Melissa Allen I Have Confidence Mood Essentials™


I Have Confidence is a tool that smells great, helps you manage your fears, helps you take on the world with more energy and determination and maintain a positive attitude.

Melissa Allen I Have Confidence Mood Essentials™ formula will help you gain peace of mind, and less stress, resulting in better quality of sleep, better relationships, quality of work and overall a better quality of life.

Confidence is infused with 100% Natural Essential oil blend of grapefruit, rosewood, mandarin and bergamot. Blended together these oils boost self esteem, mental strength & clarity creating a positive mindset.

An uplifting and confident fragrance, Confidence leaves you feeling elevated and buoyant…..Use when needed and spray around the head and body or on skin –

Inhale Confidence, Exhale Doubt!

Use as a perfume or cologne!

Have Confidence, Feel Confidence…..Feel Good Fragrances

*Cruelty free – Not tested on animals

Available in 50mL and 7mL

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