodles, has a rich history of wellness traditi...

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Victoria, beach, ocean, road, escape

The great dreamtime road

Australia’s Great Ocean Road is more than just a pretty coastline. We go beyond the surface to dis...

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pet, petcare, cat, dog, health

Caring for senior pets

While senior pets are fortunate to have caring owners looking after them, there are still things we ...

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Reef, Australia, Queensland, Island, coral

Southern Great Barrier Reef

We explore the southern end of the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and share ti...

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yoga, sequence, health, happiness, self

Yoga for self-love

This beautiful sequence is filled with love and intentions for self-care and acceptance. It will not...

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yoga, partner, relationship, closer, intimate

Yoga for partners

Yoga is often considered a deeply personal practice for inner reflection and growth. Inviting a love...

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yoga, travel, breath, relax, rest

Yoga on the go

The ability to explore the world around us is a privilege and with this yoga travel kit by your side...

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yoga, prenatal, advice, mother, expecting

Prenatal yoga

Prenatal yoga is one of the safest forms of exercise a pregnant woman can do and is a wonderfully nu...

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