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osteoporosis, bone, health, wellness, prevention
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 Osteoporosis: the silent scourge

Why do we get osteoporosis and how can you ensure that you don't add to the burgeoning osteoporosis statistics?  Read more »

osteoporosis, bone, health, wellness, prevention, calcium, vitamin D, decay, milk, medical, disorder, strength
chronic, pain, hope, health, wellness

Living with chronic pain

One WellBeing reader shares his real life experience and provides hope for people suffering chronic ...

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infrared, sauna, health, benefit, review

Saunas of the sun

Wherever you travel, you're likely to find a sauna equivalent. Infrared saunas, however, are a more ...

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travel, illness, prevention, disease, natural

Your guide to healthy travel

Australians are travelling in record numbers but fewer are taking precautions against travel disease...

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pelvic, floor, muscle, strength, exercise

Special Report - Pelvic Floor

WellBeing gets to the bottom of the pelvic floor’s functions and dysfunctions, and how they...

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More Body Health News

skincare, aromatherapy, organic, skin, natural

Earth Sisters: a natural antidote

We talk with Yvonne Gemmell about co-founding natural skincare company, Earth Sisters.Read more »

diabetes, health, wellness, insulin, glucose

Special Report - Type 2 diabetes

As the type 2 diabetes epidemic shows no sign of abating, we take a look at the latest understanding of this troubling condition as well as how to prevent and treat it naturally.Read more »

health, cleanse, detox, detoxify, non-toxic

Detox and cleanse: what's the difference?

Cleansing and detoxification are quite different — but both useful — steps on the road to a less toxic life.Read more »

shiatsu, massage, body, health, wellness

Healing with support

How Megan Blandford learnt how to get past her pessimism and embrace an ancient healing treatment.Read more »

surgery, natural, therapy, healing, care

Natural aids to surgery recovery

Surgery is a scary prospect but with the right natural supplements and mind-based techniques you can take the worry out of your recovery.Read more »

sore, knees, vitamin E, selenium, deficiency

A case of gammy knees

How do you help a teenage boy who's prone to sore knees get back on the soccer field? Naturopath Karin Cutter takes a look.Read more »

dance, dancing, 5rhythms, zumba, exercise

Dancing and its benefits for mindy, body and soul

Practised regularly, dance delivers benefits to the body, brain and soul as well as strengthening the bonds of closeness in relationships along with individual self-esteem.Read more »

ageing, exercise, performance, physical, health

Exercise for ageing

Your body will slow down with age but how much it slows down and how soon is up to you.Read more »

Atkins, Zone, Paleo, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig

Weighing up weight-loss diets

There are many weight-loss diets out there. The question is which ones are healthy and effective at the same time?Read more »

crystal, healing, healer, energy, medicine

Crystals and their healing powers

Crystals have been used to heal and balance throughout history. Learn how you can use them for your own healing.Read more »

anti-ageing, health, bulk, billing, weight

Do anti-ageing medicine and bulk-billing mix?

With bulk-billing rates for general practitioners at an all-time high, raising awareness of some simple principles could reduce the health budget considerably.Read more »

stem, cell, treatment, research, anti-ageing

Stem-cell pondering

Holistic anti-ageing doctor Michael Elstein discusses why fat-derived stem-cell treatments should be approached cautiously.Read more »

hair, health, haircare, natural, chemical-free

Special Report - Healthy Hair

Is your hair looking less than lively? Reverse the damage and get natural shine with these steps — no products necessary.Read more »

epigenetics, DNA, nature, nurture, healthcare

What is epigenetics?

Is your individuality shaped by your DNA or how you've been raised? Epigenetics shows environmental influences have a profound effect.Read more »

plant, sterols, phytosterols, cholesterol, lower

Phytosterols: Competition for cholesterol

Worried about your elevated cholesterol? Increasing the plant sterols in your diet can help you reduce it to a safe level.Read more »

dental, teeth, filling, infection, headache

The headache that wouldn’t go

After years of searching for the cause of this patient's severe headaches, this case shows persistence and perseverance pay off.Read more »

Carnitine, fitness, supplement, energy, lactic acid

Carnitine: The action acid

Through boosting energy and breaking down fat, carnitine is useful for everyone with a fitness focus.Read more »

cancer, screening, detection, breast, prostate

Cancer detection

Our anti-ageing expert Dr Michael Elstein looks at current cancer screening options plus preventative measures you can take.Read more »

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