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Gardening for Fitness

The garden brings peace, happiness and … exercise? Maintaining a garden can be just as physically demanding as playing a sport, so you should be sure to warm up properly to protect your back, wrist and knees.


What is Feldenkrais?

After a hard day at work it can be hard to leave your frazzled state at the door and enter your home feeling calm and peaceful. Practicing Feldenkrais movement techniques can make this transition smooth and easy.

Watsu Luiza Leite Photography

What is watsu?

If you have chronic joint or back problems or perhaps a recent injury — or you’re just not keen on the more vigorous types of massage — this gentle, underwater modality may be just what you need.


Eating with awareness

Ayurveda is a traditional system of Indian medicine whose principles can help your digestion as well as your relationship with food.