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recipe, green, vegetables, healthy, soup

Your daily greens

You’ll be surprised how simple it is to “nutrify” your meal just by making a few small changes...

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dessert, pie, tart, apple, delicious

Recipe: roasted apple and rhubarb tartlet

Our home made apple and rhubarb tart is delicious, the perfect dessert for any day of the year....

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pancakes, breakfast, apple, walnut

Recipe: buckwheat pancakes with caramelised apple and walnuts

The perfect sunday breakfast treat for your loved ones....

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recipe, health, food, wellness, pears

Recipe: caramel pears with sabayon

Our delicious pears with sabayon and spices is a must try for dessert....

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More Food News

recipe, potato, summer, salad, citrus

Recipe: citrus, avocado and potato salad

A fresh, citrus twist on the typical potato salad.Read more »

health, chicory, medicine, healing, allergies

Chicory: the counter-culture coffee

Chicory not only offers a caffeine-free coffee alternative but it boasts healthy benefits as well.Read more »

almond, rice, oat, milk, alternative

Milk alternatives: which are best?

If you're lactose intolerant, vegan or allergic to casein, or concerned about animal treatment in commercial farming, we look at milk alternatives derived from nuts and grains.Read more »

herb, medicine, healing, sage, thyme

The power of healing herbs

Fresh and dried herbs are like nature's form of delicious-tasting medicine and are incredibly versatile additions to your shopping list.Read more »

food, nutrition, diet, work, job

How to eat for your job

Depending on your job, you may have varied nutritional and kilojoule needs, so you need to tailor your eating patterns and choices to suit your profession.Read more »

elder, elderflower, elderberry, folklore, health

Origins and health benefits of the elder tree

From homemade cordials to Italian sambuca liqueur, from Gaelic myth to Harry Potter, the elder tree has deep roots in folklore and folk medicine.Read more »

cinnamon, spice, medicine, benefit, digestion

Cinnamon: the spice of life

Cinnamon can help with everything from high blood sugar to soothing digestion to treating infections and healing ulcers.Read more »

digestion, digestive, system, health, recipe

Eating for digestive health

You can incorporate these three delicious digestive-health-promoting recipes into your day to ease your stomach, ban the bloat and help you be regular.Read more »

mineral, water, bottled, benefits, research

Mineral water: is it worth drinking?

What kind of water is healthier for both our bodies and the environment? We look at one kind: mineral water.Read more »

chia, oil, blood sugar, weight loss, use

Chia: Mayan superfood

Chia is a pint-sized superfood boasting omega-3s, fibre for weight loss, soluble fibre to control blood sugar levels, and anti-inflammatory properties.Read more »

recipe, snack, nibble, wholefood, nourishing

5 delicious and wholesome snack ideas

These five deliciously wholesome snacks are packed full of goodness to boost your mood and tempo. Find out how to make them.Read more »

Marmalade, Jelly, Chutney, Jam, Spreads

Homegrown preserves

If you haven't experienced the joy of making pickles, jams and jellies at home, here's a beginner's guide to inspire you.Read more »

cucumber, healing, healthy, health, wellness

Why cucumbers should be on your menu

Cucumbers ooze cool, but not only in the summer months. Read how the faithful cucumber eases us into the changing seasons.Read more »

health, spices, spice, medicine, diet

Spice up your life

Discover three delicious, wellness-boosting spice recipes and learn why you should cook with more spice!Read more »

quinoa, seed, grain, nutrients, nutrition

Quinoa: Incan gold

The quinoa seed, loved by the Incas, can be used as a grain and is being rediscovered for its nutritional power.Read more »

food, kitchen, organic, health. compost, miles

What’s cooking in your kitchen?

The old saying “You are what you eat” rings truer each day, as more and more studies show the impact of diet on health.Read more »

breakfast, recipe, brunch, wholesome, wholefood

Breakfast delights

Breakfast doesn't need to be boring. Discover four interesting and delicious ways to nourish your body in the morning.Read more »

kefir, culture, fermentation, grain, yoghurt

Cultured drinking with kefir

The fermented milk drink kefir gives a great boost to the body’s powerhouse — the gut — and delivers many health benefits as a consequence.Read more »

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