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back pain

No more back pain!

Carrying a baby is hard work and can often lead to back problems. The Feldenkrais method of body education has devised a series of movements that can re-educate your body to deal with this stress.


Be prepared for any type of birth

Alternative practitioners view a breech presentation differently from obstetricians. Their first instinct is to try different non-invasive ways to get the baby to turn.


Aromatherapy, a calm pregnancy and you

Pregnancy is a joyous occasion but it can also cause significant physical, mental and emotional upheaval. Aromatherapy can help you to achieve emotional balance.


Exercise and your pregnancy

Regular, gentle exercise is one of the simplest things you can do to take care of yourself and your baby during pregnancy.


Pregnancy 101

A tour through the stages of pregnancy. Following your baby’s development as it grows in your womb can be an exhilarating experience.


Anti-ageing exercises

Whether the five Tibetan rites can make grey hair brown again or restore sexual potency, as has been claimed, they certainly provide a superb energy boost for the day and bring a number of long-term health benefits.


Hold the line

Aquaculture is espoused by some as the solution to our overfishing woes, but fish farming practices are presenting some problems of their own.


Gardening for Fitness

The garden brings peace, happiness and … exercise? Maintaining a garden can be just as physically demanding as playing a sport, so you should be sure to warm up properly to protect your back, wrist and knees.


What is Feldenkrais?

After a hard day at work it can be hard to leave your frazzled state at the door and enter your home feeling calm and peaceful. Practicing Feldenkrais movement techniques can make this transition smooth and easy.