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A Q&A with Krissy Ballinger of the Inspired Little Pot

A Q&A with the founder of the The Inspired Little Pot

Credit: The Inspired Little Pot

We speak to Krissy Ballinger, the founder of The Inspired Little Pot. Ballinger formulates skin care ‘recipes’ for her audience to then create in their own homes, inspiring them to lead a more natural and eco-conscious lifestyle. Here, she shares her story.

How did The Inspired Little Pot come to be and when?

In my past life, I was a Health and Physical Education teacher. I began teaching immediately after finishing university, right up until I had my daughter, Charlotte, in 2009. I had some time off to enjoy being a new mother and then welcomed my son, Lucas, into the world in 2011. When I felt it was time to go back to teaching, I realised that my passion was missing. I knew I couldn’t go back into a profession without it – it just wouldn’t be fair on the children. My passion for health and education didn’t waver. In fact, it was stronger than ever.

When I started this particular chapter of my life, it happened very quickly. To keep it short, I simply woke up one day to realise a crazy number of ingredients in my cleaning and body care products (and I had way too many). Once I learned about a particular chemical within a product I was using in my home, I couldn’t unlearn it. And I certainly couldn’t, in good conscience, continue to use it. This led to a whirlwind of research and recipe testing.

Naturally, I told my friends what I was up to and then started a social media page to reach more friends (and friends of friends). It turned out that I was not alone on my quest to lead a simpler life!

What was the initial vision for you? Has that changed over time?

My initial vision was to change my own family’s attitude, and reliance on, traditional and convenient commercial products. I wanted to create replacements for what we were personally using. I am an educator at my core so I couldn’t help but share the message and now I find I am inspiring many others to make a positive change in their own homes.

Where did the name The Inspired Little Pot come from?

I was in Sydney with my best friend and over a few cocktails I decided that I was, in fact, inspiring! I was also making things in little pots, including lip balms, face lotion, deodorant. So, the name naturally evolved from there.

Who are your books, email series and DIY recipes suitable for?

Absolutely everybody! My main demographic is female (92%) between the ages of 25-64. However, I have had emails from grandmothers in their eighties making my recipes and from mothers helping their 10-year-old make lip balm for their party bags. I have even had a few men reach out to me and say that my recipe for sunscreen is great for chafing while they cycle.

What are some of your favourite things about running The Inspired Little Pot?

The main thing I love is the impact I am having on people’s lives. Knowing that people have finally stopped spraying air ‘fresheners’ and using bubbles in their children’s baths makes my day! What a win for that family and those children, but also for the eco system. I love that my kids think it’s normal to find their mum in the kitchen making deodorant. I love that my recipes are being made by thousands of people and I just love this natural space I sit in – I have truly found my calling.

Tell us more about The Little Green Podcast? 

This is a new podcast produced by the ABC. I was lucky enough to be interviewed for their first episode. It’ll be a game-changer that one! 

Why are natural ingredients and a leading low-tox lifestyle so important? 

It’s a no-brainer – getting back to basics and closer to nature is a more sustainable and healthy option for humans and the planet. When you make your own products, you’re in complete control – it’s much less confusing than trying to make sense of long labels. I don’t think many people realise how off-balance they feel until they make these changes. Imagine if everyone embraced a slower, simpler and more conscious lifestyle? What a wonderful world it would be!

What’s next for you, Krissy? 

Whatever life throws at me! I have never been one to make a 5 year plan, let alone a 12 month plan! I am always open to new possibilities and opportunities. I would love to write an educational column in a newspaper or magazine or host a regular DIY segment on a lifestyle program (or even create a series of my own). I’d also love to see my book sold globally, opening more eyes to the benefits of DIY.

For more information, visit theinspiredlittlepot.com.au


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