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yoga, spine, flexibility, safe, backbend

Yoga for a healthy spine

Yoga offers wonderful benefits for your spine, but to fully appreciate them it’s important to move...

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yoga, sequence, restorative, calm, balance

Yoga for difficult times

Life isn’t always smooth sailing but, when challenging winds disturb the waters below you, your yo...

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yoga, flow, move, happiness, happy

Yoga for happiness

Deep happiness isn’t something you can seek through external achievements alone. You need to look ...

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yoga, twist, move, flexibility, sequence

Medicine for the spine

Twisting poses offer many and varied benefits for body and mind, and can provide tremendous relief f...

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yoga, conscious, living, happiness, life

Yoga for conscious living

Learn how to use yoga to tend to your thoughts and consciously live an empowering existence.Read more »

yoga, sequence, health, happiness, self

Yoga for self-love

A beautiful sequence to help you improve your relationship with yourself, as well as your very way of being in the world.Read more »

yoga, partner, relationship, closer, intimate

Yoga for partners

Yoga is often considered a deeply personal practice for inner reflection and growth. Inviting a lover onto your mat can help deepen your practice and your relationship.Read more »

yoga, travel, breath, relax, rest

Yoga on the go

The ability to explore the world around us is a privilege and with this yoga travel kit by your side, you’ll be ready for take-off whenever you wish.Read more »

yoga, prenatal, advice, mother, expecting

Prenatal yoga

Prenatal yoga is one of the safest forms of exercise a pregnant woman can do and is a wonderfully nurturing practice for you and your baby.Read more »

yoga, hatha, mindfulness, meditation, happiness

Hatha yoga explained

Hatha is a philosophy and practice aimed at the enlightenment of the body, the connection of the breath and the stillness of the mind.Read more »

Yoga, health, wellbeing, wellness, practice

Yoga for conflict

We share how yoga can help manage the internal and external conflicts of everyday life.Read more »

yoga, dharana, still, mind, philosophy

Yoga and dharana: just be

To restore the mind to a state of balance, peace and harmony in today's frantic world, we need to reconnect to the core of who we are and the practice of dharana.Read more »

Tantra, kundalini, Ayurveda, sex, yoga

Yoga for sex

Yoga can help you discover the sacred nature of sexual love and expression, as well as attain deeply satisfying sexual experiences and genuine love from intimacy.Read more »

yoga, practice, asana, description, posture

Yoga asanas

Asana practice offers you the space to step back from the "race of life" and creates the opportunity for you to come home to your self.Read more »

Pratyahara, yoga, limb, patanjali, practice

The practice of pratyahara

Pratyahara, the fifth limb of yoga, is defined as the conscious withdrawal of energy from the senses. We explore what it means to practise it.Read more »

yoga, philosophy, spiritual, yama, niyama

Yoga philosophy: yamas and niyamas

We explore the yamas (restraints) and niyamas (observances) of yoga: 10 guidelines for leading a healthier, happier life.Read more »

yoga, food, spirit, spirituality, Ayurveda

Eat like a yogi

The Ayurvedic approach to enjoying the food that nurtures us brings to eating the same mindfulness that is central to yoga practice.Read more »

pranayama, yoga, breathe, philosophy, limb

Pranayama: cultivating balance, vitality and longevity

Learn how to cultivate life force energy and overall wellbeing through mastering pranayama, the yogic art of breathing.Read more »

samadhi, yoga, consciousness, self-realisation, divine

Samadhi: uniting with the Divine

As each wave rises and falls, merging with the ocean, so in samadhi, the final stage of yoga, each soul is able to merge with supreme consciousness.Read more »

yoga, headache, asana, diet, breathing

Yoga to ease headaches

The right yoga practice can help you ease or eliminate your headaches.Read more »

yoga, teacher, one-to-one, private, class

The beauty of one-to-one yoga

More and more people are starting to enjoy yoga in the way it was traditionally taught: in a one-to-one setting.Read more »

yoga, practice, age, season, stage

Stages and seasons of yoga

Your energy levels, emotional state and health all have a bearing on your yoga practice, but these are also influenced by your stage of life.Read more »

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