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A Q&A with Saba Organics

Credit: Saba Organics

Credit: Saba Organics

We speak to Cosmo McIntyre from Saba Organics, a skin, body and hair-care company empowering those who care about their health through organics.

What was the initial vision for Saba Organics?

Our vision was to empower those who care about their health through organics by connecting nature and its benefits to all of us.

Our objective is to make certified organic products as affordable and accessible as possible. Delivering the safest, most gentle and naturally effective skincare on earth is our mission, and one we’re incredibly devoted to.

Saba Organics is the highest-grade Australian certified organic range that smells and feels great. We are passionate about people and planet – our love for organic products is a way of life. We are committed to offering everyday Aussie consumers the benefits of certified organic plant-based ingredients, Australian botanicals and essential oils with powerful natural benefits to make the safest, most gentle and naturally effective skincare on earth.

Our formulations leverage off Mother Nature’s naturally potent ingredients providing advantages such as nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins, which are found in highly sought-after plant extracts.

What are the values of Saba Organics?

We have a simple and rewarding saying here at SABA Organics: “Live, LIFE” – LOVE. INSPIRE. FAMILY. EARTH

LIFE – Live life to the fullest, get the most out of every day, and appreciate the small things.

LOVE – Love what you do. Love with your whole heart.

INSPIRE – Inspire those around us to live their best.

FAMILY – Family and friends are the core – the most important relationships we have. Work on them and cherish them.

EARTH – Let’s look after our planet and respect it. We only have one.

When choosing certified organic you are choosing to support ethical and environmentally sustainable growing methods for generation in the future.

Our values are a pragmatic approach to sustainability for our bodies and our earth.

Everything we produce is fully certified by the Australian Certified Organic body (ACO).

It is important to also consider packaging and the environmental impact of products washing down the drain and into our water systems. Packaging and ingredients that offer recyclable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly qualities positively impact our earth.

What are some of the harmful toxins that can be found in commercial products? Why should we avoid these additives?

Petrochemicals, GM ingredients, parabens, artificial colouring, sulphates including sodium laureate sulphate, dioxins, artificial fragrances, pesticides, alkaline substances, mineral phosphates, tar derivatives and excess packaging should all be looked out for as they can be damaging to the environment and your skin. Nano ingredients and propylene glycol are also best avoided, and of course you want your products to not have been tested on animals, not contain animal ingredients an to be palm oil free.

Instead, we love to use free-radical age-fighting antioxidants, natural anti-inflammatory nutrients, premium-quality pure essential oils, certified organic and natural ingredients, powerful bio-active ingredients, nourishing cold-pressed (virgin) certified organic leaf, seed and fruit oils. Essential vitamins and minerals and vital essential fatty acids with omegas are also a part of our mix.

What does a typical day look like at Saba Organics?

No such thing – typical is not in our vocabulary. Between mixing, blending, product development, packing and visiting our distributors and stores, we all keep very busy. Every day is vibrant exciting and fun.

We do have one rule – we all stop for lunch together and will eat outside, grabbing some all-important vitamin D from the sun.

What is your personal definition of beauty?

Our definition of beauty is simplicity and confidence. Confidence comes from knowing you are doing the right thing, which is derived from the actions that we take. Products can make us feel confident and, in turn, beautiful. It is a mental thing. Confidence on the inside looks beautiful on the outside.

Where do you source your ingredients?

Australia, Italy, India and England.

All ingredients in the Saba Organics range are certified organic and come from a diverse range of countries. We use local where possible and love native Australian ingredients. We have some great and highly naturally effective ingredients in our own backyard. Some other countries that have a very good range of certified organic plant-based ingredients are Italy, England and India. They are very sophisticated when it comes to raw ingredients.

What is your favourite product in the Saba Organics range?

The hand sanitiser. It is great for travel, laboratory tested and proven to kill 99.9 per cent of germs. The lavender is my favourite – it smells great. We source the lavender oil from Tasmania.

What’s next for Saba Organics?

We are introducing our Saba Organics Home Range including dishwashing liquids, multi-purpose spray, laundry liquids and floor cleaners, as well as a range of toothpastes and mouth washes, for 2020.

We are also working towards the world’s first TGA approved (Therapeutic Goods Administration/FDA) and fully certified organic vegan medical skin and body-care range.



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