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Eve and Judy in the organic garden

The magic of growing old together

Three couples, six dear friends, have chosen to share their later years together, and their lives and experiences are immeasurably richer for it. We chat over a cup of tea.

happy woman flowers pink beauty skin

How to alleviate anxiety

In this 24-hour, fast-paced world, “stress” is ever-present and left unchecked it can develop into anxiety. Unfortunately, anxiety has many negative health outcomes, but there are lifestyle, diet, herb and nutritional options to nip anxiety in the bud.


Fabulously fibrous vegetables

Fibrous vegetables are such nutritional powerhouses that it’s well worth finding more ways to include them in your diet. Fortunately, with recipes like these, that won’t be a chore.


The meat paradox

Some people enjoy eating meat, but they don’t like it so much if they have to think about where it really comes from.

Bone Marrow and Nut Gremolata

Create herb heaven on your plate

Herbs are among the most satisfying plants to grow and use regularly in your cooking because they are all-round nutritional superstars.

Pete Evans Cauliflower Rice

How to go grain-free

Although our modern diet is heavily dependent on grains, there’s a world of healthy, delicious alternatives for your table.