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Your star signs for May and June


Credit: Andressa Voltolini

What do the upcoming two months hold in store for you? Consulting astrologer Christine Broadbent has scrutinised the planets and stars to uncover what they promise.


Apr 21–May 21

May 5’s Taurus New Moon begins a rich and fertile lunar new year, a chance to gather rewards for past hard work. Yet May 6–9 needs care with commitments: schemes that are too good to be true will be!  Mark May 15–19 as a time to stay aware, while enjoying the flowing energy and drive. The Full Moon on May 19 plants surprising seeds: profound changes grow from a Venus/Uranus alignment in Taurus. These shifts may prove to be very overdue but not designed for comfort. Stay open-minded and let it evolve, benefited by clear-thinking Gemini energy May 24–Jun 14.


May 22–Jun 22

It’s often the things we can’t control that can magically sweep us up and illuminate a new path. The month of May tests your patience on a number of occasions, but it also has the magic of natural cycles: the fact that when Sun enters Gemini on May 21, Messenger Mercury enters Gemini at the same time, and the two conjoin. This identifies your new solar cycle illuminating and authentic, surprising you with its strength. On May 31 your Messenger planet opposes giant Jupiter and a knowledge conduit opens. Jun 3’s New Moon in Gemini shows its potential mid-June, when Lover Venus leads the way.


Jun 23–Jul 23

Long-term connections or long-lost friends feature in May and June.  The general energy of May is wonderful for the Moon’s own sign, and the New Moon on May 5 effortlessly sets you on a new course. Don’t let the demands of work responsibilities or your close ties stop you from honouring this shift! Once Warrior Mars enters Cancer on May 16, it fuels your determination to succeed, adding extra drive to May 9–23. June 3’s New Moon begins a soul-searching time: Any harsh demands on you Jun 15–20 are not worthy of energy loss. Let Jun 28 open exciting new doors.


Jul 24–Aug 23

When May 5’s Taurus New Moon lights up vocational yearnings, anything inauthentic is illuminated. May is the perfect month to remedy that.  Emotional responses won’t cut through obstacles, but a good plan will! Healing shifts feature May 24–31, and again mid-June. Your design-connect-get inspired time is embodied as action Jun 3–18. Challenges could evoke your best ideas, but don’t rush in waving cash or the year-long Saturn/Neptune harmonies could be wasted. For Leo, those planets suggest building good health strategies, learning when to hold and when to close. This in turn supports your vision of a life worth living.


Aug 24–Sep 23

Virgo is ready for big commitments in 2019 and May confirms it. The tests of early May fade away when May 5’s New Moon slowly unfolds as a lovely adventure. Taking care of others, enjoying the fertile flow of Jupiter and feeling gratitude are all deeply healing for Virgo now. May 21–31, many things become clear about your chosen direction, and any adjustments are easy in mid-June. Jun 17’s Full Moon in your family sign might reveal some sacrifices required to reach your goal. Success comes when you treat obstacles as rocks to slowly climb, and plans as hopes to illuminate with love.


Sep 24–Oct 23

May is a month to relax, enjoy and reconnect with core values. Early June, likewise, offers many playful possibilities, before the more serious work and family demands of late June … Let’s deconstruct this. The story begins with an earthy New Moon on May 5, with Lover Venus in your partner sign — playmates available! Then, on May 19, Venus aligns with change agent Uranus, coinciding with a dramatic Full Moon. This sets the tone for some surprising developments between now and mid-October, maybe involving investment or inheritance. May 24–Jun 8 is business plus and ideas just bubble over, helping you to navigate late June.


Oct 24–Nov 22

Water and Earth harmonies tend to iron out the creases for sensitive Scorpio, assisting realisation of your goals, and so it is May 9–22. Yet change is very likely and not always easy for fixed signs, with partners as the locus: May 9 gets things moving, then the Full Moon in Scorpio on May 19 punctuates your year with a climax. This Full Moon is accompanied by a planetary alignment that suggests five months of shifts, probably focused on partnerships and public roles. Jun 1–8, Jun 14 & 16 will likely show you the good side of changes to come.


Nov 23–Dec 21

Freedom is a much-loved Sagittarian word, and Jupiter moving through Sagittarius in 2019 adds a creative edge. Meanwhile, Saturn demands a serious approach to money and dispensing with rose-tinted glasses. This potent combo could work to your advantage. Polarities are part of the picture when Mercury sits opposite Jupiter on May 31, then joins Mars to oppose Saturn Jun 15–17. An attitude of unity with others is indispensable to these weeks, to keep your creative projects healthy and financial strategies realistic. On Jun 17, Jupiter prompts a deeper sense of adventure, right as a Full Moon in Sagittarius lights up your path.


Dec 22–Jan 20

In May you find happiness by thinking deeply and getting creative with every challenge. Since May 5’s New Moon is part of a challenging week, silence is golden May 6–7 and negative responses dangerous. Like a new dawn, May 9 illuminates the way. Your expressive skills, and ability to close a sale, shine May 10–Jun 3. If you yield and accept the unusual shape love can take, you find yourself also rich in heart and best able to give expression to this on Jun 14, 16 & 18. Jun 22’s solstice opens a path that reveals itself by Jun 28, taking shape early July.


Jan 21–Feb 19

While early May could challenge your best-laid plans with last-minute obstacles, patience is the best recourse. After May 5’s New Moon, pleasures and responsibilities related to home and family gain extra significance in your life, beginning to take up more of your time.  Sun, Saturn and Pluto ground your energies now, opening under-used emotional registers. Then your fellow Air sign of Gemini takes the lead May 21–Jun 21 and everything gets more complex and interesting. From the Full Moon of Jun 17 to the Moon/Venus harmony of Jun 21, mixed emotions converge as clear resolution, which energises your life.


Feb 20–Mar 20

The “aha” realisations of May 3–19 may be unsettling for Pisces, but they open up seriously exciting possibilities. The Full Moon on May 19 is a dynamic rush, with change-oriented realignment likely in the communication aspects of your life. Earth sign energy helps you manifest a dream, while the Fire and Air harmonies of May 24–31 start inspired ideas fermenting. June has small annoyances and maybe a big test, yet Jun 3’s New Moon in your family sector encloses your concerns with many reminders of the power of love. This keeps you aware of the bigger picture, ready to rebuild trust, when necessary.


Mar 21–Apr 20

When Lover Venus, Warrior Mars and Change Agent Uranus form harmonious resonance, a renewed love of life and a greater sense of embodiment come to the party. Time to live less in the head, more in the body, is the message. Maintaining stillness within, rather than worrying about outcomes, helps the process. May 5’s New Moon through to May 23 provides a trajectory of purposeful action, supported by strong intention, less haste. Forget about having the last word, because Chiron in Aries suggests a healing quest deserves finer impulses. Jun 14–18 brings realisations that open your mind; Jun 17’s Full Moon builds bridges between head and heart.


Christine Broadbent

Professional astrologer Christine Broadbent loves her work and feels privileged to have been a counselling astrologer for 30 years. She offers personal consultations in both Australia and New Zealand, plus distance readings, all recorded for you to keep. Relationship astrology and in-depth insights into the year ahead are her speciality.