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Your star signs for January and February

Your star signs for May and June

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What do the upcoming two months hold in store for you? Consulting astrologer Christine Broadbent has scrutinised the planets and stars to uncover what they promise.


Apr 21–May 21

Adventure, travel and learning are serious subjects for Taurus, with both Saturn and Pluto deepening your perspective. Happily, the solar cycle from late December to Jan 20 is set to lighten your heart. This brings partners and friends into profile as the inspiring and nourishing forces you need, with an emphasis on expressing gratitude Jan 15–19. When Venus joins forces with Jupiter on Jan 22, investing in your most joyful lifestyle, perhaps advising others becomes a theme for 2019. Feb 1–17 steps up with like-mindedness and practical support to get you moving on a project dear to your heart.


May 22–Jun 22

The Twins most fully represent the Mercurial mindset and its exhausting shifts and changes. Likewise, planet Mercury has many apparent backward cycles, and in 2019 these occur in Water signs. This means it’s the feeling dimension to which you will return many times to find your true bearings, and Jan 15–23 provides a healing dip into that ocean courtesy of Mercury/Neptune harmonies. When Saturn harmonises with Neptune Jan 26–Feb 3, then Mercury aligns with Neptune in Pisces Feb 15–18, your cup runneth over and it’s best to kick back and enjoy it.


Jun 23–Jul 23

The 18-year return of the eclipses and Moon’s Nodes to Cancer/Capricorn reverberates through your life. The Jan 6 New Moon in your partner sign is a partial solar eclipse, so be prepared to look at deep emotional issues. An honest appraisal now will support your ability to be self-standing during any other fateful events of your year. Helpful Neptune and Saturn aspects strengthen partnerships for you by opening a door on a compassionate view, which accords with your core values. The first taste of this is Jan 21–Feb 3 and it gives a practical boost to a long-held dream, finding new strength in late February.


Jul 24–Aug 23

Jupiter, large enough to contain all the other planets, is ready to make the best kind of trouble for fiery, heart-driven Leo. Jupiter kindles many adventures, but mid-Jan requires caution, despite Leo’s confidence. Jan 14–17 could see wildly unrealistic plans looking good, while work dynamics go chaotic. Maybe stoke the home fires more and delay decisions? Then there’s that crazy Full Moon and total lunar eclipse in Leo on Jan 21. Mars square Saturn could bring obstacles to your delightful hopes, yet fiery harmonies between Lover Venus, Jupiter and Mars say all will come well and Feb 3–18 makes it even better.


Aug 24–Sep 23

The solar cycle that began on Dec 22 and concludes on Jan 20 adds extra mana to your love life and the fertility of mind and body. Already deeply imprinted by the commitment required with both Saturn and Pluto long activating your love sign, Jan 4–15 helps you to let off steam, play more and put aside responsibilities. Feb 1–15 touches your heart and, since Feb 20 hosts the yearly climax of the Full Moon in Virgo, this illuminating time helps you put the jigsaw pieces of your life together. The way to address a very deep need becomes clearer now.


Sep 24–Oct 23

In 2019, the eclipse axis stirs timely realisations about family dynamics and professional roles in your life. This is first activated in January, then July. First is the solar eclipse of Jan 6 emphasising family, with a Venus/Chiron link that offers an opportunity to genuinely forgive someone you love and heal the rift created. This new start can protect you from a blowout at the total lunar eclipse on Jan 21, when delight rather than disappointment is the best climax. Then you can fully appreciate the great fun to be had Feb 4–8 and make the best possible changes on Feb 18.


Oct 24–Nov 22

Serious and sometimes obsessed, Scorpio hangs in until the task is done. Now, however, Jupiter has left your sign where it intensified these qualities and you have a chance to let up a little. Perhaps allow the universe to look after you in the ways the numerous Earth and Water harmonies of 2019 suggest. Jan 4–6 sees Venus in Scorpio as your emissary for love. Then Jan 15–19 opens a way to spiritual and healing realisations. With the Saturn/Neptune harmonies of early February and the entry of Mars into your partner sign, love and adventure call.


Nov 23–Dec 21

Your expansive ruler — Jupiter — is back in Sagittarius on its 12-yearly return. Think back to 2007. The potent themes of finding yourself in new ways, moving beyond self-created boundaries and embracing the learning that only life can provide all start to take shape Jan 21–23 as Venus and Jupiter align. However, since the eclipse cycle hooks into your financial signs, mid-Jan requires a careful inspection of debits and credits. Jan 26–Feb 18 you have an excellent chance to get your financial house in order, and Feb 3–8 is an ideal time to benefit from competent help.


Dec 22–Jan 20

With Sun and Saturn aligning in Capricorn as January begins, this is very much your month. Planet Mars also vitalises home and family with extra energy from Jan 1 to mid-Feb. Add to this the Jan 6 New Moon in Capricorn — a fateful solar eclipse, drawing your attention to dreams that stalled nine years ago. Since your New Moon harmonises with Neptune, the other-worldly dreamer, there’s a spiritual impetus that will lead you true in 2019. Jan 11–15 you go deeper, learning to listen to intuition rather than misgivings. Enticed by Venus in Capricorn through February, future changes are considered.


Jan 21–Feb 19

Your time in the Sun starts with a bang on Jan 21 when Full Moon in partner sign, Leo, hosts a total lunar eclipse. This also is the climactic conclusion of the Aquarius/Leo eclipse cycle — a seemingly fated 18 months. Your community and work goals were tested in mid-Jan, but energetic support and lofty ideals vitalise them from Jan 26 through most of February. The New Moon in Aquarius on Feb 5 evokes plenty of practicality and strategy to ground your ideal vision. Feb 4–18 brings inspiring help in the form of Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and Uranus harmonies, so don’t hold back.


Feb 20–Mar 20

Mystical Neptune carries the other-worldly, inspirational symbols that have loomed large since 2012, when Neptune entered your sign for a 12-year visit. In 2019, Neptune is repeatedly challenged by Jupiter and supported by Saturn. This means the most helpful periods are close in time to the risky ones, thus the well-structured efforts in February could be wasted if based on the unrealistic expectations of mid-Jan. Yet Feb 1–10 offers great hope and when Communicator Mercury in Pisces gains support from Neptune and three friends, from Feb 19–28, you gear up to live the dream.


Mar 21–Apr 20

Your ruler Mars and planet Uranus have been dancing together since mid-May 2018, their challenging interaction vastly extended by a Mars retro cycle. Mars enters Aries on New Year’s Day and there are harmonious connections between Mars, Venus and Jupiter from Jan 19, through Jan 21’s Full Moon in your love sign to Jan 26 with its burst of enterprise. When on Feb 2 Mars challenges you to be deeply realistic, then on Feb 13 Mars meets Uranus in Aries, it all signals a new era for Aries in which radical plans start to become less radical, more doable.


Christine Broadbent

Professional astrologer Christine Broadbent loves her work and feels privileged to have been a counselling astrologer for 30 years. She offers personal consultations in both Australia and New Zealand, plus distance readings, all recorded for you to keep. Relationship astrology and in-depth insights into the year ahead are her speciality.