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Psoas Muscles sore? What are they and how to improve them?

Psoas muscles sore? What are they and why is it so important?

So if you have pain in the lower back, hips, pelvic area or even knees you may have tight or overstretched psoas muscles. Take a look and see if any of the issues here relate to you and implement the proper tips to help you alleviate pain and heal.

Yoga to unlock your creativity

By balancing your svadhistana chakra through yoga postures and stilling the mind through meditation and breath control, you can harness your awareness and invite clarity into your consciousness which, as a result, unlocks your creativity

Yoga to change your thinking

Yoga to change your thinking

Hooked on a negative thought? Find out how yoga can help break unsupportive thought patterns, reroute mental circuits and change the way you think.

Can the way we eat saves the planet? We take a look

Can we save the planet with the way we eat?

Unless we significantly alter our daily habits we may witness climate change so devastating our lives will become troubled. Here’s how to change your habits for the good of your and the planet’s health.