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Yoga - Featured News

yoga, philosophy, spiritual, yama, niyama

Yoga philosophy: yamas and niyamas

We explore the yamas (restraints) and niyamas (observances) of yoga: 10 guidelines for leading a hea...

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yoga, food, spirit, spirituality, Ayurveda

Eat like a yogi

The Ayurvedic approach to enjoying the food that nurtures us brings to eating the same mindfulness t...

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pranayama, yoga, breathe, philosophy, limb

Pranayama: cultivating balance, vitality and longevity

Learn how to cultivate life force energy and overall wellbeing through mastering pranayama, the yogi...

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samadhi, yoga, consciousness, self-realisation, divine

Samadhi: uniting with the Divine

As each wave rises and falls, merging with the ocean, so in samadhi, the final stage of yoga, each s...

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More Yoga News

yoga, teacher, one-to-one, private, class

The beauty of one-to-one yoga

More and more people are starting to enjoy yoga in the way it was traditionally taught: in a one-to-one setting.Read more »

yoga, practice, age, season, stage

Stages and seasons of yoga

Your energy levels, emotional state and health all have a bearing on your yoga practice, but these are also influenced by your stage of life.Read more »

yoga, children, kids, benefits, health

Yoga for kids

Yoga for children is different to adult yoga, but it still provides many spiritual, mental and physical benefits.Read more »

yoga, nutrition, diet, yogic, eating

A Western approach to the yogic diet

Supporting and nurturing the body with wholesome, nourishing foods, and eating mindfully, will improve your health — and your yoga practice.Read more »

yoga, mindful, mindfulness, present, benefit

Mindful yoga

Aside from yoga's impressive range of physical benefits, what often surprises people when they first start yoga its impact on the mind.Read more »

yoga, meditation, compassion, sequence, pose

Yoga for compassion

Yoga teaches we are connected as one, so the suffering of others directly affects the ability of all of us to develop serenity.Read more »

meditation, dhyana, mindfulness, discipline, health

Meditation for wellbeing

Through meditation the mind becomes relaxed and calm yet alert and focused. Discover how meditation can benefit your life.Read more »

yoga, trauma, ptsd, shock, trauma-sensitive

An exploration of Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Traditional yoga classes can be modified to support clients who are dealing with trauma. This is one reader's experience.Read more »

yoga, limb, history, philosophy, meditation

The eight limbs of yoga

Yoga is not just a physical practice: it's a way of life that's designed to guide the student towards knowledge of their true self.Read more »

yoga, self, acceptance, challenge, affirmation

Yoga for self-acceptance

Use these asanas and a focus on the breath to quiet the inner critic and find a space of peace and contentment within yourself.Read more »

Meggan Brummer, yoga, pregnancy, third, trimester

Yoga for the 3rd trimester

Gentle yoga can help you navigate the sometimes challenging last trimester of pregnancy.Read more »

yoga, asanas, clear mind, focus, benefits

Yoga for clear thinking

Try these yoga poses and take a break from the constant chattering and worrying going on inside your head.Read more »

Veronica Joseph, yoga, fear, overcome, courage

Face your fears

Just as there are different manifestations of fear, yoga provides us with many ways to overcome it.Read more »

Yoga, Veronica Joseph

Stretch for enlightenment

Yoga is more than stretching your body into impossible positions — it is exercise for body, mind and soul.Read more »

yoga, ashram, india, trimbak, spiritual

Life in an ashram

5am starts, chanting, karma yoga and silence days are all part of the teaching methods used to turn yoga students into yoga teachers.Read more »

yoga, spiritual balance, balance, spirit, health

Yoga for spiritual balance

While it’s true that yoga can have a positive effect on your life, even if you step onto the mat only once a week, for true, lasting balance you need to practise more often. These asanas are a wonderful starting point for the inner journey.Read more »

yoga, men, healthy men, yoga for males, male yoga

Yoga for men

A closer look at the practice of yoga reveals a huge range of health benefits waiting to enrich the lives of men who are bold enough to embrace it.Read more »

Dog, Pet, Stretching, Yoga, Animal


Connecting with our pets on a daily basis through massage and stretching has many benefits for both human and animal.Read more »

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