Sharon Turton

Sharon Turton
Naturopath B.A., Dip. Ed., N.D., D.B.M., D. Nut., D. Hom., D.R.M. Accredited Journey Therapist (adults & children) Accredited Naturopath Accredited

Specialities :

  • * Children's health
  • * Counselling
  • * Naturopathy
  • * Journey Work for kids, teens and parents

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Details :

Sharon Turton operates in Manly and is a qualified and experienced practitioner who specialises in children’s health, counselling and naturopathy.

A naturopathic consultation with Sharon involves a thorough look at diet and eating patterns. Sharon will work out a sensible and easy to follow regime that is tailor-made to suit your needs.

Sharon’s treatments also include the use of Nutritional Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Iridology and Natural Fertility Management and Hormonal Balancing.

Sharon works extensively with The Journey conducting private sessions with adults, teenagers and children, children’s workshops, teen workshops and talks and uses various modalities to create vibrant health on all levels.
Journey Work involves:

Cleanse – Mind, Body Spirit
On this empowering 3 session workshop you will cleanse the body by undergoing a healthy revitalising detox, you will cleanse the mind by looking deeply at old thought patterns and underlying beliefs that may be holding you back in life and in body image, and you will cleanse spirit by bringing awareness and compassion to old blocks and reconnecting to your inner potential and passion.
Parent /Child day retreat
A day of releasing, realising and connecting, where parents will gain a deeper awareness about themselves and their parenting, and the children will learn to express emotions healthily and connect with their own inner potential.

Part of the day will be in a large group with parents and children together, and part of the day we will work in smaller groups. The children will do experiential activities to express and connect with their inner goodness and light, and parents will be guided through meditation and reflective work to look deeply at ourselves, bringing awareness to any patterns that we may be playing out with our kids. 

The day will finish with a joyful and connecting activity so you and your child can go home with a new found sense of lightness and sparkle, basking in each others company.

This special day will help you and your child to develop freer self-expression, release unhealthy blocks and limiting beliefs, and connect in the heart space – where true connection resides.

The Junior Journey

A magical fun-filled day of transformation for boys and girls 5-11 years This empowering workshop will give your child the experience of their own limitless potential and let it shine onto all areas of their life – academic, social, creative – and they can feel good about who they really are. They will receive a one-to-one journey process as well as play-act, draw and partake in guided visualisations and meditations.

The Junior Journey helps counteract the process of shutdown and withdrawal that can happen in the face of everyday experiences – such as peer pressure, bullying, loss, fears, failures, the trauma of separation or divorce, learning and behavioural difficulties, as well as dealing with the emotional cause of chronic physical conditions.

The day is filled with fun activities that gently invite the children to experience and welcome their own inner lightness and joy, while clearing out anything that may be obscuring it. There is huge support throughout the day, with one trained practitioner for every 2-3 children.

Rainbow Kids — For kids who’ve experienced the Junior Journey
This fun and empowering workshop follows on from the Junior Journey day. Each session follows a specific theme such as Kindness, Self-Esteem, Patience, Courage, etc., where the children learn how special they truly are!
We aim to give children the tools to deal with life challenges in a positive empowered manner and help them realise their own shining potential.

The Journey for Teens
This involves an empowering workshop for teenage girls aged 11-15 years. Give your teenager the gift of this amazing day of joy, grace and trust, where the girls will access their own inner wisdom, inner strength and inner beauty.

The day is full of heart-opening fun activities, such as dance, drama, visualisations, yoga, massage, energy work, painting and sacred fire.

Throughout the day the girls will experience all aspects of The Journey, before diving into their own one on one Journey process with a trained therapist and clearing out any emotional blocks or limiting beliefs that may be holding them back.
The girls will be empowered to access their true potential, letting it radiantly shine in all areas of their lives and guide them on their emerging journey to womanhood.

Health Fund Rebates apply with participating health funds.

Sharon Turton is also the author of Connecting Kids with their Inner Potential. This book aims to help you nurture a deep connection with your children through the themes of connection, love, trust, self-esteem, kindness and stillness.