Tigress Yoga

Devashi Shakti PhD

Specialities :

  • * Tigress Yoga classes in Melbourne
  • * Tigress Yoga workshops across Australia
  • * Lovers Yoga classes for couples
  • * Tantric Bodywork Sessions, Tantric Counselling
  • * Tigress Yoga Teacher Training from 2012

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Details :

Tigress Yoga is fresh new approach to yoga for women to cultivate female vitality. It focuses on the ancient approach of Tantra & Tao to restore and revitalize the female reproductive system and the feminine heart. The conscious sexuality teachings involved can bring a woman into alignment with her potent Shakti life source energy and improve her capacity for intimacy.

Shakti Lounge is a 9month program for women who want to go deeper into living consciously with their female sexual energy for greater personal power, creativity, spirituality and relationship wellbeing. The 2011 Shakti Lounge program is now full but please contact us to receive the 2012 brochure.

Awaken your senses, unlock your sacral centre, nourish your femininity & feel like a goddess. Open your infinite capacity for sensual intelligence/ female life force energy (Shakti). The uniquely feminine approach to yoga is designed specifically to access the treasures of the female body. Private sessions, classes, workshops and retreats are available.

Benefits of Tigress Yoga:

In these womanly yoga classes; we focus on opening the pelvis, balancing mind/body/spirit, detoxifying the hormonal system, restoring the reproductive organs, stretching the spine, renewing vital energies and awakening the chakras. The uniquely feminine atmosphere encourages authentic opening and expression. Much of the focus is on clearing and awakening the pathways of the electro-magnetic feminine polarity energy. Results bring deep rest, self-acceptance, whole body bliss, balanced mind and an opened heart.

6wk course $150 – check website for current details

Is cultivating real embodied love and erotic aliveness a priority in your relationship? Make time to connect with each other, learning effective intimacy arts to share at home. Learn potent practices with devotional awareness to continually deepen your capacity for ecstatic intimacy. These classes will guide you to connect with yourself, your body and your beloved. With the weekly opportunity to learn and remember these ancient methods, you can increase your appreciation of each other, enjoy harmonious relating & take lovemaking to new levels of bliss.

In a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, you will be guided by an intuitive and compassionate female practitioner. She will listen to you and explore the inner dynamics operating in your life, in order to deliver a highly personalized session. A sacred space is provided for you to address sexuality, fertility and intimacy issues with our body-centred approach. Awareness, breath, inner healing, meditation, polarity exercises and conscious communication may be involved.

$180 or $150 via skype

PRIVATE EMBODIMENT SESSION – Tantric Bodywork & Healing
In a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, you will be guided by a highly trained female practitioner. Firstly we start with a consultation to explore the inner dynamics operating in your life. Breath, yoga, inner healing, somatic sexology to know your body and your patterns of arousal, meditation, polarity bodywork, massage and personalized relating guidance may be involved. These sessions can support you to release core tensions and to feel deep re-alignment with yourself. A series of sessions is highly recommended for permanent transformation. Our aim is to empower you to feel confident in taking effective intimacy skills home with you. This is beyond just learning techniques; we support you to make profound body/mind expansion that you can eventually access quite effortlessly. Private sessions run for a minimum of 2hrs, due to the depth covered and time required to enter a deep state of consciousness.

$250 2hrs, $285 2.5hrs
couple sessions also available

Open your mind and body to the possibility of birthing your baby naturally, in a state of ease & even pleasure. Be guided deeply into your pregnant body and access your capacity for conscious, natural, ecstatic birth. This unique bodywork consists of somatic sexology techniques with tantric awareness. The aim is to take your body to a state of deep relaxation and embodied presence, via deep and soft tissue pressure to release and rejuvenate, especially in your pelvis. This session is also suitable for clearing energies after birth has occurred. Accessing your internal energy will assist your capacity for intimate relating for before, during and after birth. Developing a personalized daily practice to continue with at home is also available.

1.5hrs or 2hrs $150 – $180


Did you know that your menstruation is a potent time of accessing creativity and rejuvenation? Do you understand how to optimize your time and work harmoniously with the cycles of your body? This session is designed to be received while you are menstruating; assisting you to find a positive and healing relationship with your feminine cycles. Meditation, bodywork, massage, movement and personalized guidance may be involved.

1.5hrs or 2hrs $150 – $180

"Tigress Yoga is the most divine feminine experience. This program has been beautifully created to ground and connect you into your feminine and allow you to expand into, and express, the Divine Feminine. Tigress Yoga will be the one thing you will look forward to, and cherish every week, as it leaves you in a state of sensual bliss! Mmm just divine." – Erin, 37, Melbourne

"I really want to thank you again for such an amazing experience in Brisbane the other week. I cannot express my appreciation for what you shared and the experience that you enabled me to have. It was honestly as though I found the missing link. The golden cord tying everything together that had been calling me for the past few years. I am so intrigued to keep this connection to the source, experiment and learn more…it’s so overwhelming and emotional but incredible healing all at the same time.

It was such a delight for me to celebrate the effect that the time spent with you had on my two close friends. Needless to say we cannot wait for your return in October and are hoping to attend both workshops in Byron and Brisbane. "
Shanne, Bellydancer, Brisbane

"Participating in Shakti Lounge was one of the finest things I have ever done for myself. I have connected with my source as an embodied woman." – Kerri, 34, Melbourne


Address & Contact :

Level 2/ 179 St George's Road
Fitzroy North, Victoria 3068

heartoftantra@gmail.com heart*****[click to show]

0405 721 194 0405 *****[click to show]