Hemp Collective Range

Why do we use hemp seed oil in our Australian handcrafted products? Hemp seed oil has so many benefits for you & our planet. Hemp gives your skin and hair a cleansing, repairing and conditioning effect plus no more plastic bottles! We even have your Pet covered with our Natural Pet Shampoo to help soothe their skin & promote a luscious, silky coat. Try Hemp Collective Shampoos, Conditioners, Soaps & our Natural Pet Shampoo for your fur babies too.


People often ask us why we used hemp seed oil in our Hemp Collective products. Hemp seed oil is great for the planet. Hemp absorbs CO2 when it grows through natural photosynthesis, which makes it carbon negative. Hemp seed oil is also packed with omegas-3 and 6 and plant-based amino acids, and is high in vitamin A and E to give you a cleansing, repairing and conditioning effect to the skin and hair.



Lauren Moore

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