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Your star signs for March and April

Your star signs for May and June

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What do the upcoming two months hold in store for you? Consulting astrologer Christine Broadbent has scrutinised the planets and stars to uncover what they promise.


Apr 21–May 21

The all-and-everything month of March sees a new radical energy finally settle into Taurus for an eight-year stint. Planet Uranus arrives in style accompanied by a New Moon on Mar 6–7. Action-driven Mars has been in Taurus since mid-Feb and continues to boost your vitality all of March. Important friends and projects could return to your life with significant effect. Once lover Venus enters your sector of like-minded others on Mar 27, it feeds into April, evolving as richly satisfying for your sociable self. Sociability and achieving important goals support each other Apr 7–15.


May 22–Jun 22

As Mercury’s child, known for your mercurial changes, Gemini does not need a retro cycle to keep people guessing. Three times a year Mercury is its closest to Earth and appears to move backwards. This time, Mar 6–29 sees Mercury retrograde through your vocational sign: career needs reviewing and worldly roles require a deeper perspective to fully nourish you and those who depend on you. Sometimes the emotional domain is the most avoided area of Gemini’s life, but then emotions take over regardless. With Venus in Pisces through April, your happiness is supported by a sense of connectedness with life’s flow.


Jun 23–Jul 23

March opens the door on adventurous urges and reassessing the big-picture view of your life. A retro communication cycle helps you, with Mar 14–21 reaching a potent Full Moon, accenting family and home. Mar 28–Apr 15, the vocational questions turning over in your mind gain greater clarity. A rare second Full Moon in your family sign on Apr 19 emphasises your quest for balance between your life roles and personal wellbeing, illuminating solutions. Lover Venus lights up your vocation and from Apr 23 necessary changes gain support.


Jul 24–Aug 23

Water and Earth harmonies in March bring your spirit of sharing to the fore. Love and a travel urge jostle for position. Apr 6–14 sees practical plans take shape in exciting ways, as a fiery lunar cycle empowers your creativity. Goals that were shelved around Mar 21’s Full Moon get a second chance at Apr 19’s Full Moon. The solar cycle beginning Apr 20 illuminates worldly roles and vocational interests. A shot of initiating energy propels you forward rapidly, once Sun aligns with change-agent Uranus on Apr 23. Freedom of movement remains, but plans could definitely change.


Aug 24–Sep 23

On Mar 7, the New Moon highlights relationships, while planet Mercury takes you on a retro journey to review relationship potentials untapped and issues shelved. This deep examination of self/other dynamics will renew your energy and release emotions that have been brewing for the past year. Your wise Virgo self will benefit from the rich insights of Mar 17–21, driven by a waxing Moon. Inspired, you will easily rise to the challenges of Mar 28–Apr 15, which promise successful completion of a project dear to your heart. From Apr 23 the spirit of adventure leads you forward.


Sep 24–Oct 23

Seeking balance, yet often tipping to one side, Libra dreams of harmony. Ruling planet Venus transits your love sign Mar 2–27 and the quest renews again. With a rare two Full Moons in Libra, March/April are special months! The focus for your energy and passion needs to be a positive one to steer you through the climactic period between Mar 21 and Apr 19’s Full Moons. From Mar 28, lovely Venus gears you for change, yet it will be Apr 23 before the tide really turns. By then Venus is in your partner sign, ensuring good support for your next move.


Oct 24–Nov 22

In March a door opens: there is great potential for love and creativity, and March 7–27 there is an opportunity to renew relations that have gone stale and revisit creative projects that have stalled. Mar 7’s New Moon sets your course, and repeating Mercury/Mars harmonies keep you engaged. It is Mar 28–Apr 23 that sees necessary change and improvements in all kinds of partnerships. The most obvious progress occurs Apr 7–15, when practical assistance and your ability to finesse details are both accelerated. Apr 23–mid-May, a “new era” for Scorpio takes shape.


Nov 23–Dec 21

With giant Jupiter in Sagittarius this year, you have been on a roll since your December New Moon. The extra Fire energy from the solar cycle of Mar 21–Apr 20 is punctuated by a Full Moon on each end, which emphasises the sense of completion and excitement this period brings. The practical tasks your recent life changes demand can now be easily addressed. Apr 13–19 is a blessed week when sensitive Water/Earth harmonies and an all-important link between Sun and Jupiter facilitate good support and pave your way to success. Apr 24 reminds you of the healing power of love.


Dec 22–Jan 20

With your ruler Saturn strong in earthy Capricorn, the Water sign energies of March add emotional depth and inspiration to your life.  Whether personal or professional, the ground of your life is well fertilised and some painful memories can be finally dispatched. Mar 9–14 brings the best of this “can-do” month, when Sun, Mars and Saturn support your plans. A special period is Mar 28–Apr 13, when change-agent, planet Uranus, reminds you that change is the only constant. There is an exciting adventurous energy afoot and by Apr 23 you will identify the new goals that now lead you onwards.


Jan 21–Feb 19

When Venus transits Aquarius Mar 2–27, you have an opportunity to take your community interests and current projects to the next stage. Further inspired by Mar 7’s New Moon/Neptune alignment in your money sign, you can easily see the practical steps that will lead to financial success. March also helps you to recalibrate your priorities to include kickback time as Neptune makes ongoing harmonies with Saturn through 2019. Being true to your personal longings is a productive step. Apr 5’s New Moon gathers like-minded people for collaboration, and exciting projects show good results by Apr 19.


Feb 20–Mar 20

Neptune’s journey through Pisces links you to other-worldly mystical interests, but the worldly, driven side to your sign is accelerated now by big Jupiter in a get-up-and-go Fire sign. Career and ambitions are firing up nicely, particularly Mar 2–14, galvanised by Pisces New Moon on Mar 7. Even if you seem to be going around in Mercury “retro” circles in March, big plans are slow cooking behind the scenes. When Jupiter begins its retro cycle on Apr 11, there will be many months to perfect projects, ready for launch in August/September. The Pisces ocean embraces all.


Mar 21–Apr 20

Sometimes wildly impractical and sometimes so intuitive you shock yourself, March/April 2019 can help you get the best out of your intuitive leanings. Casting the spell, Sun, New Moon and mystical Neptune align on Mar 7. Since warrior Mars and practical Saturn form earthy harmonious links with the magical trio, you can keep your feet on the ground while surfing the mind-waves. A new approach to your income creation may be seeded now, backed up by a healing cycle that is all about being happy in your own skin. Apr 5’s New Moon in Aries begins a two-week energy rush that delivers results.


Christine Broadbent

Professional astrologer Christine Broadbent loves her work and feels privileged to have been a counselling astrologer for 30 years. She offers personal consultations in both Australia and New Zealand, plus distance readings, all recorded for you to keep. Relationship astrology and in-depth insights into the year ahead are her speciality.