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Gandhi, spirit, spirituality, India, influence
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 The spirituality of politics

Mohandas Gandhi was arguably the most important Indian political and spiritual leader of the 20th century. His influence extends well beyond India to other countries and leaders, including Dr Martin Luther King and the Dalai Lama.  Read more »

Gandhi, spirit, spirituality, India, influence, politics, compassion
life, living, positive, sharing, kindness

Random acts of kindness

How many times have you thought about changing the world but cried in frustration because it’s suc...

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star, love, relationship, zodiac, horoscopes

Your love needs

Are you the go-getter in your relationship or do you prefer to sit back and attract what you desire?...

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nature, wellbeing, connection, grounding, health

Nature cleansing

Effective cleansing and detoxification require the elements of relaxation, ease, love and reassuranc...

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relationship, ending, divorce, renewal, marriage

How to consciously end, or heal, a relationship

Once a relationship has run its course, it comes down to one of two choices: divorce or renewal. For...

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pendulum, crystal, future, spirit, divine

5 ways to divine with a pendulum

Often overlooked for its simplicity, a pendulum is a powerful tool of divination, whether you are seeking lost valuables, buried treasure or direct guidance from a higher source.Read more »

psychic, medium, spirit, ability, Claircognisance

How to cultivate your psychic and medium abilities

Psychic ability is not the exclusive domain of veiled ladies with crystal balls. It seems we all have it — the question is do we want to cultivate it?Read more »

Spirit, Spirituality, prayer, Church, saint

The life of St Teresa

St Teresa of Avila continues to inspire Christian and non-Christians alike as the role model for a heroic and insightful life.Read more »

affirmation, effective, create, tips, transformation

How to craft effective affirmations

There is more to creating a transformative affirmation than mere words.Read more »

happiness, happy, health, wellness, age

If you’re happy and you know it ...

Happiness levels and what constitutes happiness change as you age but by knowing the happiness patterns that lie ahead you can prepare yourself for life-long happiness.Read more »

animal, totem, spirit, spirituality, guide

Animal magnetism

Animal totems have held a sacred place in many cultures and they may help you find the qualities you need in times of crisis.Read more »

inspiration, soul, happiness, consciousness, truth

Being You

Learn the tools and techniques that connect you to your truest being, the most authentic version of you.Read more »

Change, relationship, alone, success, career

Going solo: tackling life changes alone

Some major life transitions just have to be negotiated alone, but it helps if you have prepared yourself with the tools to tackle them.Read more »

love, psychology, happiness, stage, biology

Happy hearts

Whether love equates to happiness comes back to the choices you make and the effort you put into your loving.Read more »

gender, masculine, feminine, men, women

Men, women and happiness

Men and women come from different places psychologically and the same applies to what makes them happy.Read more »

work, happiness, employer, employee, workplace

Happiness at work

Happy workplaces are more productive, more profitable and better for the health of employees. Here's how you can make work a joy.Read more »

purpose, goal, value, love, achievement

9 steps for having it all

Discover nine proven steps to create the career you want, still have the life you desire and live it well.Read more »

happiness, happy, habit, life, tips

10 happy habits

Choosing habits that support and nourish your happiness is vital. Here is a core list of 10 "happy habits" that you might like to embrace.Read more »

angel, heaven, religion, faith, belief

Angels walk among us

Spanning many faiths and many eras, stories of angelic intervention in human affairs are legendary and abundant.Read more »

guru, satguru, spirituality, teacher, devotee

Demystifying the guru

The word "guru" conjures as different images as there are people who hear the word, so what is a guru? And do you need one?Read more »

medicine, spirituality, religion, healing, indigenous

Heal thyself

When illness, depression or addiction take over our lives, it can be helpful to look to spiritual solutions for healing.Read more »

creative, creativity, art, chronic fatigue, expression

Make time to take time

Engaging in a creative activity brings similar benefits to meditation and, for some, respite from long-term illness.Read more »

autism, parenting, Bahrain, program, home-based

Travels with my autistic daughter

A couple found hope amid the challenges when they discovered the right path for their autistic daughter.Read more »

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