WILD horoscope 2021: Your guiding light from April to July 2021
Do you stare up at the cosmos each night, wide-eyed in awe at the mystery and magic it holds? Evolutionary astrologist Jessi Simpson reveals what your stars are saying.

Discover your Sun (creative, vital, identity self), Moon (emotional, reflective and feeling self) and Rising signs (how you meet the world with your Sun energy) for the juiciest read.


March 21–April 19You may feel the intuitive pull towards stillness and clarity this year, Aries. You might also feel an electric jolt of creativity and readiness to jump in with two feet. The stage is set, the curtains are being pulled back and it is your time to shine. This energy comes into full activation on 11 June as Mars, your ruler, gears up to shift into Leo, the sign of creativity, heart and lifeforce energy. What held you back from pursuing your creative and pioneering gifts before has now dissolved. With all of the excitement, there may be a tendency to feel overactive within the mind, with a pull toward futuristic thought right now. Remember to nourish your body and create daily rituals to keep you in your centre and in the present moment. As Chiron, the wounded healer asteroid, turns retrograde on 11 July in Aries, you are encouraged to lean into what previously held you back.


April 20–May 20
This season presents a time to revolutionise your day-to-day routine and relationship to the world around you. Opportunities for you to question the way you have been doing things in order to sustain your sense of security and safety may arise. Remain present to each moment and drink the opportunity to get to know yourself better, rather than holding to old ideals that perhaps you didn’t even create yourself. As harmonising Venus, your ruler, journeys into Gemini, the sign of ideas, change and communication, on 9 May, it’s possible that everything feels new and unfamiliar. Your steady heart can trust in this new unfolding. The moon is new in Taurus on 12 May. This presents a river flowing in the direction of your truth — jump in and trust.


May 21–June 20
You have a natural love of variety, newness and have many passions, Gemini. This is a gift and you are called in this season to step up with your creative passions and lead the way, teaching others that having an open mind is the elixir for these intense worldly times. With the new moon in Gemini on 10 June, occurring in the middle of Mercury Retrograde in Gemini from May 29-June 22, the potential is limitless for you to use a little discernment and mindfulness when it comes to what to focus your energies on. As much as you would love to be able to pursue all of your creative longings and social desires all at once with such a strong Gemini pulse in this time, you are challenged by the universe to communicate with others the boundaries necessary for you to be able to focus on what is true in your heart.


June 21–July 22
This season for you is about embracing the sensitivities of your heart and what you love, Cancer. There may be many things that feel triggering which tempt you to retreat into your shell and protect yourself or avoid speaking up about how you feel with those close to you. Beginning a meditation practice will help you to feel and discover what you need. It’s important to fully experience and validate your own feelings before helping others understand where you are coming from. It’s normal for old patterning to resurface during Mercury Retrograde (May 29-June 22). Be mindful of the urge to bottle the depths of what you feel rather than to express them, especially as Venus, the planet of love, harmony and value, enters Cancer on 2 June. This has the potential of being a beautiful time where the way is clear to step up and commit to your heart.


July 23–August 22
As the Sun, your ruler, makes the journey through the cycle of Taurus, Gemini and Cancer, you are catapulted on a journey of grounding and stability, ideas and inspiration followed by the urge to plant roots and find your true “home place” for this time. May is a wonderful month to be immersed in nature, reconnecting with your inner source of joy and inspiration. This is a time to experience pleasure and fun as a key to the next authentic step in your path. As you journey through June, it is a wonderful time to dance with new ideas, teachings and inspiration. Perhaps you are called to learn something new? Use the portal of mercury retrograde in Gemini (May 29-June 22) to allow the time to discern what you would like to focus on. Run into the flame of your own soul essence. Creativity, drive, passion and endless energy call for grounding practices and everyday rituals in a place that feels like home.


August 23–September 22
This season presents an opening for a little more stillness and reflection for you, Virgo. All is energetically building — or falling away — to a place where the feelings of the heart can link to intellect, structure and embodiment. Your ruler Mercury enters Gemini on 3 May and spends over two months here as a result of mercury retrograde. This is a time where the mind becomes very strong and dominant for you, with the tendency for ideas to run rampant. Usually, you like to know your path but go gentle as things may feel a little unclear or uncertain right now. This is okay. There will come a time when you wake up and feel a shift for the better and you’ll know it’s time to take action. Listen more than you normally would in this time and remember that the mind isn’t the enemy, it’s just needing some integration.


