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 Let your mind wander

New research suggests that letting your mind wander is key for new inspiration and fresh ideas.  Read more »

mind, psychology, mindfulness, wander, positive, reactive, meditation
migraine, headache, health, wellness, exercise

9 ways to avoid migraines

If you suffer from migraines, you’ll be glad to know that nine simple lifestyle and dietary change...

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IT, technology, detox, health, happiness

Is it time for an IT detox?

A regular IT detox is good practice. We share how your whole family can enjoy a digital detox....

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imagination, creativity, boost, exercise, journal

Boost your imagination

Fire up your creativity and inject energy and passion into your day-to-day with seven imagination-bo...

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nonviolent communication, NVC, communication, conversation, thoughts

Detox your conversations

Harmonious communication can make us happier, healthier and more peaceful as a society....

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More Mind Health News

willpower, self-control, determination, exercise, resolution

How to flex your willpower

Willpower is just like a muscle: the more you use it, the stronger it gets — but you can also tire it out. Learn how to harness the power of self-control.Read more »

news, good, bad, acceptance, psychology

The good news about bad news

Sometimes bad news can actually be good if you know how to approach it.Read more »

confidence, mind, health, happiness, love

8 ways to become more confident

Genuine self-confidence is a powerful quality, but it doesn’t come naturally to us all. Fortunately, there are strategies you can use to build it.Read more »

love, romance, partnership, relationships, sex

How to find love at any age

If you think your search for love is doomed just because of your age, why not focus on what you can change: your habits and your attitude?Read more »

brain, health, happy, healthy, dementia

How to protect your ageing brain

The human brain is an incredibly complex subject and science has a long way to go in understanding its workings. Happily, lifestyle strategies to protect our brains from the effects of ageing are not so mysterious.Read more »

health, happy, fear, belief, freedom

How to face your fears

After half a century of avoiding confined spaces, one psychologist makes a to-do list and addresses her fears.Read more »

relationship, family, kids, love, health

How to master nonviolent communication

When tensions arise at home or in the workplace, nonviolent communication can help all parties connect properly so they can work calmly towards resolution.Read more »

mind, negative, thoughts, positive, health

Untwist your thinking

What comes first: thoughts or feelings? Learn to challenge negative feelings and thoughts to provide great relief.Read more »

generosity, life, live, happy, health

How to live generously

The hunt for health and happiness consumes much of our time but research shows you can attain both through changing your mindset and helping others.Read more »

dream, transform, mind, health, happiness

9 steps to transformation

Do you really, truly wish to create change in your life? Transformation can only come through taking action, but you can kickstart it by asking the right questions.Read more »

relationship, love, friend, friendship, health

Letting go of toxic friendships

As the song says, “breaking up is hard to do”, but when a friendship is no longer a positive force in your life, it’s time to let go.Read more »

Methylation, health, age, cancer, Parkinson’s

Mighty methylation

If your memory is deteriorating, your mental function is compromised and you lack energy, flawed methylation might be the principal cause.Read more »

mindfulness, work, meditation, busy, life

Work smarter with mindfulness

Meditation offers huge benefits for your personal wellbeing. Now, mindfulness training is being recognised as an investment in your professional life as well.Read more »

health, happiness, exercise, energy, energize

Instant energy boosters

When you don’t have time for a break to recharge your batteries, you need some quick-fix energy boosters.Read more »

health, happiness, habit, lying, truth

The truth about lying (to yourself)

Self-deception is something we are all guilty of, but if you’re habitually lying to yourself it might be time to stage an intervention.Read more »

reading, books, therapy, healing, health

Reading for wellness

A good book isn’t just a way to escape from the real world. Scientific research is confirming what booklovers have always sensed: that reading offers a host of therapeutic benefits.Read more »

mind, body, perfection, standards, perfectionism

The art of imperfection

It’s OK to strive to achieve high standards; however, if you feel bad because you can’t meet your own expectations, it may be time to unlearn your perfectionism.Read more »

mind, spirit, authentic, life, living

Time to get real

Living an authentic existence takes self-knowledge, vulnerability and an awful lot of courage, but it’s worth the journey.Read more »

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