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Yoga - Featured News

yoga, hatha, mindfulness, meditation, happiness

Hatha yoga explained

Hatha is a philosophy and practice aimed at the enlightenment of the body, the connection of the bre...

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Yoga, health, wellbeing, wellness, practice

Yoga for conflict

We share how yoga can help manage the internal and external conflicts of everyday life....

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yoga, dharana, still, mind, philosophy

Yoga and dharana: just be

To restore the mind to a state of balance, peace and harmony in today's frantic world, we need to re...

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Tantra, kundalini, Ayurveda, sex, yoga

Yoga for sex

Yoga can help you discover the sacred nature of sexual love and expression, as well as attain deeply...

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More Yoga News

Pratyahara, yoga, limb, patanjali, practice

The practice of pratyahara

Pratyahara, the fifth limb of yoga, is defined as the conscious withdrawal of energy from the senses. We explore what it means to practise it.Read more »

yoga, philosophy, spiritual, yama, niyama

Yoga philosophy: yamas and niyamas

We explore the yamas (restraints) and niyamas (observances) of yoga: 10 guidelines for leading a healthier, happier life.Read more »

yoga, food, spirit, spirituality, Ayurveda

Eat like a yogi

The Ayurvedic approach to enjoying the food that nurtures us brings to eating the same mindfulness that is central to yoga practice.Read more »

pranayama, yoga, breathe, philosophy, limb

Pranayama: cultivating balance, vitality and longevity

Learn how to cultivate life force energy and overall wellbeing through mastering pranayama, the yogic art of breathing.Read more »

samadhi, yoga, consciousness, self-realisation, divine

Samadhi: uniting with the Divine

As each wave rises and falls, merging with the ocean, so in samadhi, the final stage of yoga, each soul is able to merge with supreme consciousness.Read more »

yoga, headache, asana, diet, breathing

Yoga to ease headaches

The right yoga practice can help you ease or eliminate your headaches.Read more »

yoga, teacher, one-to-one, private, class

The beauty of one-to-one yoga

More and more people are starting to enjoy yoga in the way it was traditionally taught: in a one-to-one setting.Read more »

yoga, practice, age, season, stage

Stages and seasons of yoga

Your energy levels, emotional state and health all have a bearing on your yoga practice, but these are also influenced by your stage of life.Read more »

yoga, children, kids, benefits, health

Yoga for kids

Yoga for children is different to adult yoga, but it still provides many spiritual, mental and physical benefits.Read more »

yoga, nutrition, diet, yogic, eating

A Western approach to the yogic diet

Supporting and nurturing the body with wholesome, nourishing foods, and eating mindfully, will improve your health — and your yoga practice.Read more »

yoga, mindful, mindfulness, present, benefit

Mindful yoga

Aside from yoga's impressive range of physical benefits, what often surprises people when they first start yoga its impact on the mind.Read more »

yoga, meditation, compassion, sequence, pose

Yoga for compassion

Yoga teaches we are connected as one, so the suffering of others directly affects the ability of all of us to develop serenity.Read more »

meditation, dhyana, mindfulness, discipline, health

Meditation for wellbeing

Through meditation the mind becomes relaxed and calm yet alert and focused. Discover how meditation can benefit your life.Read more »

yoga, trauma, ptsd, shock, trauma-sensitive

An exploration of Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Traditional yoga classes can be modified to support clients who are dealing with trauma. This is one reader's experience.Read more »

yoga, limb, history, philosophy, meditation

The eight limbs of yoga

Yoga is not just a physical practice: it's a way of life that's designed to guide the student towards knowledge of their true self.Read more »

yoga, self, acceptance, challenge, affirmation

Yoga for self-acceptance

Use these asanas and a focus on the breath to quiet the inner critic and find a space of peace and contentment within yourself.Read more »

Meggan Brummer, yoga, pregnancy, third, trimester

Yoga for the 3rd trimester

Gentle yoga can help you navigate the sometimes challenging last trimester of pregnancy.Read more »

yoga, asanas, clear mind, focus, benefits

Yoga for clear thinking

Try these yoga poses and take a break from the constant chattering and worrying going on inside your head.Read more »

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