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A Q&A with Simon Karlik from Cheeki

WellBeing speaks with Simon Karlik from Cheeki bottles

Credit: Cheeki

We speak to Simon Karlik from Cheeki. Born in Freshwater NSW in 2009, Cheeki was the first brand to introduce stainless steel water bottles to the Australian market. 

What was your initial vision for Cheeki and has that changed over time?

To create a bright, fun and quality range of alternatives for single-use plastic containers.  No big change, other than awareness of plastic problem is so much greater now.

Where did the name, Cheeki, come from? 

I wanted a fun and catchy name to reflect the way we push a few boundaries against producers of single-use plastic.

What does sustainability mean to you? 

That the earth can remain habitable and beautiful for the future and that we, as humans, can support the natural world.

What harmful toxins can be found in single-use plastic?

One of the most dangerous are Phlataltes used to soften plastic and the other is BPA. When these leech into your food and drink it can be very harmful to your health.  This is just one of the more commonly-known chemicals; there are many more.

Can you explain why stainless steel is the best choice for reusable containers?

Stainless steel is durable, safe and has great temperature retention. It also doesn’t react with any food or drink. We use stainless steel to cook from at home so why not use it outside the home, too?

What are your three top tips on reducing waste and improving sustainability in the home? 

Reuse, refill, reduce! Always opt for reusable and refillable products, take your cups, bags and containers wherever to you go. Say no to single use plastic where ever possible. And lastly, swap the plastic for something more sustainable like paper, steel or cardboard. As much as recycling can help our plastic problem the best way is to reduce our waste in the first place.

How does your location on Sydney’s northern beaches affect your philosophy and design process?

We all love the beaches and our natural environment. Being immersed in it helps us with our design and work in general. We see plastic pollution on the beach all the time and it helps us all work towards producing more innovating products and colours to help push our refill and reuse message.

You have recently launched your new Cheeki insulated tumblers that are perfect for smoothies and juices! What is your favourite juice or smoothie recipe?

Banana smoothie!

What’s next for Cheeki?

We’re bring out a range of wine/cocktail tumblers to reduce all those plastic wine cups at camping grounds and outdoor cinemas. We’re also launching a large 2 litre insulated bottle that is great for picnics and camping and some stainless steel straws for individual sale in retailers/cafes. And, lastly a new kids range! Stay tuned!

For more, visit cheeki.com


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