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Sugar- & dairy-free desserts

Pete Evans shares four delicious sugar- and dairy-free dessert....

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Lemon balm: for calm

Lemon balm could be considered a food, but it’s calming qualities are so widely known that it is u...

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Grow delicious grapes

Discover how to plant, harvest and care for your own grapes - plus, make your own wine!...

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Foods to improve your mood

We share three delicious mood boosting dishes that release natural feel-good chemicals in your brain...

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gluten, food, sensitivity, brain, coeliac

Is gluten our biggest threat?

The problem with gluten is that it’s everywhere. If it’s not in the food we eat, it’s in the vitamins we swallow or the medications we slavishly ingest.Read more »

chef, food, health, happiness, wellness

Pete Evans: recipes for life

Pete Evans is undoubtedly a celebrity chef but, as our interview reveals, he has ambitions to use his status to make the world a better, healthier place.Read more »

tea, herbal, stress, worry, anxiety

Tulsi: first-aid in a teacup

The ancient herbal tea tulsi can help support the modern problem of stress and also act as an aid to support travellers.Read more »

gluten, diet, lifestyle, bread, wheat

Going gluten-free

We have long thought of gluten as a problem only for coeliacs and even then as mainly affecting the gastrointestinal tract. Increasingly, we are discovering there’s a lot more to the gluten picture.Read more »

wholefood, recipe, healthy, delicious, nutritious

Nothing but the food

Healthy food can also be delicious food if you choose wholefood ingredients.Read more »

recipes, food, lee holmes, anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory

Eat yourself beautiful

Three delicious recipes featuring key nutrient-rich and anti-inflammatory ingredients and everyday foods for graceful ageing and healing.Read more »

arginine, health, supplement, vitamin, mineral

Arginine: the hearty amino acid

While L-arginine is regarded as only a “semi-essential” amino acid, its actions make it extremely useful for a range of people.Read more »

health, medicine, Chinese, wellness, cordyceps

Cordyceps: the caterpillar mushroom

What do you get when you cross a mushroom with a caterpillar? A highly prized medicinal food.Read more »

health, food, apple, cider, vinegar

All hail apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar warrants consideration as a general preventive and healing aid.Read more »

Vitamix, blender, review, quality, machine

A whiz in the kitchen

WellBeing roadtests a high-quality kitchen appliance that’s more than a blender.Read more »

health, food, recipes, soup, broth

Time for tradition

Chicken soup may be the most-used “food as medicine” meal. Make it even more nourishing and economical by revisiting traditional cooking methods and combining slow-roasted meat and homemade soups.Read more »

chocolate, recipe, healthy, wellness, dessert

Food of the goddesses

Five divine chocolate recipes featuring nutrient-packed raw cacao and other superfoods, ideal for a health-conscious treat.Read more »

growing, garden, fruit, spring, berries

Spring fruit flavours

Spring fruit is usually softer than mid- to late-summer fruit, more delicately flavoured but even more welcome.Read more »

mushroom, health, fungi, wellness, vitality

The magic of mushrooms

The more you learn about mushrooms, the more phenomenal and magical they become. Fungi are truly amazing and potentially earth-saving.Read more »

recipe, green, vegetables, healthy, soup

Your daily greens

You’ll be surprised how simple it is to “nutrify” your meal just by making a few small changes.Read more »

dessert, pie, tart, apple, delicious

Recipe: roasted apple and rhubarb tartlet

Our home made apple and rhubarb tart is delicious, the perfect dessert for any day of the year.Read more »

pancakes, breakfast, apple, walnut

Recipe: buckwheat pancakes with caramelised apple and walnuts

The perfect sunday breakfast treat for your loved ones.Read more »

recipe, health, food, wellness, pears

Recipe: caramel pears with sabayon

Our delicious pears with sabayon and spices is a must try for dessert.Read more »

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