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 Discover your cosmic currents for 2016

Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune move through mutable signs this year. What does this mean for you and for society? Let’s find out.  Read more »

spirituality, astrology, cosmic, planets, energy, conflict, world, currents, year, vision, beliefs, saturn
astrology, talent, success, fear, planet

How to discover your hidden talents

Are you aware of your strengths, and your weaknesses? Saturn’s location at your time of birth can ...

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ancestors, healing, heal, honour, ancestral

Honour your ancestors, heal yourself

Connecting to your forebears can help you heal any invisible fault lines that run through your life ...

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Saturn, cycle, astrology, planets, align

How will Saturn influence you?

The seven-year itch, a concept associated with Saturn, can help you create the transformations aroun...

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Tourette Syndrome, life, happy, heal, dance

Living life large with Tourette

Talented young dancer Cassidy Richardson has found freedom from Tourette Syndrome through dance....

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More Soul Health News

music, farm, ancestors, power, Cape Town

How music helped transform a South African community

We share the journey of an extraordinary scheme to bring about post-Apartheid transformation in South Africa.Read more »

life, change, purpose, meaning, soul

How to find your purpose

You spend one-third of your life working so why not do something you love?Read more »

meditation, vatsu, spirit, clearing, energy. fear

How to be fearless at home

Do you feel insecure or unsafe at your home, and in your life? Use the ancient vedic science of vastu shastra to create a sense of deep connection, harmony and security.Read more »

spirituality, cheap, love, inexpensive, breath

8 ways to nurture spirituality on a shoestring

Nurturing your spirituality doesn't require plenty of cash: connecting with the sacred is more a state of mind and way of living.Read more »

karma, buddhism, values, decisions, transformation

Transform your life with karma

Through karma, you can learn to transform your life by wisely and consciously choosing the path you tread.Read more »

Chinese, astrology, monkey, new, year

Welcome to the year of the fire monkey

2016 is the year of the yang fire monkey in Chinese astrology and brings hope, positivity and equality. Discover your direction for the year ahead.Read more »

happiness, spirit, love, spirituality, nature

How to cultivate a spiritual experience

Being fully present in nature allows you to connect with the divine and to find the purpose and meaning you seek.Read more »

dreams, peace, sleep, sleeping, lucid

The secret language of dreams

Do you get the feeling your dreams are trying to tell you something? Discover how to decipher their secret language.Read more »

friends, friendship, mates, happiness, love

You've got a friend in me

Friends have become our life witnesses, our truest confidantes and the ones we turn to in times of stress or grief. Is the humble friendship the last relationship standing?Read more »

salsa, dance, experience, life, move

Learning to salsa

More than just a sensuous Cuban dance, salsa can be a form of joyful therapy.Read more »

vastu shastra, love, home, design, redecorate

Vastu shastra for love

A loving renovation or redesign of your home using the ancient practice of vastu shastra can improve your relationships.Read more »

planet, astrology, sun, moon, personality

Discover your primary planet personality

While there are 12 star signs, there are just five primary personality profiles in astrology, based on aspects from major planets to the Sun.Read more »

dreams, spirit, soul, health, wellness

What are dreams?

We look at finding meaning in dreams and, if you can’t remember them, how to catch your dreams.Read more »

happy, health, soul, wealth, motivation

How to find happiness

Happiness. We all want it and did you know that, to get it, your overriding motivation needs to be the wish to make others happy?Read more »

spirit, life, flower, soul, mystical

The Flower of Life

The Flower of Life symbol can be used as a metaphor to illustrate the connectedness of all life and spirit.Read more »

love, detox, health, happiness, life

Love detox

Encouraging self-talk, healthy self-empathy and expression is a wonderful way to detox each day. Treating ourselves as our own best friend is paramount.Read more »

journal, spirit, wellbeing, happiness, writing

The write way

Putting pen to paper is a time-honoured way to gain clarity in your life, work through tough situations, heal from trauma and gain a deep sense of authenticity and purpose.Read more »

spirit, spirituality, ceremony, health, music

Nourish your spirit

More and more of us are turning to choirs, gratitude journals and other ways to connect with the profound.Read more »

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