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Soothing the soul at Gaia

When you need time out but can’t decide between a beautiful resort and a soul-soothing health retreat, Gaia in the Byron hinterland of northern NSW can be both.  Read more »

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Journeys of the Spirit

Journeys of the Spirit organises wellness holidays, spiritual journeys and unique travel experiences for individuals and small groups, allowing them to reconnect to their wisest and highest self.  Read more »

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Eco luxury in New Zealand

We explore the top of New Zealand’s South Island and stay in an eco-lodge with a reputation for luxury that’s belied by the warmth and eco-consciousness of its owners.  Read more »

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Retreat to rest

In the rush and hustle of everyday life, we’ve forgotten a basic human need that’s central to our wellbeing and longevity. There’s no better time to retreat to rest  Read more »

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Find your true north

WellBeing attends a three-day Set Your Compass retreat to discover ways to connect with the inner self to find balance and, ultimately, inner bliss.  Read more »

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Retreat to Solar Springs

Do you ever feel like you want the world to stop for a few days so you can get off, relax and re-group, ready to face life again? Look no further than Solar Springs Retreat.  Read more »

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10 family-friendly Aussie hotspots

Planning a getaway with your troop in tow? Children will love the excitement and adventure that these 10 family-friendly Aussie hotspots have to offer.  Read more »

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Spirit of the Southern Highlands

Retreat to the NSW Southern Highlands to feed body, mind and soul.  Read more »

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Yarra Valley: finding inner bliss

WellBeing attends a three-day Set Your Compass retreat to discover ways to connect with the inner self to find balance and, ultimately, inner bliss.  Read more »

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Hot compress massage indulgence

We visit Château Élan Day Spa for a hot compress massage filled with therapeutic essential oils and dried herbs.  Read more »

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Explore breathtaking Norway

Norway’s stunning shoreline is a dreamy landscape of fjords and glaciers that just may have been created by leisure-loving Viking gods and goddesses.  Read more »

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Straight to the Barrington Tops

A short drive Sydney, the World Heritage-listed Barrington Tops National Park is a remote retreat with pristine air, food and water — plus all the comforts.  Read more »

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Bliss by the billabong

Two days of yoga, meditation and “me time” is the recipe for relaxation at Billabong Retreat near Sydney.  Read more »

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Weekend inspiration

Golden Door's Healthy Lifestyle Weekend retreat is tailor-made for busy people wanting to get back on the right track.  Read more »

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Back to nature

The carbon-neutral Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa offers a lavish and restorative experience that comes all too naturally.  Read more »

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Travel to Lord Howe Island

From mettle-testing mountain climbs to Ayurvedic massages, Lord Howe Island offers something to suit all tastes. It may even hold the secret to longevity, according to one visitor.  Read more »

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Conservation vacations

Backstage pass to some of Australia’s most beautiful natural places.  Read more »

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Château Élan

The opening of The Spa at Château Élan in the Hunter Valley provides spa lovers with a chance to reconnect body with soul, thanks to the treatments inspired by nature.  Read more »


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