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change, habit, behaviour, neuroscience, plasticity
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 How to change your habits

Changing your habits is hard work, but mastering the techniques for genuine change can be fantastically rewarding.  Read more »

change, habit, behaviour, neuroscience, plasticity, positive, cycle, pattern, psychology, mind
morning, routine, behaviour, habit, positive

Maximise your morning routine

It’s easy to get caught in a thoughtless, rushed pattern of starting your day. Yet if you can begi...

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animal, message, messenger, sign, symbol

How to learn from animal messengers

Learn how to interpret the symbolic messages animals of all kinds bring into your life, especially t...

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depression, dysthymia, symptoms, writing, expressive

Writing therapy for depression

It can be scary to talk about suffering from depression, as you risk being judged by others. Express...

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boss, managing, leadership, bullying, workplace

How to manage a challenging boss

Working for a “bad boss” can be highly stressful but you can take steps yourself to turn that ba...

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More Mind Health News

meditation, happiness, brain, technique, anti-ageing

Meditation and your mind

Meditation is touted as a recipe for happiness and the evidence from millennia of practice and scientific studies suggests it does have a real, positive impactRead more »

create, creativity, fulfilment, success, motivation

11 ways to boost your creativity and happiness

Research suggests that without creativity happiness is hard to find, so it’s a good idea to find ways to light your creative fire and let happiness burn.Read more »

Brain, Epilepsy, mind, health, MRI

Train your brain with neurofeedback

A special form of brain training called neurofeedback has groundbreaking applications for treating everything from seizures to anxiety and chronic pain.Read more »

Alzheimer's, brain, ageing, health, insulin

Alzheimer's update

If you're worried about your diminishing memory, tests that can tell you are headed for Alzheimer's disease have arrived.Read more »

Mind, body, health, resilience, mental

How to be resilient

For some it comes naturally, while for others it’s harder to come by, but we all need it eventually. Resilience is what we are talking about and here are five ways to build it.Read more »

disorder, order, organised, efficient, productive

Focus your mind and cure that scatterbrain

Banish chaos and disorder with this new approach to a more orderly life, which focuses on your mind rather than improved list making.Read more »

triskaidekaphobia, 13, thirteen, fear, superstition

Why do we fear the number 13?

Fear of the number 13 has a long history and what makes this superstition interesting is the connection of 13 to feminine forces.Read more »

pleasing, others, people pleaser, approval, acceptance

The importance of pleasing yourself

As the song says, you can’t please everyone — especially if you always put your own needs last.Read more »

depression, B6, vitamin, deficiency, pyroluria

Depression and pyroluria

First identified in the 1950s, the genetic vitamin deficiency pyroluria is at last being recognised as a major cause of depressive illnesses.Read more »

brain, plasticity, social, intelligence, happiness

Socially intelligent, happily connected

If you'd like to create better-quality relationships in your life, it's possible to learn new ways of operating and connecting and to become emotionally and socially intelligent.Read more »

child, childhood, wonder, moment, joy

Second childhood

If you’ve forgotten how live in the present, try being your child self again or learn from observing your own offspring how to find joy in everything.Read more »

Bruce Lipton, epigenetics, biology, genes, thinking

Bruce Lipton: the biology of belief

Stem-cell biologist Bruce Lipton reveals that your thoughts shape your DNA and therefore your life.Read more »

news, media, negativity, negative, bias

The negative news cycle

In face of a media obsessed with providing persistently negative news, how can you break the cycle and its effects?Read more »

disease, health, illness, thinking, plasticity

Curing disease from within

Genes can no longer be blamed for the modern disease epidemic — and the answer to long-term vibrant health may be closer than you think.Read more »

gratitude, attitude, wellbeing, positive, emotion

An attitude of gratitude

Gratitude is a gift of wellbeing to yourself and to the people around you. Learn how to cultivate an attitude of true gratitude.Read more »

toxic, friendship, frenemy, enemy, friend

Farewell to frenemies

When a friendship feels like it is dragging you down instead of lifting you up, it's time to decide whether you want to fix it or end it.Read more »

money, abundance, enlightenment, attitude, business

Say yes to money

Money is a topic charged with high emotion. It's our currency for life's most desirable experiences and the trappings of our Western brand of modernity.Read more »

alone, lonely, loneliness, self, inner voice

You can be happy alone

Being alone has no inherent good or bad quality to it, so how do you make being alone a happy experience?Read more »

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