Gardeners live better

written by The WellBeing Team


Like it or not, gardening is probably going to be a part of your future. With increasing awareness of the need for localisation of food and the benefits of organic and biodynamic growing, most of us will have a patch of vegetables or fruit of some description in the future. The really good news about this is that apart from what you eat from your Garden, the act of gardening itself will make your life better.

This has been shown in a new study where participants aged 50 and over were questioned about their quality of life and the results were then matched against whether the subjects were a gardener or not. The findings were quite distinct.

Overall the gardeners scored higher on perceived quality of life. Breaking that down; 84 per cent of gardeners agreed with the statement, “I have made plans for things that I’ll be doing a month or a year from now”. Only 68 per cent of non-gardeners agreed.

When asked to comment on the statement, “I feel old and somewhat tired” 80 per cent of gardeners disagreed while only 57.3 per cent of non-gardeners disagreed.

Only four per cent of gardeners considered themselves “quite inactive” compared with 14.7 per cent of non-gardeners. By comparison, 38 per cent of gardeners considered themselves “very active” compared to only 19.6 per cent of non-gardeners. Additionally more than 75 per cent of gardeners rated their health as either very good or excellent.

What these results suggest is that as well as offering physical exercise, gardening offers the opportunity for connection with nature, natural rhythms, and your self. All of which adds up to a recipe for wellbeing.

You don’t need a quarter acre to get gardening, there is lots that can be done with a small balcony, a willing spirit, a worm farm, and eager hands. The simple message is, “get gardening”, you’ll feel the better for it.

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