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Care behind beauty — Saba Organic's holistic journey

Hope and Tony Saba

Saba Organics shares its passion for connecting people to nature, through its range of organic products that celebrate Australian botanicals.

What inspired you to create Saba Organics skin body and hair care range?

We wanted to empower those who care about their health through organics by connecting people to nature and its many benefits. Our objective was, and continues to be, making certified organic products as affordable and accessible as possible. We’re incredibly devoted to delivering the safest, most gentle and naturally effective skincare on earth.

We are passionate about people and planet; our love for organic products is a way of life and we are proud to offer a range of the highest-grade Australian certified organic products. We are committed to offering everyday Aussie consumers the benefits of certified organic plant-based ingredients, Australian botanicals and essential oils with powerful natural benefits. Our formulations leverage Mother Nature’s naturally potent ingredients, providing advantages such as nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins, which are found in highly sought-after plant extracts.

What are the core values behind your brand?

We have a simple set of principles to live by at Saba Organics:

LOVE — Love what you do. Love with your whole heart.

INSPIRE — Inspire those around us to live their best.

FAMILY — Family and friends are at the core of everything we do — they are the most important relationships we have. Work on them and cherish them.

EARTH — Let’s look after our planet and respect it. We only have one; there is no planet B.

When you choose certified organic you support ethical and sustainable growing methods that will last for generations. From the farms and families that supply our sustainable raw materials to the environmental impact the product has well after it has been used, we take a pragmatic approach to sustainability for our bodies and our Earth.

As well as being organic, it is important to also consider packaging and the environmental impact of products washing down the drain and into our water systems. We choose packaging and ingredients that are recyclable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Why is it important to use organic skin and hair care?

Keeping our skin healthy from the outside is just as important as what we are put into our body; it keeps us feeling great and looking great. Given that our skin is the largest organ in the body, it makes sense we should treat it with all the loving care it needs. Switching to organic skin and hair care is a great place to start.

Your skin is like a sponge; it absorbs 60 per cent of what you put onto it. Applying synthetic chemicals to your skin, loaded with preservatives and additives, can contribute to ageing and skin complaints such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. Choosing organic skin care products, you are making a commitment to your wellbeing.

Today, we walk down the aisle of the supermarket or chemist and find ourselves with so many skin/hair products to choose from. It’s no wonder we feel overwhelmed. What do you think our ancestors were using before having all these choices? Organic and natural ingredients!

Organic skin and hair care are grown without the use of pesticides, fertilisers and GMO, which are toxic to the environment. The ingredients are farmed using organic farming methods, which means they are safer for our skin, hair and our environment. Plus, they smell so much better as they are using real ingredients from real plants. When choosing organic skin and hair products, look for the Australian Certified Organic stamp; this ensures they have complied with the guidelines of organic production.

Organic skin and hair products contain natural antioxidants which are important to help get rid of those excess free radicals. Natural ingredients such as coconut oil and argan oil provide moisture to the hair, while rosehip and shea butter contain high amounts of vitamin C which can help reduce scars and fine lines while hydrating at the same time.

Making the switch to organic skin and hair care is not only beneficial for your health, but also you are reducing all the toxic chemicals being released into our environment. Have you ever smelt a strong deodorant or perfume and got a headache after it? All these chemicals and toxins that are sprayed into the air are destructive for our atmosphere and health. When we use toxic chemicals from hair and skin care products, they also get into our drain systems. This in turn will make its way into our oceans and rivers and be absorbed into the soil, affecting biodiversity. You are choosing to support ethical and sustainable growing methods, protecting future generations — for our children and grandchildren. In particular, look for products that are vegan and not tested on animals. This will support animal welfare for the long run.

Explain your beauty approach.

Our definition of beauty is simplicity and confidence. Confidence comes from knowing you are doing the right thing, which is derived from the actions that we take. Products can make us feel confident and, in turn, beautiful. It is a mental thing; confidence on the inside looks beautiful on the outside.

Where do you source your ingredients and make your products?

We source our ingredients in Australia, Italy, India and England. All ingredients in the Saba Organics range are certified organic and come from a diverse range of countries. We use local where possible and love native Australian ingredients. We have some naturally effective ingredients in our own backyard. Some other countries that have high-quality certified organic plant-based ingredients are Italy, England and India. They are very sophisticated when it comes to certified organic raw ingredients.

What are your favourite must-have products from the range?

  • Saba Organics multi-function Hydrating Moisturiser, which is great for all skin types, very nourishing, scent-free and very effective.
  • Saba Organics Micellar Water Cucumber & Aloe is the complete cleanser; it’s gentle and perfect for everyday use.
  • Our hand sanitiser is great for travel, is laboratory-tested and proven to kill 99.9 per cent of germs. The lavender is my favourite. We source the lavender oil from Tasmania and it smells great.

What’s next for Saba Organics?

We will continue to develop our skincare range, as well as working towards the world’s first TGA-approved (Therapeutic Goods Administration/FDA) and fully certified organic medical skin and body-care range.