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Health Retreat
Masterchef for health nuts
If TV's Masterchef has inspired you to get back into the kitchen and stretch your culinary muscles, check out WellBeing's wealth of recipes that will delight your tastebuds as well as your body. Read More »
How to control food cravings
Understanding the link between brain chemistry, emotions and cravings can help reduce the urge for comfort food.
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The politics of food
What is the answer to Africa’s, or indeed the world’s, food woes?
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The lowdown on labels
Here’s how you can decipher labels so you know what you’re really getting from packaged food.
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Reduce your salt intake
While living with Meniere’s disease, our writer finds that a low-salt diet can actually be enjoyable.
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How green is your lifestyle?

Ideas for Living

Try Nature's Gate organic personal care products
Nature's Gate combines decades of experience in the natural products industry with modern formulations to create a line of cruelty-free products for every aspect of personal care. Products range from shampoo & conditioner to deodorant and anti-ageing remedies.
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Win free passes to see The Waiting City
An Australian couple (Radha Mitchell & Joel Edgerton) travel to India to adopt a child but the lengthy bureaucratic process brings tensions and secrets out into the open. We have 20 preview passes to give away for the weekend of July 9-11, 2010.
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Pure Wellbeing
Pure Wellbeing is based in Bondi with a focus on providing consistently high quality sport and remedial massage.
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Spas & Retreats
Artsinspire provides small group, individualised tours to Japan. Each tour is designed and led by Gillian Jones.
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Martin & Pleasance
Enrol and discover the secrets of each of the 38 Bach Flower Remedies.
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Lia Scallon
Lia Scallon's CDs are musical meditations that provide a healing balm for the soul.
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Macbeth's Brew
Macbeth's Brew offers a range of chemical-free, natural products that enhance the body's innate healing qualities.
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A free ticket to Chakra Cooperatives' Wellbeing Workshop
Learn about yoga, ayurveda, massage, crystals, tarot, natural cosmetics and meditation.
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Don't worry "B" happy! Ensuring that your B vitamin intake is adequate will reduce your risk of the “blues” striking in your later years.

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Wellbeing It's now easier to find us on Facebook! Go to to be involved in natural health and wellness discussions! Read More »

wellbeing This year the Organic Expo will be held in Darling Harbour, Sydney, on August 20-22. Drop in and say hi. Read More »

wellbeing WellBeing is proud to support the World Wellness Project, who will bring passionate, forward- thinking speakers from around the world to present their ideas on how we can create a wave of wellness, for the world and all its inhabitants. Melbourne, November 23-15, 2010 Read More »


June 2010


Thought for Today

“The good life, as I conceive it, is a happy life. I do not mean that if you are good you will be happy; I mean that if you are happy you will be good.” — Bertrand Russell


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