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Your star signs for July and August


Credit: Andressa Voltolini

What do the upcoming two months hold in store for you? Consulting astrologer Christine Broadbent has scrutinised the planets and stars to uncover what they promise.


Apr 21–May 21

As a stable earthy sign, the movement of change agent Uranus through your sign heralds less stability and more excitement. The Cancer sun sign period and its eclipses encourages you to embrace exciting possibilities. A helpful emphasis on communication Jul 3–9 opens new ideas for social media and the spread of information that can accelerate your success. Full Moon of Jul 17 refreshes your appreciation of people you love. Aug 1’s New Moon clarifies your intentions about home and family with commitments, relocating or building plans likely clarified by Aug 16.


May 22–Jun 22

Messenger Mercury rules Gemini and it’s Mercury’s retro time again Jul 8–30. Watch your words in the workplace and at home. Do not unload critiques in emails or tweets as they will come back and bite you. If something does not arrive, check the supply route holdups rather than assume it was not sent. Forget big purchases in July, particularly Jul 23–30. August begins with Mercury and a New Moon in your communication zone with Aug 2, 7–9, 14–16 and 21 giving a great energy boost to your enterprising self.


Jun 23–Jul 23

This eclipse month, it’s not a time to try for “normal”. A total solar eclipse Jul 3 ramps up Cancer New Moon to epic proportions for you; engage with the journey of self-discovery this offers. Consider what emotional baggage you can let go of to make your heart lighter. A release ceremony at Jul 17’s Full Moon and eclipse would be perfect timing, with Lover Venus in Cancer urging you to lighten your load. Lucky links with planet Neptune mean practical people in your life are likely to step up to help you manifest a dream in August.


Jul 24–Aug 23

Lover Venus enters Leo Jul 28 and a retro communication cycle that started in Leo ends on Jul 29. Happy times and supportive responses are likely on both personal and professional fronts, particularly since Aug 1 brings a radiant Leo New Moon. This lunation also smiles upon any travel plans. The weekend of Aug 9–11 is particularly suitable for catching up with friends as well as love coupling. You can work at your top capacity now, with a boost of energy on Aug 11 in the approach to Aug 15’s exciting Full Moon.


Aug 24–Sep 23

As a “mutable” sign you can easily mutate to fulfil strategies, shift between tasks and apply your management skills to a multitude of situations. Fast-moving Mercury is retro Jul 8–30; protect your sensitive nervous system and be gentle on your sensitive digestive system by downsizing and saying no to new responsibilities. This allows you to maximise the Earth/Water strengths of early and late July. Aug 18–30 is very juicy as relationship planets Venus and Mars, then Sun and finally a New Moon all enter Virgo.


Sep 24–Oct 23

On July 3, vocational goals reach a reckoning: you are free to go to the next level or completely change your direction. This New Moon/eclipse can prompt clearing away a lot of debris. With your ruling planet Venus assisting easy and pleasant changes Jul 9, Jul 10–17 may remind you why this is necessary. Your emotional life could be turbulent in July but if you hold faith in your chosen direction, things will take a whole new shape in August. The lunar cycle Aug 1–16 is golden, while Aug 7–14 facilitates exciting collaborations or travel.


Oct 24–Nov 22

With Mars in your vocational sign Jul 2–Aug 17, you’re on the move! Fast-tracking plans and being an unstoppable force are part of the portfolio. Remember that vocation is not just career and finances but how you voice yourself in your world. A chance to shine brightly exists now, supported by three-way Water sign harmonies. While developing new markets and contacts can be part of this, gratitude for your loving bonds and some healing domestic recharge time will help you shine. Jul 21–25 and the alignments of Aug 18–30 will help you find this balance.


Nov 23–Dec 21

This continues to be your year with Jupiter moving through Sagittarius until early December. July may suggest you rethink your assumptions about important people in your life, circling you back to reconsider past events. August begins with a New Moon designed to boost your expansive ideas. Then, from Aug 11, it’s about Jupiter when the giant planet goes into its strongest final phase. Excitement bubbles over at Full Moon Aug 15. Travel or a healing retreat is likely to feature in August and get planned for September.


Dec 22–Jan 20

With the eclipsed New Moon Jul 3, your relationships and professional roles are blessed by a breath of fresh air. Saturn in Capricorn has been driving you hard and loading on serious concerns but this special New Moon shifts your perspective. You start to respond to a partner’s needs in a new way. The Capricorn Full Moon follows Jul 17, highlighting the intensity of a family polarity. There is a happy conclusion if you follow the linked Neptune harmony to be flexible and compassionate. July is a once-in-18-years opportunity to make easy shifts, then benefit from the enthusiasm August evokes.


Jan 21–Feb 19

Some of your roles and responsibilities have grown exponentially in 2019, with an expanded community emphasis. This accelerates in a chaotic way early July and partners will need more support. Aug 1 moves you ahead full steam and the Full Moon in Aquarius on Aug 15 is packed with energy. Because everyone wants a piece of you, restrain your desire to say yes to another role at that time. Your traditional ruler is planet Saturn and its current position is likely to put pressure on your physical vulnerabilities, if you let your mindset forget your body’s needs. Try cruise control instead.


Feb 20–Mar 20

As the rulers of Pisces square off to each other, confusion may upset your sensitive self. However, Jul 10–Aug 29 eases tensions when the Water sign attracts plenty of support and practical advice. Creative solutions and healing choices are readily available; reach for these and your joy of life will return. Aug 9–21, Jupiter — your ruling planet — is on a roll and so are you. Once lover Venus enters your partner sign on Aug 21, affectionate connections with others may arise.


Mar 21–Apr 20

The total solar eclipse Jul 3 is a sign for new beginnings for your family and ways of building security; a chance to move on from old patterns. Jul 15–17 brings that to a head with a potent Full Moon illuminating your vocational goals and birthing new ideas. However, a retro communication cycle suggests you digest this very slowly. Wait for Aug 1, as the New Moon sparks a creative month. Aug 2–16 brings with it a dynamic period so if you’re tackling a huge project wait until then.


Christine Broadbent

Professional astrologer Christine Broadbent loves her work and feels privileged to have been a counselling astrologer for 30 years. She offers personal consultations in both Australia and New Zealand, plus distance readings, all recorded for you to keep. Relationship astrology and in-depth insights into the year ahead are her speciality.