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A Q&A with Edible Beauty founder Anna Mitsios

Edible Beauty

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We speak to Anna Mitsios, the visionary behind Edible Beauty. This range of products is so good, you can eat it.

What was your initial vision for Edible Beauty, and has this changed over time?

I became inspired to start my own skincare range about six years ago when treating clients in my naturopathic practice. My initial vision was to be able to provide a skincare range to my clients that was 100 per cent natural and promoted healthy hormone balance whilst being simultaneously luxurious and therapeutic. The ingestible teas I offer reflect my naturopathic philosophy of needing to work on the inside to create an outer radiance and glow.
As the business has grown I have become more passionate about educating on the importance of “inner beauty” with products focused on the gut and antioxidants to naturally support a balanced microbiome and radiant skin. I have also become more aware of the therapeutic nature of native extracts and botanicals in topical skincare, which are definitely proving to be as effective as their conventional chemical counterparts. My current vision is to focus on these ingredient in topical skincare formulas and harness their ability to reverse cellular damage and regenerate collagen, naturally.

What was it about beauty products that inspired your career change?

My interest in beauty products was sparked by a desire to spread the word on toxin-free beauty. As a naturopath, I was shocked to find that there were very few options available for skincare products that were “edible” whilst also being effective. At first, I was intrigued by the beautiful and creative process involved in developing skincare – at the outset I was literally whipping shea butter, cocoa butter and rosewater in my mother’s cake mixer and sharing my creations with friends and family.

However, the career change became more about educating people on toxin-free beauty products. One of the pivotal moments which drove this career change was reading a study which involved an analysis of umbilical cords of babies. I was stunned to find that there were over 250 chemicals found in these umbilical cords which are known neurotoxins and growth retardants and these all relate to the personal products that we have been using on a daily basis. This definitely provided me with an impetus to spread the word on toxin free beauty.

How do you source your ingredients?

We source our ingredients from all over the world with a focus on Australian natives. We have a diligent process for ensuring that not only are the ingredients literally “edible”, which means they are derived from food, minerals, botanicals or plant extracts, but we also ensure that our ingredients are vegan and responsibly and sustainably sourced. 

What are some of the key ingredients the Edible Beauty range loves?

We love the use of Australian natives in all of our products. These wildcrafted ingredients are definitely becoming more recognised for their therapeutic benefits and superior antioxidant profiles. These plants are special in that they are found growing in their natural habitat in arid parts of Australia. This provides them with a very strong antioxidant profile developed to protect themselves against the harsh environment and potent sun that they are growing in. This protective system is transferred across to our skin, providing us with incredible skin protective and anti-ageing qualities

What are some of the traditional nasties found in other beauty products that we should try to avoid, and why?

Some of the traditional nasties found in conventional beauty products include sulfates, parabens, dimethicone, fragrances, mineral oils, benzyl alcohol along with heavy metals and preservatives.

Given we absorb such a large percentage of what we put on our skin and the fact that what we put on our skin bypasses our digestive and detoxification systems, what we are putting on our skin becomes just as important as what we are eating, providing good reason to avoid some of the usual nasties.

The endocrine-disrupting effects of ingredients found in our personal-care products is of great concern. Xenoestrogens are normally found in the form of parabens, fragrances and preservatives in conventional skincare products. They lock onto our oestrogen receptor sites and mimic the way that oestrogen works, thereby contributing to an excess in oestrogen in the body which will interfere with our efforts to conceive.  Perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) are another sub-category of toxins found in skincare which can also impact fertility detrimentally. They are normally found in fragrances and have been shown in research to contribute to a range of fertility issues in both men and women.  One study specifically shows that women with higher-than-normal levels of PFC’s have exhibited a 60-154 per cent higher risk of infertility than those who do not. PFCs have been also shown to affect the fertility of males by decreasing the overall health and motility of their sperm.

Edible Beauty products are not only free of the usual nasties – sulfates, parabens, phthalates etc., they are also free of benzyl alcohol, fragrances, propylene glycol, all preservatives, colours, synthetics and any ingredient that you would not recognise or find in your food.

Tell us more about your beautiful Miron violet glass packaging.

Our skincare is packaged in a very unique and luxurious glass called Miron. Miron blocks all UVB light, only allowing violet and UVA light to penetrate the product. This means that not only is the skincare protected from the sunlight, but the botanicals inside the product are actually energised and activated. Miron glass is also thought to maintain, activate and even enhance the high energy of the botanical formulas inside the jars/bottles for a long period of time. Its use can be traced back to ancient Egyptian civilisations, when valuable essences and natural healing products were kept in violet glass containers.

What does a typical day look like at Edible Beauty?

I start the day with a pot of Green Goddess Detox Tea, a blend of “supercharged” powders as I call them (often a green powder, collagen and gut healing powder). After the birth of my son, I have been spending more time working from home so will then enjoy a coastal walk with him, which gets our heads clear and our bodies ready to go.

The day often involves calls, emails and some writing. After lunch, we enjoy a stronger pick-me-up in the form of coffee and some deep pranayama-style breathing to get us back on track. The afternoon is often when we work on more administrative tasks and planning, along with quality time with my boy. Time definitely does fly with a business and baby, but I have been ensuring we take the hours to enjoy what each day has to offer.

What are three of your favourite products in the Edible Beauty range?

One of my favourite products in the range in our & Sleeping Beauty Purifying Mousse. This is a sleep mask, and what I love most about it is it provides a brilliant quick fix for the skin literally overnight. The mask contains pink clay, zeolite, avocado oil and Snowflower Seed and unlike most clay masks it is hydrating and purifying rather than peeling and drying, so you can allow it to work its magic whilst you sleep. This is a must-have product to prevent morning face puffiness or dull skin after an indulgent night out eating and drinking. It is also works to correct an oily T-zone or hormonal acne break

We have also recently launched a natural sunscreen with an SPF50, Basking Beauty Natural Sunscreen. My pregnancy this year has made my skin prone to pigmentation so a daily sunscreen has become a critical product within my skincare routine. I love that this formula is not as white and pasty as many zinc-based sunscreens and also love that it hydrates the skin and provides additional antioxidant support with Rosehip and vitamin E in the formula.

One of the essentials in the EB range which has been a favourite of mine from day one is our No.3 Exotic Goddess Ageless SerumNo.3 Exotic Goddess Ageless Serum. I love the wildcrafted botanicals in this product and feel the incredible therapeutic energy which emanates from the formula. It is not only rich in naturally occurring vitamin C to boost collagen production, but this formula also contains Hyaluronic acid which hydrates and firms without making the skin greasy. The white tea in the serum is also a favourite ingredient. It has a beautiful antioxidant profile and also protects against our strong UV rays.

What does wellbeing mean to you?

Wellbeing means waking up out of bed excited and energised for the day ahead. I feel this most when I have a balance between physical health, spirituality, career and life purpose. However this can be a tricky one to achieve as often there is one or more elements out of alignment. I try not to beat myself up too much about this and find a way to get back on track and balance as quickly as I can to ensure I am waking up happy and raring to go.

What’s next for Edible Beauty?

We have a few new ingestible products on the way for Edible Beauty in 2020. I have spent quite a lot of time on the design of these products and am enjoying their benefits myself, so I’m very excited to share them in the new year.


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