Charlie Hale

Charlie Hale is the Deputy Editor of WellBeing, EatWell and WILD. ​She writes about a plethora of things women care about — from pasta to politics and everything in between.

Why are we obsessed with having it all?

Dubbed generation burnout, millennials are shackled to the notion that no matter what we achieve, it’s never enough. But when you try to “have it all”, you miss the enjoyment of having just what’s important.

Inside the life of Desmond and Dempsey co-founders Molly Goddard & Joel Jeffery

Inside the life of Desmond & Dempsey co-founder Molly Goddard

It was never the plan to start a line of luxury pyjamas, but Desmond and Dempsey co-founders Molly Goddard and Joel Jeffery have always been more driven by ambition and adventure than plans. Now, the husband-and-wife duo create premium-quality, cotton-printed PJs inspired by their adventures. Here, we talk to Molly about finding magic in the everyday, the gift of the graft and the transformative power of a pair of fancy pyjamas.

The rise of the bathhouse in Australia

The rise of the bathhouse in Australia

Could there be a more fitting antidote to 2020’s isolation than communal bathing? As we return to public spaces, Australia is finally catching on to the ancient tradition of the bathhouse.

WILD Dinner Party Games Big Night In

The best party games for your big night in

2020 was the year we scrambled to find new ways of working and connecting. As we swapped vaycays for staycays and dance floors for dinner tables, an unlikely hero rose from the new world order — the humble party game.

The rise of eco-fashion St. Agni

The rise of eco-fashion

Sustainable fashion has come a long way since hemp fabrics and indigo tie-dye. A new wave of ethically minded brands are evolving to accommodate a new kind of shopper, with zero waste models and timeless, refined luxury.