What is WILD?

WILD is a new publication for the curious – the thought leaders, belief shakers, paradigm shifters and paradise creators. 

WILD is for those going against the grain, swimming upstream, standing boldly in the arena, asking the hard questions and doing the prickly work – on themselves and the way they create their lives.

It’s for those who resist the status quo and believe wholeheartly in change, doing everything that they can to create it. It’s for those who embrace the murky unknown, despite how uncomfortable it might make them feel. Ultimately, we exist to reawaken the wild within you.

Here, we’ve homegrown, hand-picked and simmered some really special articles, photographs and illustrations that will guide you towards a place of wild.

Our intention? To reawaken that surge of wild energy within you.Getting wild, we’ve discovered, is a daily practice – especially if it has been lying dormant for a while.

We’re here to ask you, though, what do you want? Truthfully, what do you want? Not sure? So many things? We’re going to get through the grunge and the grit and find out.

As wild woman Clarissa Pinkola Estés so beautifully puts it in Women Who Run with the Wolves, “The way to maintain one’s connection to the wild is to ask yourself what it is that you want. This is the sorting of the seed from the dirt. One of the most important discriminations we can make in this matter is the difference between things that beckon to us and things that call from our souls.”

Wild is also a feeling; a state of being

It’s that swell of energy that strikes you like a hot spark spat from a blazing flame. It’s when a surge of inspiration pushes everything else aside, causing you to stop, pause and contemplate.

It’s with you in that moment of stillness as you breathe in the landscape of a new wilderness or city scape. It’s the reason your backpack is full,ready for an adventure whenever the possibility arises. It’s the blisters on your feet after a hike through the mountains and the salt sticking to your eyelashes after an ocean swim. It’s the curiosity that drives you when you accidentally find yourself on an untrodden path but decide to follow it anyway.

It’s the paint splatters on your overalls, the clay stuck to your bare feet, the dust in your hair, the sand between your toes. It’s the soil under your fingernails, the way your shadow moves in the sunlight and the dance you do in the rain.

It’s the way you tap your foot to the rhythm, when the bass beats in time with your heart and the way the melody runs down your spine. It’s there when your eyes glimmer with intent, when you listen deeply, when you speak from the truth of your being.

It’s the stillness you feel when there is chaos surrounding you. It’s the electricity that pulses through your veins, it’s the feeling you get when you walk into a crowded place or a new and unknown space. It’s there when you fall in love, over and over again. It’s the way you wear your clothes, try on different ideas and open your world to new friends.

Your wildness is woven so deeply within you, it’s etched into your bones. It’s in the way you act, the way you do, the beliefs you hold and the might of your mind. It’s when the night turns into day and you’re there to see it unveil.   

We see you, standing there in your wildness. You’re dripping with gold and soaked in silver. You’re reeking of wild. We see you, untamed and free, boundless and flirting with life like a flame flickering in many directions. But, my wild one, is this how you see yourself?

Like the tide or the rising sun, your wildness will come, and then it will go. We are your guides, the custodians of your wild. As the layers of life begin to pile upon you, we will keep your wild alive. We will be with you as you wrestle with university degrees, careers, money worries, babies and anything else life throws at you. We will remind you to nurture your wild. To find it, taste it, touch it and embrace it. We’re here to guide you back to the wild light raging within you – and we won’t leave your side.

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