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Moisturising Mask

Mavala Multi-Moisturising Sleeping Mask

Highly concentrated in pure Hyaluronic acid, which is naturally present in the skin and is capable of attracting up to 1000 times its weight in water, this nightly cream penetrates the heart of the epidermis to re-infuse the skin with moisture and restore comfort. MAVALA Sleeping Mask contains Hyaluronic acids of three different molecular weights:

The highest molecular weight acts as a “protective coat”. Its surface action is immediate and helps prevent water loss.
Particles fragmented in medium and low molecular weights deeply penetrate all the epidermis layers to replenish skin with moisture.
It can also be used as a “classic” rinse-off mask. In this case, leave it to act for 10 to 15 minutes on clean face and neck, then gently remove excess product. Formulated with pure Alpine water and enriched with demo-soothing Swiss Mallow flower extract, this sleeping mask is dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin.

Free from mineral oil, phthalates, sodium laureth sulfate and paraben. Not tested on animals.

Peachy Sleep Concealer 600x400

Adorn Cosmetics Peachy Sleep Mineral Corrective Concealer

Dark under eye circles? Then you absolutely must have Adorn’s corrective, cruelty free concealer in your makeup bag! Effortlessly look more refreshed – like you just got a great night’s sleep, or came back from a dreamy vacation…. This full coverage, richly pigmented corrective concealer feels weightless on the skin and actually works better than […]

Sleep Epzen Magnesium Bath Crysals

EpZen® Magnesium Bath Crystals (Sleep)

EpZen® Magnesium Bath Crystals (Sleep) are pharmaceutical grade magnesium bath crystals infused with 100 per cent natural essential oils specially designed to help the mind and body unwind to attain a restful night’s sleep. Soaking in a warm bath with magnesium is known to assist with stress, sleep, calming the mind and re-energising the body. […]

9 healthy habits to adopt right now to improve your sleep patterns

9 healthy habits to improve your sleep

Sleep is such a crucial element to good health yet it’s one of the first things to fall to the wayside when life gets busy. It’s time to prioritise your slumber and find your sleep “sweet spot”.