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Acupuncture for Autumn

Throughout the year, as the seasons change, so to do our bodies. Autumn brings with it the need to address the needs of particular parts of our bodies.


Healing power of Om

The mediation chant, “om”, has links with healing and creativity. Find out what is happening in your body and mind when you utter this sacred sound.


Put a Stop to Road Rage

Stop gripping the steering wheel in frustration, road rage needn’t become part of your daily commute. These easy techniques will take the emotions out of the driving seat.


Slow it Down, Just a Little!

We have been too busy for too long! The Slow Living Movement reminds us that it’s time to ease up and regain a sense of peace and control in our lives.


Can Money Buy Happiness?

Money plays an important role in our lives, but can it bring the one thing most people want – contentment, peace or happiness? If not, what value can money bring into our lives?

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They Can Be Heroes

A happy, confident child has the world at their feet, but how do we ensure our children have the skills to make their way boldly though life?