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Decoding Wellness — getting inspired with Tracey Jewel

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We sit down with Tracey Jewel and talk about the ups and downs of her life, what wellness means for her, and how she’s supporting mothers and women everywhere. 

What inspired you to embrace wellness and become an influencer?

 Wellness has been my go-to mantra through the hardest parts of my life from overcoming anxiety to recovering from an abusive relationship. I realised through self-care and making time for myself to ensure I am physically, emotionally and mentally well I had more of myself to give to others. By sharing my challenges with others, these stories connected us, and empowered us as a collective and championed each other to be our best selves – especially on the hard days!

What are some of the philosophies that guide and inspire your day-to-day life? 

 I set myself up for success every morning so I can “show up”. Even if that means getting up 30 minutes earlier. Which, with a 3-month-old, is pretty damn early!

  •  I repeat affirmations on my shower screen every morning – which change depending on what area of my life I choose to focus on. Right now it’s balancing work and being a new mum again. 
  •  I make time to journal twice a day whether it’s a few lines or pages. I journal between creation, ideas, venting, manifesting, visions and gratitude – it’s a real mix! By putting pen to paper, it frees up my mind and my mental bandwidth to a) be present and not think about the daily to-do list and b) to allow the flow in my life and space for new ideas and feelings
  •  I move! Whether that’s pilates or walking or even dancing in the living room with Frankie, I make a commitment to move my body every single day.
  •  I surround myself in a beautiful space – with candles, aromatherapy, nice lighting with my salt lamps and music – being a homebody more with a new baby this has become so important to make my space mine not just full of baby stuff!

You have recently had a beautiful baby boy; how has a second child impacted your wellbeing and how have you managed? 

 It’s been an incredible love bubble with a new baby again that’s for sure! I’m beyond grateful to experience love again with my new husband and this beautiful chapter in our lives. 

But it has required adjustments. I can’t go get a massage or nick off to the gym whenever I want so I need to find movement and balance in other ways. And I haven’t been a full-time mum or a wife in 9 years (my daughter is 11 and we share time with her dad). Getting stricter with boundaries, being present when it’s family time and ensuring the hubby and I get at least 30 minutes to chat and check in with each other once a day before bed have become non-negotiables. I’ve learnt about what is really important and that’s not the dishes or vacuuming. Communication is key as both of us have struggled with anxiety in the past so checking in every day and ensuring we both have self-care and ‘me-time’ ensures we are both the best people and parents we can be. 

What is your favourite wellbeing trick when you’re feeling down? 

To put the phone away and take a long shower with aromatherapy shower steamers – they are the best! If Frankie, my baby boy is awake I take him in the shower with me too – he loves it!

Disconnecting from the external and reconnecting within is the #1 way to rebalance my emotions when I’m feeling down. A good binge with Binge and peppermint tea is good too!

Do you have any tips for young mothers or women trying to balance their busy lives?

 I think this notion of “doing it all” and “ balance” sets us up for failure. Trust me all the women I’ve spoken to cheat in some way. Whether that’s delegating work stuff, getting a cleaner or extra support and help, we have to cut corners and get smart with our time to look like we “have it all”. Accepting we can’t “do it all” and we need to get help is #1 in self-care and the key to balance. And set good boundaries when it comes to honouring and valuing our time.

What has been your proudest accomplishment in the past three years?

Believing in my dreams of getting married, and having a family and another baby. After Married at First Sight which was just over 3 years ago, online trolling and some of life’s issues got the better of me and I was diagnosed with anxiety and felt so down I even tried ending my life.

Rock bottom taught me so much resilience and taking the courage to turn my life around through various wellness modalities, support and making some hard life decisions and I am so proud to now have a beautiful husband, two children and back writing books. I hope this shows anyone reading to never lose hope in your dreams and what you want your life to look like, because as I write this today I’m living proof. It’s so much better than I could have ever imagined or hoped for.

You also have a new book launching, what is this about? 

 Yes! It’s called Decoding the Wellness Mantra and I have collaborated with new and old friends, 24 wellness experts in their fields in all area’s of wellness, using various wellness modalities like hypnotherapy, kinesiology, life coaching, energy healing and so much more to decode ourselves, find our own wellness mantra’s and uplevel and grow into our best version of ourselves. 

What can we expect to see from you in the near future and beyond?

 Everything we go through, we grow through and I believe our stories help others do the same. Collaboration and empowered women empowering other women is where I’m at. Expect more self-care interviews on my podcast channel Upself, more books and other exciting self-care projects! I’m even working on self-care socks called Divine Steps!



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