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Natural therapies for weight loss

Weight loss doesn’t have to mean fad diets and vigorous exercise regimes. There are a range of natural therapies for weight loss that will help you shed extra kilos and improve your overall health and wellbeing.
Understanding weight loss

There are different ways to understand weight loss. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) understands weight gain as a result of spleen qi deficiency. This refers to having weak digestion where the body doesn’t absorb nutrients and transport food. This causes the person to feel tired and hungry, and gain weight.

By our western standards, obesity is recognised as a serious problem of endemic proportions. Obesity can lead to a range of other conditions such as type II diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Chinese medicine does agree with this but views obesity as a sign of an underlying problem that can affect other organs.

Herbal medicine and weight loss

Chinese herbal medicine can be prescribed for weight loss. Raw herbs are a traditional treatment for weight loss; however, TCM formulas in capsule form are the more appealing option for western clients. Formulas can be tailored to individual needs, with herbs selected according to pulse and tongue diagnosis.

Herbal medicine helps the weight loss process through using herbs that tonify spleen qi, increase energy and stamina, enhance the immune system and eliminate phlegm and dampness from the body.

Acupuncture and weight loss

Acupuncture is another beneficial alternative medicine used for weight loss. For the purpose of weight loss, needles are often inserted in acupoints on the arms, legs, abdomen and other spots depending on the individual diagnosis.

In between treatments, small ear tacks are also placed in the ears. “Ear acupuncture” works to stimulate digestive points to help calm the patient and reduce food cravings.

To achieve effective and long lasting weight loss results, lifestyle changes are also required. A healthy, balanced diet full of fruit and vegetables is essential, along with regular physical activity.

Yoga and weight loss
Yoga can be practised by anyone regardless of their weight or flexibility. Yoga is also beneficial when considering a holistic approach to weight loss.

Yoga postures or asanas work the internal organs and systems of the body, strengthening and toning from the inside out. Although weight loss is not the intention of yoga, it is able to produce very effective results in this area. Yoga is a great way to work off extra weight and keep it off.

As yoga unites the body, mind and spirit, it also reconditions us to more clearly understand the needs of our bodies and respond to them. This gives us a greater understanding of our dietary needs such as when, what and how much to eat, when to stop eating and when to exercise.
For a natural approach to weight loss, try out some of the natural therapies available that take a holistic approach to health. You will not only be rewarded with weight loss, but with potentially a range of other health benefits for the mind, body and soul.

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