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A Q&A with Shanan Birkin from Abundant Natural Health

We speak to Shanan Birkin from Abundant Natural Health

Credit: Abundant Natural Health

We speak to Shanan Birkin from Abundant Natural Health, an Australian health brand fusing active extracts from Australian botanicals with pure organic minerals to create a range of pain relieving, nourishing healthcare products.

What was the initial vision for Abundant Natural Health and has it changed over time?

ANH’s initial vision hasn’t changed too much since its inception.  We based our products on upcycled waste from tomatoes and cucumbers, combined them with upcycled high concentrated minerals to produce naturally charged skin solutions that actually work.  Over the past year our scientists have worked hard to fine tune these formulations to ensure efficacy and effective product ranges that are 100% natural.

What are some of the harmful toxins can be found in commercial pain relief products? Why should we avoid these additives?

Steroids would have to be biggest one.  The majority of our trial participants were attracted to our products as they had experienced adverse reactions from short to long term use of steroids.  It wasn’t that they don’t work; it was their experience of the side effects.  I am not a doctor but we have undertaken a great deal of research and run a number of trials and the majority of the feedback we have received has been that customers want a natural alternative to chemical options without compromising on effectiveness. Personally, I always seek natural alternatives as I’ve found they work faster and leave your body in a purer state.

Where do you source your ingredients?

We grow our own raw vegetable materials at our greenhouses located at Sydney Universities Plant Breeding Institute, Cobbitty NSW.  Our minerals (salt and magnesium) come from disused salt ponds in WA through an exclusive supply agreement.

What can you tell us about your hero ingredients, magnesium, cucumber and salt?

They are 100% natural and when combined they make incredibly powerful pain relief solutions for a number of different ailments and conditions.

What is your favourite product in the Abundant Natural Health range?

Our magnesium spray – my family and I use it daily.  It’s so light, quick, stingless and I in my experience any muscle aches, growing pains or cramps have been gone within five minutes.

What is your definition of an abundant, healthy life?

We want our customers to continue to buy our products because they are helping them live their best life.  To have debilitating conditions is not only painful but also stressful.  A natural alternative is what we believe many people are looking for in today’s busy, synthetic world.

What’s next for Abundant Natural Health?  

We are constantly working on product development – we just can’t stop! It is our company goal to continue to develop natural solutions that work. From muscular pain, skin conditions, and headaches to name a few – we are working on natural alternatives to the existing formulations on the market. Stay tuned for more exciting new additions to our family!


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