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The hidden talents of wallflower plants

Wallflower plants may not be stunning but they can be wonderfully, gloriously useful. Here are six favourites.Read more »

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Living without money

Around the world many people are engaged in money-less living. It may not be for everyone but it does point us all towards what really matters.Read more »

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A year of apples

By carefully selecting apple trees that suit your climate (and tastebuds), you can enjoy homegrown apples every day of the year.Read more »

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Frugal living

Chances are your grandma knew a thing or two about living frugally. Embracing her ethos benefits your hip pocket, the planet and your creativity.Read more »

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Gotu kola: from anxiety to varicosity

“The Fountain of Life” is one of the legendary descriptions applied to the herb gotu kola by the Chinese centuries ago. This is a wonderful plant, but that description may be stretching it … just a little.Read more »

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Bedroom bliss

Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary of serenity and enjoy sweeter dreams as well as improved immunity, energy and good health.Read more »

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Vaccination vexation

We investigate some of the complex issues surrounding pet vaccines to help you make the best decision for your pet.Read more »

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Air control

Before you turn on your air conditioner to warm or cool your home, think about the natural changes you can make first.Read more »

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Albizia lebbeck: nothing to be sneezed at

This tree of Indian origin now grows widely in Australia but has traditionally been used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat a range of conditions, including allergies.Read more »

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Reducing your pet’s chemical exposure

Adding 25mL of neem oil to 400mL of shampoo will create a natural flea shampoo that may work for some dogs.Read more »

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Being nice to the neighbours

What do you do when a possum makes its home at your place? Here are some ideas.Read more »

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Koalas under threat - and how you can help

The outlook for one of Australia's iconic natives is grim. Fortunately, you can help to ensure that future generations can enjoy koalas.Read more »

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16 plants that love the shade

It can be difficult to get plants to grow in the shady parts of your garden, however here are 16 plants that will flourish in the shadows.Read more »

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Bug off!

With good planning and maintenance, and a few natural remedies, you won’t need to use poisonous chemicals to get rid of unwanted pests.Read more »

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Ecopsychology: letting nature heal

Ecopsychology builds connections with nature to support wellbeing and enhance awareness.Read more »

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Folate, folic acid and folinic acid

Although foods have been fortified with folic acid for some time, concerns have recently been raised about its safety and a new “natural” form is being used.Read more »

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Holistic Journey with Sanctus Stones

Heidi Dugan, co-creator of motivational jewellery company Sanctus Stones, tells us how she hopes to grow the business by keeping it in the family.Read more »

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Euthanasia for our pets

Should we euthanise our pets? Holistic vet Karen Goldrick seeks to help you better manage this tough decision.Read more »

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