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Health Retreat
Is faith the answer to depression & anxiety?
Could having a faith in a greater power and believing in a connection with others be the key to overcoming depression and anxiety? Read More »
What is kundalini yoga?
Known as the yoga of awareness, this yoga awakens your unlimited potential.
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How to reduce salt intake
Maintaining a low-salt diet can be enjoyable as well as healthy.
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How saunas can improve health
Spending 15 minutes in a sauna isn’t just about relaxing, it will also do your body wonders.
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Health sites you can trust
We take you through the sites you can trust to answer your health questions.
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Get ready for winter

Ideas for Living

Become a UNICEF Haiti partner
In only 35 seconds the earthquake that shook Haiti caused one of the worst humanitarian disasters in history. $35 a month can help rebuild the country.
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Win a weekend getaway!
Win a weekend stay for up to four people at Thistle Hill Organic Winery. Stay at the Thistle Hill Cottage surrounded by vines and mountains. Wake up to mist rising from the hills and an organic food basket from Thistle Hill's new Gourmet Pantry.
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Acupuncture Emporium
Nicola MacDonald specialises in acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine and fertility management.
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Spas & Retreats
Innisfree Whole Health Repair & Recovery
IWHRR is a unique, purpose built, live-in, wellness centre that uses Natural Therapy Integration.
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International College of Healing & Metaphysics
ICOHM offers a warm, supportive environment where you can, develop your psychic and spiritual potential
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Stoney Creek Oil
Stoney Creek Oil is an Australian family-owned company that grows, processes and distributes premium quality, cold-pressed, organically-grown food.
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Mindd Foundation
MINDD Foundation is promotes improved treatments for a range of disorders including Autism, ADD, asthma and eczema.
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Australian Association of Massage Therapists
AAMT is the peak representative body for massage therapists in Australia.
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Latest News

Aged cheese helps ageing humans Aged cheese provides the good gut bacteria that decreases as we grow older, helping to improve our immunity.

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Wellbeing Do you suffer from back pain? WellBeing will be at The Back Show in Melbourne, Sydney & the Gold Coast in August, September and October. Come and see us! Read More »

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wellbeing WellBeing is proud to support the World Wellness Project, who will bring passionate, forward- thinking speakers from around the world to present their ideas on how we can create a wave of wellness, for the world and all its inhabitants. Read More »


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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." —- Margaret Meade


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