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 Welcome to the year of the fire monkey

2016 is the year of the yang fire monkey in Chinese astrology and brings hope, positivity and equality. Discover your direction for the year ahead.  Read more »

Chinese, astrology, monkey, new, year, 2016, wealth, happiness, empathy, feng shui, positive, qi, energy, chi
happiness, spirit, love, spirituality, nature

How to cultivate a spiritual experience

Being fully present in nature allows you to connect with the divine and to find the purpose and mean...

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dreams, peace, sleep, sleeping, lucid

The secret language of dreams

Do you get the feeling your dreams are trying to tell you something? Discover how to decipher their ...

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friends, friendship, mates, happiness, love

You've got a friend in me

Friends have become our life witnesses, our truest confidantes and the ones we turn to in times of s...

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salsa, dance, experience, life, move

Learning to salsa

More than just a sensuous Cuban dance, salsa can be a form of joyful therapy....

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More Soul Health News

vastu shastra, love, home, design, redecorate

Vastu shastra for love

A loving renovation or redesign of your home using the ancient practice of vastu shastra can improve your relationships.Read more »

planet, astrology, sun, moon, personality

Discover your primary planet personality

While there are 12 star signs, there are just five primary personality profiles in astrology, based on aspects from major planets to the Sun.Read more »

dreams, spirit, soul, health, wellness

What are dreams?

We look at finding meaning in dreams and, if you can’t remember them, how to catch your dreams.Read more »

happy, health, soul, wealth, motivation

How to find happiness

Happiness. We all want it and did you know that, to get it, your overriding motivation needs to be the wish to make others happy?Read more »

spirit, life, flower, soul, mystical

The Flower of Life

The Flower of Life symbol can be used as a metaphor to illustrate the connectedness of all life and spirit.Read more »

love, detox, health, happiness, life

Love detox

Encouraging self-talk, healthy self-empathy and expression is a wonderful way to detox each day. Treating ourselves as our own best friend is paramount.Read more »

journal, spirit, wellbeing, happiness, writing

The write way

Putting pen to paper is a time-honoured way to gain clarity in your life, work through tough situations, heal from trauma and gain a deep sense of authenticity and purpose.Read more »

spirit, spirituality, ceremony, health, music

Nourish your spirit

More and more of us are turning to choirs, gratitude journals and other ways to connect with the profound.Read more »

spirit, feng shui, home, clutter, clean

Control your clutter

Feng shui tells us that clutter in the home can lead to more than just misplaced items. Learn how to best store the objects you’ve decided to keep after a clean-up.Read more »

Gandhi, spirit, spirituality, India, influence

The spirituality of politics

Mohandas Gandhi was arguably the most important Indian political and spiritual leader of the 20th century. His influence extends well beyond India to other countries and leaders, including Dr Martin Luther King and the Dalai Lama.Read more »

life, living, positive, sharing, kindness

Random acts of kindness

How many times have you thought about changing the world but cried in frustration because it’s such a big job? Simple acts of selfless giving can go a long way to making our communities, and even our small planet, better.Read more »

star, love, relationship, zodiac, horoscopes

Your love needs

Are you the go-getter in your relationship or do you prefer to sit back and attract what you desire? Your Venus element and mode can reveal what you want in love and how you get it.Read more »

nature, wellbeing, connection, grounding, health

Nature cleansing

Effective cleansing and detoxification require the elements of relaxation, ease, love and reassurance.Read more »

relationship, ending, divorce, renewal, marriage

How to consciously end, or heal, a relationship

Once a relationship has run its course, it comes down to one of two choices: divorce or renewal. For sometimes the beginning of the end is just the end of the beginning.Read more »

pendulum, crystal, future, spirit, divine

5 ways to divine with a pendulum

Often overlooked for its simplicity, a pendulum is a powerful tool of divination, whether you are seeking lost valuables, buried treasure or direct guidance from a higher source.Read more »

psychic, medium, spirit, ability, Claircognisance

How to cultivate your psychic and medium abilities

Psychic ability is not the exclusive domain of veiled ladies with crystal balls. It seems we all have it — the question is do we want to cultivate it?Read more »

Spirit, Spirituality, prayer, Church, saint

The life of St Teresa

St Teresa of Avila continues to inspire Christian and non-Christians alike as the role model for a heroic and insightful life.Read more »

affirmation, effective, create, tips, transformation

How to craft effective affirmations

There is more to creating a transformative affirmation than mere words.Read more »

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