September 23–October 22
This time presents a wonderful opportunity to turn up the dials on your appreciation for the beauty and wonder of this earth plane, despite the current events of the world. Your natural connection with love, peace and art turns up the dials as Venus, your ruler, enters the spontaneous, open-minded and adaptable Gemini on 9 May. This is a deep invitation for you to open up and share your love for the world with others. You have the gift of seeing both sides of the equation, a transformative quality for these times. You will be called to share your truth over and over, perhaps initially through challenges. It’s all perfect. Deepen this natural connection to the wonder in you and watch as your gifts step forward and the way becomes clear.


October 23–November 21
As we transition out of the density and shadowy terrain that surrounded the Scorpio full moon on April 27, you are encouraged to embrace and enjoy this next season after spending so much time plunging to the depths. A few times over you may find yourself grappling with old feelings of burnout as you discover new terrain and possibilities. It’s all feeling new for you right now, so please go gentle and know that this is a necessary step forward in this level of consciousness you are experiencing. A lighter way is now possible. You may have already been experiencing strong glimpses of this expansive, lighter truth. Call in all the support, lightness and ease you can muster for this next season. It’s your time; loosen your tight grip and revel in the joy and celebration of what you have cultivated inside and out.


November 22–December 21
You know the callings of outward adventure well, Sagittarius. You chose an incarnation where the need to know the truth of the world through travel and higher education is strong. The cosmos pulls you in the opposite direction in this time as Jupiter, your ruler, enters Pisces on 14 May. The longing for a connection with something much greater than anything physical or man-made grows exponentially and you may find yourself longing to become more intimate with the quality of your own soul essence. It’s a time to gain knowledge through silence, whether through meditation or walking quietly through the forest. There will be a deep calling to stay in the silence, especially during retrograde times when communication can become harder. Staying within will reveal information and truths that can only be sensed or felt.


December 22–January 19
Your love of structure and routine and remaining on the path of attaining your goals is challenged as a higher mind consciousness surfaces in you. The axis of home and career is highlighted during the full moon in Capricorn on 25 June. You may feel confronted with a lack of contentment and realise you might want it despite your future goals. Now is an ideal time to remain open to your present-moment experience over a futuristic mindset, and to allow yourself to come home. You may feel the urge to explore meditation practices and ways to deepen the understanding of your own mind and its attachments. You may need the permission and validation that it shouldn’t be considered failure if you change your mind on something huge.


January 20–February 18
Allow the energy of this season to reveal any stuck habits or patterns inherited throughout your life. It may even draw your attention to the things you are here to transcend in this lifetime. The challenges that may surface for you are not unfamiliar to you. Your true nature is the rebel; you’re here with futuristic knowledge to show us the way forward. In order to truly move toward this higher manifestation of your potential, you must first heal completely from needing others to fully understand or approve of you or your unique ideas and feelings. The potential of immense healing and release is unlimited right now through knowing others can take a little longer to grasp the path forward. How can you learn to lean on others as others lean on you? You’re a pioneer at heart, but pioneers also need support.


February 19–March 20
This is a time of great expansion and truth for you, Pisces, but truth can sometimes come in challenging and confronting ways. Know that you have all the skills and emotional intelligence needed to handle anything that comes your way. Turn up the dials on embodiment practices like meditation and yoga that help you stay embodied and aware of your own breath and feelings as you navigate outward situations and circumstances. You may be given multiple opportunities to express boundaries and newfound truths to those who you find it difficult to do so with. It’s also a wonderful time to get real with yourself on a deeper level and to let go of any old stories and beliefs that have kept you from living in your present moment reality in an empowered way.

Jessi Simpson is a multidisciplinary creative, writer and evolutionary astrologer whose work is directed at co-creating an experience of soul and authentic evolution. Jessi currently resides on the mid-north coast of NSW with her lover and her dogs. Her days are spent slowly, with yoga and coffee in the mornings, followed by simple days full of work that sets her alight (and catching a verse of prose here and there on the wind). Her brand, Bloompress, is a creative destination for deep-thinkers and companies that worship the slow and meaningful. For more, visit @bloompress and use the code WILD15 for purchases.