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Clean teeth
Supermarket shelves are littered with sugary toothpastes and brightly coloured mouth rinses that look and feel counterintuitive to what you’d imagine is healthy for your teeth.Read More »
Yoga at home
You’ve just floated out of your weekly yoga class and you feel wonderful. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a way to feel this good every day?Read More »
Testing your age
To reflect overall ageing, you need to measure a range of factors from many systems, including physical and mental factors that will vary with age. Read More »
What are the good oils?
One of the most valuable of all beauty aids is the simplest and easiest to get hold of: unrefined vegetable oils. Read more and watch the video »
How to beat performance anxiety
Running Head MIND performance anxiety Speak freely Dry those sweaty palms and overcome stage fright or a fear of public speaking using a few tried and true methods. Read More »
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November 2010

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